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									How to Make $500/Day with Twitter on Autopilot
As many marketers are learning Twitter is the hottest new money making opportunity since MySpace, even surpassing the initial potential of Face Book. This report will show you exactly how I personally make $500/day with Twitter – now completely on autopilot! Now, your first week will take some work before you get it on autopilot. This is simply because you need to have some accounts with friends before you get going. However, fortunately for you, I will include the FREE software that I use to automate adding friends to your Twitter accounts as well as how to automate the tweeting process once your accounts are up and running! First check out this software – it is 100% free, lightweight and really, at least in my opinion, much better than the paid Twitter friend adders out there: Pyrogenics Twitter Friend Adder v 2.1 - Once you have the software it is time to get some accounts going. Now the key here is many accounts with fewer users as opposed to few accounts with many users. This is due to a couple of things, the first being the fact that large accounts have restrictions on Twitter side for following/unfollowing that require a lot of work and are quite a nuisance; the second being that you will be doing a little bit of light spamming here and it is better to have one account with 100 followers reported and banned while you still have 100 more of these accounts than to have one account with 1,000 followers reported and banned. It is, however a numbers game. This is the most important step – you get out exactly what you put in as far as adding friends goes. You will have to manually create the account but at least the friend adding is automated! I currently run about 200 accounts but you can start small. Try doing about 20 accounts a week and you will not be driven completely insane. I like to create Gmails and forward them all to one account when I make them to keep the confirming new accounts easy. To do this simply navigate to settings, within Gmail, and then fill in this info, under the Forwarding IMAP/POP tab:

You will also want to add a few posts that are legitimate looking to each new Twitter account, otherwise most people will not accept you as a friend. Just some quickies such as ‘feeling bored’ or ‘off to the beach’ work great. Now, if you are an experienced marketer and plan on selling a particular product or a few related products be sure to use keywords in the provided box in the program to add friends that are targeted. Personally I use the AdSense method so 80% of people will be interested and it appears less spammy.

This is what I will teach you. In the Query box put in a search term such as ‘golf’, for the next account pick another random work such as ‘car’, ‘hot’ or ‘woman’. You are just trying to get a bunch of people in general. You will also want to add proxies for each account to keep them separate not only for bannings but also because Twitter will only let you send a total of 1,000 friends requests daily from your IP. To find proxies for this program try the following sources: (use HTTP ones from here not SOCKS 4/5) So, load up your first accounts details, with a proxy and keyword, and send off friends requests to 500 people. Although you can technically add 1,000 I found 500 to be the magical number where you do not draw too much attention. Once you have your 20 new accounts set up for this first week it is time to turn them into money! So, to automate the sending of Tweets simply head over to: (yes it is an affiliate link but it is also a free service, if you don’t want to use it you don’t have to!) and get signed up. Now to start off with the free service is great, it does everything you need. Once you have over 100 accounts and are seeing the big bucks you may consider premium though as it lets you manage all of your account’s tweets at once, which really helps instead of having to do the same thing 100 times. Where most people go wrong now is by not properly sending out tweets. Remember, the key to spamming is to being so subtle that it does not seem like spam! You will want to create a whole ton (200+) of generic looking tweets for use on your accounts. You can use the same ones on all accounts so at least you will only have to create this list once. Some examples will include: Walking the dog Out to eat Feeling a little blue Still rough from last night ;) In love and loving it! Hopefully you get the idea, these should apply to pretty much any time of day and be very general/vague so they look real and don’t raise any red flags. Now, back in your TweetLater control panel you want to set these up and get them going. After your accounts are running with these it is time to create your money making page. works fine for this and is free! If you have created a niche specific list to target your own demographic then skip this step and continue when it comes back to the actual tweet that you will send to make money from.

I find the best way to make AdSense dollars is really simple. Throw up a new blog at in the ‘hot news’ niche. Now, normally this is dominated by big networks on Google but fortunately for you traffic on Twitter is all about this stuff – and you are now set to have as much traffic as you can handle! Tweak the theme a bit, don’t use the default, and be sure to put your AdSense ads in. I also recommend putting an ad below the title for more clicks (as shown how to do here: Now all that is left is to, once a day, pick a hot new story and write up a paragraph or two on it. I use Google Trends ( to pick out whatever news story seems to be the most sought after of the day. Read a couple articles from the major networks on it and write – in your own opinion – the key points on this blog. It also helps to write up a little opinion into your paragraph or two; something such as ‘Did everyone already forget that Michael Jackson was a pedo? I mean come on!’ The elements that this blog post should contain are: 1. Not too much info! The major networks will have their ads in your AdSense blocks, you want people to get the jest of it but to click on your ads for the full story. 2. Controversy! Part of the power of Twitter lies in ReTweets. Adding some controversial opinion helps to get people to send it to their followers. This means that instead of your tweet being viewed by your 500 friends you added maybe 2 or 3 of them send it to their 1,000 friends as well who in turn a few sent it to their 1,000 friends. You easily got more views there than from your own account! Now that your story is up head back to TweetLater (other folks this is where you start following me again) and write up a new Tweet to promote this. Here is the REAL key to getting the views from your Tweet. You want to make it appear that this Tweet is coming from someone else and so good that you are ReTweeting it. This is easily done by sending out your tweet in the following format: RT @someone’sname (there words) then (yourlinkhere) An example would be: RT @jaxboy Michael Jackson possible drug OD story @ That is all that there is to it. Once you have this set to go out, also be sure to set it to send out 5 times this day only – about an hour apart, you will start to see the traffic. You will quickly see that once you are up to 100 or so accounts managed with premium TweetLater (optional) your promotion is nearly autopilot, perhaps 20 minutes of work a day, which can yield many hundreds of dollars daily in AdSense clicks. It should also be noted that the monetization options are endless; you can promote anything in this manner and to very well targeted groups. Just follow these tips and add your own spins!

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