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abatement costs

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					GEF Glossary E/F/S Author: World Bank Brief description: Global Environment Facility terms with some definitions abatement costs coûts de dépollution costos de reducción de la contaminación; costos de descontaminación acceptance acceptance aceptación accession adhésion adhesión Action Committee - AC [UNDP] Comité d’action Comité de Acción ad hoc working group groupe de travail ad hoc grupo de trabajo especial Ad Hoc Working Group on Global Warming and Energy - AWGGWE groupe de travail ad hoc sur le réchauffement planétaire et l’énergie grupo de trabajo especial sobre el calentamiento de la Tierra y la energía Administrator's Office Bureau de l’Administrateur Oficina del Administrador advance contribution contribution anticipée anticipo de contribuciones
Sum used to prevent an interruption in the GEF’s ability to make financing commitments pending the effectiveness of the GEF Trust Fund. The sum involved was to be one-quarter of the total amount of each contribution for which an Instrument of Commitment had been deposited with the Trustee as an advance contribution.

Agenda 21 Action 21 Programa 21
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit) agreement on action to be taken to protect the environment. It proposes integrating environmental protection and economic development.

agreed full cost coût intégral fixé costo total convenido agreed full incremental cost surcoût intégral fixé costo total incremental convenido agreed incremental cost surcoût fixé costo incremental convenido alien species espèce exotique especie naturalizada Alternate suppléant representante suplente analytic framework [STAP] cadre analytique marco analítico anthropogenic emissions émissions d’origine humaine emisiones de origen antropógeno
Emissions of greenhouse gases caused by man’s activities.

anthropogenic interference intrusion humaine intervención humana; interferencia antropógena analytical framework [STAP] cadre analytique marco analítico
Framework that provides a scientific, technical and economic rationale for the development of criteria and priorities for projects in the three areas of global warming, biodiversity and international waters.

adverse effects of climate change effets négatifs, défavorables du changement climatique efectos perniciosos del cambio climático

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Annual Project Performance Evaluation Report - PPER [UNDP] rapport annuel d’appréciation d’exécution des projets informe anual sobre la evaluación de los resultados del proyecto approval approbation aprobación Arbitral Tribunal tribunal d’arbitrage Tribunal de Arbitraje arbitration arbitrage arbitraje area officer [UNDP] responsable de zone oficial de zona Assembly Assemblée Asamblea
Body consisting of representatives of all participants that meets every three years. It reviews the general policies of the GEF, reviews and evaluates its operation, reviews membership and considers amendments to the Instrument for the Establishment of the Restructured Global Environment Facility.

Convenio de Basilea sobre el control de los movimientos transfronterizos de los desechos peligrosos y su eliminación baseline [adj.] de référence de referencia; básico
The reference point for calculating incremental costs. The GEF funds the difference between the cost of a project undertaken with global environmental objectives in mind and the costs of the same project without global environmental concerns. The baseline is the latter project that yields only national benefits.

Beyond the Pilot Phase Au-delà de la phase pilote Después de la etapa experimental biodiversity biodiversité; diversité biologique diversidad biológica; biodiversidad biodiversity conservation préservation de la biodiversité, diversité biologique conservación de la biodiversidad Biodiversity Data Management and Networking [UNEP] gestion et mise en réseau des données sur la biodiversité ordenación de datos y redes sobre biodiversidad biological diversity see biodiversity biological resources ressources biologiques recursos biológicos biome biome bioma biotechnology biotechnologie biotecnología Block A, B, C funds ressources du bloc A, B, C

associated project projet annexe proyecto conexo
GEF project that is either physically dependent on another agency’s project or whose success could depend upon the implementation of another project. Opposite of a free-standing project.

Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal (UNEP) Convention de Bâle sur le contrôle des mouvements transfrontières de déchets dangereux et de leur élimination

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fondos del Bloque A, B, C
For definition see Project Development and Preparation Facility

Chair; Chairperson [Council] président Presidente (de una reunión del Consejo)
Person elected by the Council for the duration of a Council meeting to conduct deliberations at a Council meeting. The post alternates from one meeting to another between recipient and nonrecipient Council Members.

burden sharing participation aux charges; répartition des charges participación en la financiación de los costos; distribución de la carga; reparto de los gastos; distribución de las responsabilidades Bureau for Programme Policy and Evaluation - BPPE [UNDP] Bureau de la politique et de l’évaluation du programme - BPEP Dirección de Política y Evaluación de Programas - DPEP carbon offset contrepartie de la fixation du carbone contrapartida de las emisiones de carbono carbon sequestration fixation du carbone retención de carbono; secuestro de carbono carbon sink puits de carbone sumidero del carbono
Natural system that absorbs greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and stores them. Examples are trees, plants and the oceans.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the GEF - CEO Directeur général et Président du FEM Funcionario Ejecutivo Principal y Presidente del FMAM
Officer appointed to serve for three years on a fulltime basis to head the Secretariat of the GEF.

chlorofluorocarbon - CFC chlorofluorocarbone - CFC clorofluorocarbono - CFC
Greenhouse gas used for refrigeration and air conditioning.

clean technologies technologies non polluantes tecnologías o técnicas no contaminantes climate change changement climatique cambio del clima; cambio climático
One of the four focal areas that the GEF focuses on.

cash (basis) accounting comptabilité de caisse contabilidad en valores de caja
A form of accounting wherein transactions are recorded only as cash is paid or received. Related financial statements are usually restricted to a summary of receipts and payments. GEF financial statements are prepared using cash basis accounting, modified to reflect notes not encashed.

climate system système climatique sistema climático
The totality of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere and their interactions.

coastal zone management gestion du littoral ordenación de las zonas costeras cofinancing cofinancement cofinanciamiento
Sharing of costs between GEF and another agency.

Center for Global Change Centre pour le changement mondial Centro para el Cambio Mundial centers of excellence centres d’excellence centros de excelencia

cofinancing arrangements arrangements de confinancement acuerdos de cofinanciamiento

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collaborating institution institution collaboratrice institución colaborante Commission on Sustainable Development [UN] Commission du développement durable Comisión sobre el Desarrollo Sostenible commitment authority; authority pouvoir d'engagement (des ressources) facultad para contraer compromisos
The authority that GEF has to make commitments based on the amount of resources it has received or had committed from donors. The authority covers contributions received in the form of notes and cash deposits, and investment income generated on cash deposits, less actual project disbursements and anticipated administrative costs of the GET.

Decisions of the Assembly and the Council are taken by consensus wherever possible. A formal vote may be taken if no consensus appears attainable.

constituency (arrangement) (système de représentation par) groupe (de pays) grupo de países representados; sistema de representación (por grupo)
Groupings of Participant States. Each constituency shall appoint a Member and Alternate to represent the constituency in the Council. There are 32 constituencies - 19 composed of recipient constituencies and 14 of non-recipient constituencies.

contact group groupe de liaison grupo de enlace Contracting Party partie contractante Parte Contratante Contributing Participants participant contribuant Participante Contribuyente
A participant contributing to the GEF Trust Fund.

concessional and preferential terms conditions concessionnelles et préférentielles condiciones concesionarias y preferenciales concessional basis, on a à titre concessionnel en condiciones concesionarias, muy favorables concessional funding, financing financement concessionnel financiamiento en condiciones concesionarias, muy favorables Conciliation Commission Commission de Conciliation Comisión de Conciliación Conference of the Parties - COP Conférence des Parties Conferencia de las Partes
Countries that have ratified a convention. In the FCCC, it is the supreme body of the Convention, reviews the implementation of the Convention and makes the decisions necessary to promote the effective implementation of the Convention.

contribution pledges contributions fondos prometidos contributions contributions aportaciones; contribuciones controlled substance substance réglementée sustancia controlada
Substance listed in Annex A, B, C or E to the Montreal Protocol whose use is restricted under the Convention. Includes ozone-depleting substances such as chlorofluorocarbons.

consensus consensus consenso

Convention on Biological Diversity - CBD Convention sur la diversité biologique Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica
The GEF functions as the financial mechanism for this convention

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Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bonn Convention) Convention sur la conservation des espèces migratoires appartenant à la faune sauvage (Convention de Bonn) Convención sobre la conservación de las especies migratorias de animales silvestres (Convención de Bonn) Convention for Co-operation in the Protection and Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the West and Central African Region Convention relative à la coopération en matière de protection et de mise en valeur du milieu marin et des zones côtières de la région de l’Afrique de l’ouest et du centre Convenio sobre la cooperación para la protección y el desarrollo del medio marino y las zonas costeras de la región de Africa occidental y central Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - CITES [UNEP] Convention sur le commerce international des espèces de faune et de flore sauvages menacées d’extinction - CITES Convención sobre el comercio internacional de especies amenazadas de fauna y flora silvestres - CITES Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment of the Wider Caribbean Region Convention sur la protection et la mise en valeur du milieu marin dans la région des Caraïbes Convenio para la protección y el desarrollo del medio marino de la región del gran Caribe Convention for the Protection, Management and Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the Eastern African Region Convention relative à la protection, à la gestion et à la mise en valeur du milieu marin

et des zones côtières de la région de l’Afrique de l’est Convenio para la protección, la ordenación y el desarrollo del medio marino y costero de la región de Africa oriental Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region Convention sur la protection des ressources naturelles et de l’environnement de la région du Pacifique sud Convenio para la protección de los recursos naturales y el medio ambiente de la región del Pacífico sur Convention on the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil - OILPOL Convention sur la prévention de la pollution marine par les hydrocarbures - OILPOL Convenio Internacional para Prevenir la Contaminación de las Aguas del Mar por Hidrocarburos - OILPOL core fund (contributions) fonds de base; ressources de base; fonds central contribuciones, aportaciones a los recursos básicos (del FMAM) [see also GEF Core Fund]
Also known as the GEF Trust Fund, it consists of the basic fund of GEF resources.

cost effectiveness rentabilité eficacia en función de los costos Council Conseil Consejo
GEF governing bwody that consists of 32 members representing constituency groupings that meets semi-annually. It develops, adopts and evaluates the operational policies and programs for GEFfinanced activities.

counterfactual hypothèse; fictif hipótesis; caso hipotético
An economic what if? Used to imagine what might have happened to an economy if some condition

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was different from actual reality, e.g. if inflation were only x%, then..

gestión de la demanda
Policies and programs designed to reduce consumer demand for electricity and other energy sources. Helps to reduce the need to build new power plants.

Country Case Studies on Costs, Benefits and Unmet Needs of Biodiversity [UNDP] études nationales des coûts, avantages et besoins non satisfaits en matière de biodiversité casos de estudio en países sobre costos, beneficios y necesidades insatisfechas en materia de biodiversidad country driven project cycle rôle moteur des pays dans le cycle des projets ciclo de los proyectos determinado por la preferencias de los países
Refers to a project that forms part of a country’s national environmental and developmental priorities.

demonstration project projet de démonstration proyecto experimental Depositary [FCCC] Dépositaire Depositario
Body where the Convention and protocols are deposited. For the FCCC it is the SecretaryGeneral of the United Nations.

desertification désertification desertificación directives for project selection directives pour la sélection de projets pautas, directrices para la selección de proyectos discount rates taux d’actualisation tasas de actualización dissemination diffusion difusión; divulgación domestic benefits avantages nationaux beneficios nacionales
The benefits that accrue to a country from a GEF project aimed at achieving global environmental benefits. The country bears the expenditure for the domestic benefits.

country program [Montreal Protocol] programme par pays programa por países country study études sur un pays estudio sobre un país country studies études sur des pays estudios sobre países Criteria for Eligibility and Priorities [STAP] critères d’eligibilité et priorités criterios de habilitación y prioridades cultivated species espèce(s) cultivée(s) especie(s) cultivada(s) data manager administrateur des données coordinador de información deforestation déboisement deforestación; despoblación forestal demand side management - DSM gestion de la demande

domesticated species espèce domestiquée especie domesticada double weighted majority system système de double majorité sistema de mayoría doble
System used in the formal vote procedure, it is an affirmative vote representing both a 60% majority

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of the total number of participants and 60% majority of the total contributions.

dépenses autorisées gastos admisibles, aceptables eligibility éligibilité habilitación; requisitos, condiciones que deben cumplirse eligibility criteria critères d’éligibilité criterios de admisibilidad
The conditions that a project must fulfill in order to qualify for GEF funding.

Earth Increment supplément spécial pour la Terre incremento para la Tierra Earth Summit Sommet de la Terre Cumbre para la Tierra
Informal title of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

Eastern Caribbean Environment and Coastal Resources Management Project ENCORE Projet pour la gestion de l’environnement et des ressources côtières Proyecto de ordenación ambiental y de recursos costeros del Caribe oriental ecological inventory inventaire écologique inventario ecológico
A detailed list of the environmental resources in a specific region or area.

emission émission emisión; descarga en la atmósfera; emanación emission of global warming gases from rice fields émission de gaz des rizières favorisant le réchauffement planétaire emisión de gases de efecto invernadero de arrozales enabling activities activités de renforcement des capacités actividades de apoyo Enabling Memorandum Mémorandum aux Administrateurs Memorando de creación del FMAM
Memorandum put forward by World Bank management embodying a formal resolution for board approval to establish the GEF.

ecological restoration reconstitution écologique restablecimiento ecológico
Returning an environmental resource to its previous condition, following damage to that resource.

ecosystem écosystème ecosistema ecosystem stress perturbation de l’écosystème perturbación de un ecosistema elected Chairperson Président élu Presidente elegido
Member elected Chairperson by the Council for the duration of a meeting in according with Paragraph 8 of Instrument for the Establishment of the Restructured Global Environmental Facility.

endogenous capacities capacités endogènes capacidad endógena endogenous capacity building renforcement des capacités endogènes desarrollo de la capacidad endógena endorsement (of a project) agrément (par le Directeur général) aprobación

eligible expenditure

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energy consumption consommation énergétique consumo de energía energy conservation économies d'énergie; utilisation rationnelle de l'énergie conservación, ahorro de energía energy efficiency rendement énergétique uso eficiente de la energía; rendimiento energético energy-intensive products produits à forte intensité énergétique productos de alto consumo de energía Environment and Natural Resources Group [UNDP] Groupe de l’environnement et des ressources naturelles Grupo del Medio Ambiente y de los Recursos Naturales Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA évaluation des effets sur l’environnement evaluación de los efectos ambientales; evaluación del impacto ambiental environmental stress agressions dont est victime l’environnement tensión, estrés ambiental; perturbaciones del medio ambiente environmentally sound technologies technologies écologiquement rationnelles tecnologías ecológicamente racionales equitable and balanced representation représensation equitable et équilibrée representación equitativa y equilibrada Evaluation Manager directeur de l’évaluation gerente de evaluación executing agency agent d'exécution; organisation chargée de l'exécution (d'un programme)

organismo encargado de los proyectos
The organization that actually carries out the project.

Executive Committee for the Multilateral Fund Comité exécutif du Fonds multilatéral Comité Ejecutivo del Fondo Multilateral executive sessions sessions exécutives sesiones ejecutivas
Meetings of the Council held by decision of the Council.

ex-situ conservation préservation ex situ conservación ex situ o fuera del lugar de origen extraordinary sessions sessions extraordinaires sesiones extraordinarias field test essai pratique, sur site ensayo sobre el terreno financial mechanism mécanisme financier mecanismo de financiamiento financial resources ressources financières recursos financieros financing, funding gap insuffisance de financement déficit de financiamento focal area; thematic area domaine d’intervention; domaine d’activité esfera de actividad, de actividades (del FMAM)
The four main areas that the GEF works in. They are climate change, biological diversity, international waters and ozone layer depletion.

Focal Point [UNEP - GEF] agent de liaison centro de coordinación

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Focal Point officer [UNEP] agent de liaison funcionario del centro de coordinación formal vote vote officiel votación oficial
Procedure adopted in the Assembly and Council when no consensus appears attainable. It is taken by double weighted majority, i.e. an affirmative vote representing both a 60% majority of the total number of participants and 60% majority of the total contributions.

GEF Operations Committee see Operations Committee GEF Operations Coordinator coordinateur des opérations du FEM coordinador de operaciones del FMAM GEF Operations Officer Chargé des opérations du FEM funcionario encargado de las operaciones del FMAM GEF Project Document descriptif du projet du FEM documento de proyecto del FMAM
Documents that provide extended project-specific information.

fragile ecosystem écosystème fragile, vulnérable ecosistema delicado Framework Convention on Climate Change - FCCC Convention-cadre sur les changements climatiques - CCCC Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático
The GEF functions as the financial mechanism for this convention

GEF Secretariat Secrétariat du FEM Secretaría del FMAM GEF Trust Fund - GEFTF Caisse du FEM Fondo Fiduciario del FMAM
Fund set up with the World Bank as Trustee, which consists of contributions received from members and is used to fund grants.

free standing, stand-alone project projet indépendant proyecto independiente, autónomo
Project that is not linked to a World Bank project.

fresh water bodies management gestion des masses d’eau douce ordenación de las masas de agua dulce full time staff personnel (employé) à temps complet personal en régimen de jornada completa functional areas see focal areas Fund Programme Management Branch [UNEP] Service de gestion du Programme du Fonds Servicio de gestión del Programa del Fondo GEF Core Fund Fonds de base du FEM Fondo básico del FMAM

GEF Working Paper Series Série des document de travail du FEM Serie de documentos de trabajo del FMAM
Series of documents that provide general information on GEF’s work and more specific information on methodological approaches; scientific and technical issues; and policy and strategic matters.

gene gène gen General Circulation Model - GCM modèle de la circulation générale - MCG Modelo de la Circulación General - MCG
A computational model or representation of the earth's climate, used to forecast changes in climate or weather. Most GCMs concentrate on the circulation of the ocean or atmosphere.

genetic resources

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ressources génétiques recursos genéticos genetic material matériel génétique material genético genome génome genoma (información genética total de un organismo o individuo) Global Biodiversity Assessment [UNEP] Evaluation de la biodiversité mondiale Evaluación de la diversidad biológica mundial Global Biodiversity Strategy stratégie sur la biodiversité mondiale Estrategia relativa a la biodiversidad mundial Global Change Systems for Analysis, Research and Training - START Systèmes de changement mondiaux pour la recherche analytique et la formation Sistemas de cambio mundial para el análisis, la investigación y la capacitación global commons patrimoine commun de l’humanité bienes comunes de la humanidad; patrimonio común de la humanidad Global Environment Coordination Division - ENVGC [WB] Division de la coordination des questions d’environnement mondial División de Coordinación, Medio Ambiente Mundial Global Environment Facility - GEF Fonds pour l’environnement mondial - FEM Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial FMAM Global Environment Focal Point agent de liaison pour l’environnement mondial centro de coordinación sobre el medio ambiente mundial

Global Environment Operations Steering Committee Comité directeur des opérations pour l’environnement mondial Comité directivo de operaciones relativas al medio ambiente mundial Global Environment Trust Fund see GEF Trust Fund global environmental benefits avantages mondiaux pour l’environnement beneficios ambientales a nivel mundial; beneficios de alcance mundial para el medio ambiente
Benefits that accrue to the global community, e.g. the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

global forum forum global foro mundial global project projet mondial proyecto global
A project implemented in several countries around the globe.

global warming mitigation actions de réduction du réchauffement planétaire medidas para mitigar, reducir el calentamiento de la Tierra
Action taken to reduce the chances of global warming, e.g. by limiting the anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases and by protecting and enhancing greenhouse gas sinks and reservoirs.

governance structure(s) de gestion (et de direction) gobierno; función de gobierno; gestión; administración; conducción; dirección; a veces: autoridades governing body organe directeur órgano rector grant [SGP] subvention

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donación grant funding financement par des subventions donación greenhouse effect effet de serre efecto (de) invernadero greenhouse gas - GHG gaz à effet de serre - GES gas de efecto invernadero, que produce el efecto invernadero; gas termoactivo
One of the gases that retains heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases occur through both natural and made-made processes. The major ones are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons.

hábitat, (pl.) hábitats Heads of Agencies Meeting Réunion des responsables des organismes partenaires Reunión de los directivos de los organismos de ejecución hot spot [biodiversity] point chaud lugar clave, crítico; situación crítica human resources development développement des ressources humaines perfeccionamiento de los recursos humanos hydrochlorofluorocarbon - HCFC hydrochlorofluorocarbone - HCFC hidroclorofluorocarbono - HCFC
A substitute for CFCs.

Greenhouse Gas Assessment Methodology GGAM Méthode d’évaluation des émissions de gas à effet de serre Metodología para evaluar los gases de efecto invernadero
A tool for estimating the magnitude of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. It is designed to estimate reductions expected to result from a proposed project and compare them with emissions that would result if the project is not implemented.

impact assessments étude d’impact evaluaciones de los efectos, de las repercusiones Implementation Committee - IC [Pilot Phase] Comité d’exécution Comité de Ejecución implementing agency - IA agent d’exécution organismo de ejecución
UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank. They are accountable to the Council for their GEF-financed activities.

Group I Groupe I Grupo I
Non-recipient donor countries that participated in the replenishment meetings.

Group II Groupe II Grupo II
Recipient donor countries that participated in the replenishment meetings.

in-situ conditions conditions in situ condiciones en el terreno, del lugar in-situ conservation of ecosystems préservation in situ d’écosystèmes conservación in situ de ecosistemas incremental cost surcoût costo incremental
The additional cost that the GEF funds between the cost of an alternative project that a country would

Group III Groupe III Grupo III
Countries other than those that participated in the replenishment meetings.

habitat habitat

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have implemented in the absence of global environmental concerns and a project undertaken with global objectives in mind.

institution building création, renforcement d'institution desarrollo, fortalecimiento institucional institutional arrangements dispositions institutionnelles planes institucionales institutional structure structure institutionnelle estructura institucional Instrument for the Establishment of the Restructured Global Environmental Facility Instrument pour la restructuration du Fonds pour l’environnement mondial Instrumento Constitutivo del Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial Reestructurado
Document detailing all aspects of the restructured GEF, which was negotiated by governments participating in the GEF, and adopted by the three implementing agencies in 1994.

Independent Evaluation of the Global Environment Facility Evaluation indépendante du Fonds pour l’environnement mondial Evaluación independiente del Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial Independent Panel of Experts - IPE Groupe d’experts indépendant Grupo independiente de expertos indicative list of categories liste indicative de catégories lista indicativa de categorías indicative planning figure - IPF [UNDP] chiffre indicatif de planification cifra indicativa de planificación - CIP indicative target ratio coefficient cible indicatif proporción indicativa fijada indicator species espèce indicatrice; espèce caractéristique indicador biológico
Species whose characteristics are such that it can be used to determine the nature of certain environmental factors ( climate, soil) or to measure their strength (pollutants).

Instrument of Commitment Instrument d’engagement Instrumento de compromiso
Formal document whereby the Government of a State notifies the World Bank as Trustee of the GEF that it will participate in the GEF Trust Fund and will make a contribution of a specified sum.

Instrument of Participation Instrument de participation Instrumento de participación
Document which indicates that a State wishes to participate in the GEF.

indigenous people population autochtone población autóctona indigenous technology technologie indigène tecnología, técnica autóctona; tecnología, técnica local Initial Executive Project Summary - IEPS [World Bank] résumé analytique initial (d'un projet) documento inicial sobre un proyecto
Short statement of a project concept prepared by the task manager.

Instrument of Termination of Participation Instrument de résiliation de la participation Instrumento de terminación de la participación
Document which indicates that a State wishes to terminate its participation in the GEF.

integrated coastal zone management ICZM gestion intégrée des zones côtières ordenación integrada de las zonas costeras intellectual property rights droits de propriéte intellectuelle

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derechos de propiedad intelectual Interbureau Project Appraisal Committee PAC [UNDP] Comité d’évaluation interbureaux des projets Comité mixto de evaluación inicial de proyectos inter-country component composante pluripays componente multinacional Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Framework Convention on Climate Change - INC/INC-FCCC Comité intergouvernemental de négociation de la Convention-cadre sur les changements climatiques - CIN/CIN-CCCC Comité Intergubernamental de Negociación de una Convención General sobre los Cambios Climáticos
Committee consisting of 154 nations that negotiated the Framework Convention on Climate Change treaty signed at the Earth Summit.

Interim Project Cycle cycle provisoire des projets ciclo provisional de proyectos Interim Secretariat Secrétariat provisoire Secretaría provisional International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA Agence internationale de l’énergie atomique AIEA Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica - OIEA International Conference on National Action to Mitigate Global Climate Change [Copenhagen, June 7-9, 1994] Conférence internationale consacrée aux mesures nationales d’atténuation des changements climatiques mondiaux Conferencia Internacional sobre Acciones Nacionales para Mitigar el Cambio Climático Mundial International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL Convention internationale pour la prévention de la pollution par les navires - MARPOL Convenio Internacional para Prevenir la Contaminación por los Buques - MARPOL international waters eaux internationales aguas internacionales
One of the four focal areas that the GEF focuses on. Defined as the seas, shared river and lake basins and shared estuaries and wetlands and shared groundwater aquifers. The distinguishing feature is that more than one nation has access to or makes use of them.

intergovernmental organization - IGO organisation intergouvernementale organización intergubernamental Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - IPCC Groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du climat - GIEC Grupo Intergubernamental de Expertos sobre Cambios Climáticos - IPCC
Organization established by UNEP and WMO. It prepares reports on the issue of climate change, its environmental, economic and social impacts and possible national and international responses to such changes and provides advice to the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Interim Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol Fonds multilatéral provisoire pour la mise en oeuvre du Protocole de Montréal Fondo Multilateral Provisional para la Aplicación del Protocolo de Montreal

international waters protection - IWP protection des eaux internationales protección de las aguas internacionales inventories (of greenhouse gas emissions) inventaire des émissions(des gaz à effet de serre)

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determinación (de las emisiones que producen el efecto invernadero) investment project projet d’investissement proyecto de inversión
A project where a significant part of the funding is used for the acquisition of capital equipment or the creation of infrastructural benefits.

condición jurídica leverage effet de levier; effet multiplicateur; influence influencia; efecto multiplicador; poder multiplicador leverage, to avoir un effet multiplicateur; exercer une influence ejercer influencia; ejercer, producir un efecto multiplicador living modified organism organisme vivant modifié organismo vivo modificado local communities communautés locales comunidades locales long run marginal cost - LRMC coût marginal à long terme costo marginal a largo plazo
The cost of meeting an increase in consumption, sustained indefinitely into the future, when needed capacity adjustments are possible.

irreversible damage dégâts irréversibles daño irreparable joint communication communication conjointe comunicación conjunta joint research programmes programmes conjoints de recherches programas conjuntos de investigación joint venture sociéte à risques communs; coentreprise operación, empresa conjunta land-based pollution pollution d’origine tellurique contaminación de fuentes terrestres land degradation dégradation des sols degradación de la tierra; empobrecimiento de la tierra landrace espèce naturelle especie autóctona
Native species of a plant.

low-lying coastal area plaine côtière zona de litoral bajo Manual on Design and Approval of Projects [UNEP] Manuel sur la mise au point et l’approbation des projets Manual de diseño y aprobación de proyectos MEDCITIES Network Réseau MEDCITÉS Red MEDCITIES memorandum of understanding protocole d'accord memorando de acuerdo
A written document detailing the points upon which two or more parties agree.

least cost plan plan de moindre coût plan de menor costo least developed countries - LLDC pays les moins avancés - PMA países (en desarrollo) menos adelantados PMA legal status statut juridique

methodology studies études méthodologiques estudios metodológicos

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migratory waterfowl oiseaux aquatiques migratoires aves acuáticas migratorias miracle project projet “miracle” proyecto milagroso
Project which seems to propose making a major transformation in the way societies behave towards biological resources, with a short-term, concentrated intervention. These expectations are often not met.

écosystèmes montagneux ecosistemas montañosos multilateral consultative process procédé multilatéral consultatif proceso consultivo multilateral multilateral development banks - MDBs banques multilatérales de développement bancos multilaterales de desarrollo Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol - MFMP Fonds multilatéral pour la mise en oeuvre du Protocole de Montréal Fondo Multilateral para la Aplicación del Protocol de Montreal national biodiversity units service national de protection de la biodiversité entidades nacionales de conservación de la diversidad biológica national development programmes programme national de développement programas nacionales de desarrollo national environment action plan - NEAP plan d’action environnementale national plan nacional de protección ambiental - PA
Plan which identifies key environmental problems, sets priorities for dealing with them and leads to a comprehensive national environmental policy and programs to implement the policy.

mitigation (of risks, effects) atténuation mitigación
Approach to reducing the risks of rapid climate change, where future damage is controlled or a society adapts to new conditions.

moisture stress stress hydrique estrés por falta de humedad monitoring suivi; contrôle (continu); surveillance observación; vigilancia; verificación; seguimiento Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Guidelines Cadre de suivi et d’évaluation Directrices para la vigilancia y la evaluación monitoring of greenhouse and ozone depleting gases surveillance des gaz à effet de serre et des gaz appauvrissant la couche d’ozone vigilancia de los gases que producen el efecto de invernadero y agotar el ozono Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer Protocole de Montréal relatif à des substances qui appauvrissent la couche d’ozone Protocolo de Montreal relativo a las sustancias que agotan la capa de ozono mountainous ecosystems

national marginal abatement cost coût de dépollution marginal national costo marginal de la reducción de la contaminación a nivel nacional National Selection Committee - NSC [SGP] Comité national de sélection Comité nacional de selección
Committee, consisting primarily of the local NGO community, which approves awards under the Small Grants programme.

native forest forêt naturelle bosque autóctono

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Oficina de Servicios para Proyectos - OPS natural disasters catastrophes naturelles desastres naturales natural surroundings cadre naturel entorno natural no objection procedure procédure d'approbation tacite procedimiento de aprobación tácita
Procedure whereby a proposal is deemed approved if no objection is formally received by a specified date. Used by the GEF when taking decisions without a meeting.

Open-Ended Working Group [Montreal Protocol] Groupe de travail à composition non limitée Grupo de Trabajo de composición abierta operational guidelines directives opérationnelles directrices operacionales operational modalities modalités opérationnelles modalidades operacionales
The basic rules under which the GEF operates. They are outlined in Section VII of the Instrument.

non-governmental organizations - NGO organisations non gouvernementales - ONG organizaciones no gubernamentales - ONG non-recipient constituency groupes non bénéficiaires grupos no receptores
Constituency consisting of Participant States not eligible to receive GEF funds.

operational policies politiques opérationnelles políticas de operaciones Operational Policy Guidelines - OPG Directives de politique opérationnelle Directrices de políticas de operaciones
Document that provides guidance to Implementing Agencies on minimum standards for GEF operations.

Notification of Participation notification de participation Notificación de participación
Document which indicates that a State wishes to terminate its participation in the GEF.

Operational Procedures Procédures opérationnelles Procedimientos operacionales operational strategies stratégies opérationnelles estrategias operacionales Operations Committee - GEFOP Comité des operátions - GEFOP Comité de Operaciones Operations Memorandum Mémorandum des opérations Memorando de operaciones ozone depleting substance - ODS substance destructrice de l’ozone - SDO sustancia que agota el ozono

Notification of Termination of Participation notification de résiliation de la participation Notificación de terminación de la participación
Document which indicates that a State wishes to terminate its participation in the GEF.

obligations of the Parties obligations des Parties obligaciones de las Partes observers observateurs observadores Office of Project Services - OPS [UNDP] Bureau des services d’appui aux projets

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ozone destroying potential - ODP potentiel de destruction de l’ozone - PDO potencial de agotamiento del ozono ozone layer depletion appauvrissement de la couche d’ozone agotamiento de la capa de ozono (o de la ozonosfera)
One of the four focal areas that the GEF focuses on.

part time staff personnel (employé) à temps partiel personal en régimen de jornada parcial photovoltaics convertisseurs photovoltaïques energía fotovoltaica Pilot Phase phase pilote etapa experimental
The first three years of the GEF (1991-1994) that preceded the restructuring.

ozone layer protection protection de la couche d’ozone protección de la capa de ozono Ozone Secretariat [Montreal Protocol] Secrétariat de l'ozone Secretaría del Ozono Ozone Trust Fund - OTF Fonds fiduciaire sur l’ozone Fondo Fiduciario para Proyectos de Defensa de la Capa de Ozono parallel financing financement parallèle financiamiento paralelo parastatal entreprise parapublique entidad paraestatal Participant participant Participante
A member of the GEF. Any State which is a member of the United Nations or of any of its specialized agencies may become a Participant.

Pilot Phase and Beyond Au-delà de la phase pilote Pilot Phase and Beyond pilot program programme pilote programa experimental, piloto pledges annonces de contributions fondos prometidos pledges outstanding contributions promises fondos prometidos policy options possibilitsé d'action opciones de políticas Pollution and Environmental Economics [WB] Pollution et l’économie de l’environnement Contaminación y Economía Ambiental pollution stress agressions de la pollution estrés provocado por la contaminación precautionary measures mesures préventives medidas preventivas, precautorias precautionary principle principe de précaution principio de precaución

Participants' Assembly - PA Assemblée des participants - AP Asamblea de los Participantes
A meeting of all GEF’s participating countries. During the Pilot Phase, it was held biannually. However, in GEF1, it will only be held once every three years, in Washington, D.C.

Participants' Meeting réunion de participants Reunión de los Participantes

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Principle invoked for the first time at the 1990 Bergen Conference that, when confronted with serious or irreversible threats to the environment, the absence of absolute scientific certainty should not serve as a pretext for delaying the adoption of measures to prevent environmental degradation.

Programme Review Committee [UNDP] Comité d’examen du programme Comité de examen de programas Project Appraisal Committee - PAC [UNDP] Comité d’évaluation des projets Comité de evaluación de proyectos
UNDP committee which reviews project briefs and formally decides which projects are to be submitted by UNDP for a specific tranche.

precursor précurseur precursor
Gas compounds such as nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. which contribute to the formation of ozone in the lower atmosphere and are the precursors to the formation of ozone.

Pre-Investment Facility - PRIF Mécanisme de préinvestissement Servicio de preinversión primeval forest forêt primitive bosque primario Procedural Arrangements among the World Bank, UNEP and UNDP for Operational Coordination under the Global Environmental Facility modalités d’accord entre la Banque mondiale, le PNUE et le PNUD en vue d’une coopération opérationnelle au titre du Fonds pour l’environnement mondial Coordinación entre el Banco Mundial, el PNUMA y el PNUD de las Operaciones del Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial
Document spelling out the division of responsibilities among the three implementing agencies.

Project Cycle Cycle des projets ciclo de los proyectos Project Development Facility Project see Project Preparation and Development Facility project identification identification du projet identificación del proyecto Project Implementation Performance Report - PIPR rapport sur l’exécution des projets informe sobre los resultados de la ejecución de proyectos project information document document d’information sur le projet documento de información sobre el proyecto Project Performance Evaluation Report see Annual Project Performance Evaluation Report project portfolio portefeuille des projets cartera de proyectos project preparation advance (PPA) avance pour la préparation de projets anticipo para preparación de proyectos Project Preparation and Development Facility - PDF Mécanisme de préparation des projets

Program for Measuring Incremental Costs for the Environment - PRINCE Programme d’estimation des surcoûts pour l’environnement - PRINCE Programa para la medición de costos incrementales para el medio ambiente PRINCE
A research program set up in early 1993 to explore the measurement of incremental costs on the focal areas of the GEF.

program priorities priorités programmatiques prioridades del programa (o de los programas)

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Servicio de formulación y preparación de proyectos
Facility that grants money to the implementing agencies for developing project concepts in three blocks: Block A (up to $25,000), Block B (up to $350,000) and Block C (up to $1 million). Block A funds are for pre-project activities at national level. Block B funds are for obtaining information to complete project proposals. Block C funds are for completing technical design and feasibility studies for large-scale projects.

participation publique participación de la población Qualified Instrument of Commitment Instrument d’engagement conditionnel Instrumento de compromiso condicionado
Instrument of Commitment where a Contributing Participant agrees to pay a part of its contribution without qualification and the remainder subject to enactment by its legislature of the necessary appropriation legislation.

Project Preparation Assistance Program Programme d’assistance à la préparation des projets Programa de Asistencia para la Preparación de Proyectos Project Review and Evaluation Committee - PREC [UNEP] Comité d’examen et d’évaluation des projets Comité de examen y evaluación de proyectos Project Screening Committee [UNEP] Comité de sélection des projets Comité de selección de proyectos protected area zone protégée zona protegida protected area management aménagement des zones protégées ordenación de las zonas protegidas protocol protocole protocolo public awareness programmes programmes de sensibilisation du public programas de concientización, sensibilización, de la población public information file [UNDP] dossier d’information destiné au public archivo de información pública
Set of documents prepared by UNDP Field Offices on each local GEF project.

Quarterly Operational Report rapport opérationnel trimestriel informe trimestral de operaciones
Report issued every quarter by the GEF Secretariat which lists all GEF projects.

rain forest forêt ombrophile; [en régions tropicales] forêt dense équatoriale bosque húmedo, pluvial; selva pluvial ranching élevage en ranching; élevage extensif ganadería; cría de ganado; explotación ganadera ratification ratification ratificación recipient constituency groupes bénéficiaires grupos de países receptores
Constituency consisting of Participant States eligible to receive GEF funds. There are six from Africa, six from Asia and the Pacific, four from Latin America and the Caribbean and two from Central, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Regional Center of Excellence [PRINCE] centre régional d'excellence Centro Regional de Excelencia regional development banks - RDBs banque régionale de développement bancos regionales de desarrollo replenishment reconstitution des ressources

public participation

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reposición de recursos replicable project project transposable proyecto que puede reproducirse
A project that can be copied. When a project has proved its viability, replication is a safer investment, as the usual risks and uncertainties associated with a new project are reduced.

mission résidente misión residente resident office bureau du représentant résident oficina del representante residente restructured GEF - GEF1 FEM restructuré FMAM reestructurado
New GEF, following restructuring in March 1994. The GEF was restructured to promote universal participation, and greater transparency and democracy in the conduct of its affairs. It was replenished with $2 billion for commitment over three years.

reporting period période de communication des données; période considérée; période couverte par le présent rapport período abarcado por un informe Report by the Chairman rapport du Président informe del Presidente
Reports prepared by the Office of the GEF Administrator in collaboration with the three GEF implementing agencies for the biannual Participants’ Meetings.

river basin management gestion des bassins hydrographiques, bassins versants ordenación de cuencas hidrográficas Roster of Experts [STAP] fichier d’experts Lista de Expertos Rules of Procedure (of the Council) Règlement intérieur reglamento (del Consejo)
Formal document outlining the procedures that will be applied by the Council of the restructured Global Environment Facility in the conduct of its business.

repowering (of existing power plants) conversion renovación de plantas generadoras de electricidad; reconversión research and development - R & D recherche-développement investigación y desarrollo research, development and demonstration RD & D recherche, développement et démonstration RD & D investigación, desarrollo y demostración reservation réserve reserva reservoir réservoir depósito
Component or components of the climate system where a greenhouse gas or a precursor of a greenhouse gas is stored.

scenario hypothèse hipótesis Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel STAP Groupe consultatif pour la science et la technologie - STAP Grupo Asesor Científico y Tecnológico STAP
An independent advisory body to the GEF, established by UNEP in consultation with UNDP and the World Bank.

resident mission

scoping cadrage (evaluación del) alcance

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Determining the extent or limit of a problem or project.

Place or mechanism that aids in the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, e.g. forests.

sea lane voie de circulation; route maritime ruta, vía marítima; corredor marítimo Search Committee [STAP] Comité de Selección sector plan plan de secteur plan de sector semi-arid areas zones semi-arides zonas tropicales semiáridas Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator coordinateur principal de suivi et d’évaluation Coordinador Superior de Actividades de Vigilancia y Evaluación ship-generated pollution pollution à partir des navires contaminación generada por las embarcaciones sink [air pollution] piège; piégeage sumidero; medio receptor; zona de absorción; zona de disipación
Place or mechanism associated with the removal of air pollutants from the atmosphere.

Small Grants Programme - SGP Programme de microfinancements Programa de pequeñas donaciones
Program administered by the UNDP which provides grants of up to $50,000 to grassroots groups and NGOs to demonstrate community-based strategies and technologies that address global environmental concerns.

Socio-Cultural Profile - SCP profil socioculturel perfil sociocultural stakeholders parties prenantes interesados; partes interesadas standard annexes annexes standard anexos estándar STAP Ad Hoc Working Group on Biodiversity - AWGB Groupe de travail spécial du STAP sur la biodiversité Grupo de trabajo especial del STAP sobre la diversidad biológica state-of-the-art technologies technologies de pointe últimos adelantos de la tecnología; tecnología más moderna Steering Committee comité directeur Comité Directivo stressful region région agressée, exposée región afectada, expuesta, vulnerable structural adjustment loan - SAL prêt à l'ajustement structurel - PAS préstamos para (fines de) ajuste estructural subsidiary bodies organes subsidiaires

sink [biology] puits; récepteur sumidero; medio receptor
Receptacle, or receiving area, for materials translocated through a system ( e.g. the oceans are the sink into which many water-borne pollutants are drained; the seed of a plant is the sink in which nutrients are stored).

sink of greenhouse gases puits de gaz à effet de serre sumidero de gases de efecto invernadero

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órganos subsidiarios Subsidiary Body for Implementation [FCCC] organe subsidiaire d’exécution Organo Subsidiario de Ejecución
Assists the Conference of the Parties in the assessment and review of the effective implementation of the FCCC.

Technical Review Panel - TRP groupe d’examen technique grupo de examen técnico
World Bank panel, consisting of the task manager for a project, outside specialist(s), technical advisor(s), GEF Operations Coordinator, Regional Environmental Division Chief and, when international treaties apply, a representative of the legal department. It is responsible for carrying out technical reviews of GEF projects.

Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) [FCCC] organe subsidiaire de conseil scientifique et technologique (SBSTA) Organo Subsidiario de Asesoramiento Científico y Tecnológico
Provides the Conference of the Parties and other subsidiary bodies with timely information and advice on scientific and technological matters relating to the FCCC.

temporary Alternate suppléant temporaire Suplente interino
Person designated by a member or alternate to attend a Council meeting on their behalf, if they are unable to attend.

sustainable development développement durable desarrollo sostenible; a veces: desarrollo duradero sustainable development specialist [UNDP] spécialiste du développement durable especialista en desarrollo sostenible sustainable economic development développement économique durable desarrollo económico sostenible sustainable economic growth croissance économique durable crecimiento económico sostenible target species espèce cible especie elegida como objetivo targeted research recherches ciblées investigación selectiva, focalizada Technical and Environment Department [WB] Départment technique et environnement Departamento de Asuntos Técnicos y Ambientales

thematic and geographic balance (of projects) équilibre thématique et géographique (des projets) equilibrio temático y geográfico (de los proyectos) “The Next Steps” [Wapenhans Report] “Les prochaines étapes” “Los próximos pasos” traditional technology technologie traditionnelle tecnología, técnica tradicional tranche tranche tramo
GEF work program. Each tranche has a date, project component and funding level.

transitional substance [Montreal Protocol] substance de transition sustancia de transición transaction costs coûts de transaction costos de transacción
The explicit and/or hidden costs associated with a given transaction.

transfer authority pouvoir de transfert

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facultad para efectuar transferencias
The right of the Trustee to transfer contributions as needed pursuant to the work program approved by the Council.

costo unitario de reducción de la contaminación
A method proposed by Kenneth King for comparing the relative cost-effectiveness of proposed GEF projects. The unit abatement cost is calculated by taking the total discounted project cost less the total discounted domestic benefits, divided by the physical quantity of emissions avoided or absorbed by the project. If the total value of one unit of greenhouse gas abatement or absorption is greater that the unit abatement cost, the project is economically attractive.

Tripartite Agreement Accord tripartite Acuerdo Tripartito
Agreement between the World Bank, UNDP and UNEP on setting up and running the GEF. It was formally signed by the heads of the three agencies on October 28, 1991.

Tripartite Project Review examen tripartite des projets examen tripartito del proyecto Trustee Administrateur Depositario
The World Bank is the trustee of the Global Environment Trust Fund. In that capacity it shall, as legal owner, hold in trust the funds, assets and receipts which constitute the Fund and manage and use them for the purpose of the provisions of the Instrument.

United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Commission du développement durable des Nations Unies Comisión de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Desarrollo Sostenible United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - UNCED Conférence des Nations Unies sur l'environnement et le développement CNUED Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Medio Ambiente y el Desarrollo - CNUMAD
Conference, also called Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. It resulted in the adoption of Agenda 21.

Type I project projet de Type I proyecto Tipo II
Project where the national economic benefit is greater than the national economic cost.

Type II project projet de Type II proyecto Tipo II
Project where the national economic benefit is less than the national economic cost but the global benefits are such that the project is justified under GEF criteria.

Type III project projet de Type III proyecto Tipo III
Project where, though the project is justifiable from a country perspective and, hence, normally eligible for GEF financing, it can be made to yield additional global benefits with additional funds from the GEF, provided also that such a project lies within the cost-effectiveness guidelines.

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Those Countries Experiencing Serious Drought and/or Desertification Convention des Nations Unies sur la lutte contre la désertification dans les pays gravement touchés par la sécheresse et/ou la désertification, en particulier en Afrique Convención de las Naciones Unidas de Lucha contra la Desertificación en los Países afectados por Sequía Grave o Desertificación, en particular en Africa United Nations Environment Programme UNEP Programme des Nations Unies pour l’environnement - PNUE Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente - PNUMA

unit abatement cost coût unitaire de dépollution

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urban atmospheric pollution pollution atmosphérique urbaine contaminación del aire en las zonas urbanas veto power droit de veto derecho de veto Vice President for Environmentally Sustainable Development [WB] Vice-Président, environnement et développment durable Vicepresidente, Desarrollo Ecológicamente Sostenible Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer Convention de Vienne pour la protection de la couche d’ozone Convenio de Viena para la protección de la capa de ozono voluntary fund fondo de contribuciones voluntarias voting by roll call vote par apppel nominal votación nominal vulnerability assessment évaluation de la vulnerabilité evaluación de la vulnerabilidad wetlands zones humides zonas, tierras húmedas Wider Caribbean Initiative for ShipGenerated Waste - WCSIW Initiative Caraïbes relative aux déchets rejetés par les navires - WCISW Iniciativa para eliminar los desechos descargados por los buques en el Gran Caribe - WCISW wildlands espaces naturels; friches zonas silvestres wildlife

espèces sauvages fauna y flora silvestres withdrawal of funds retrait de fonds retiro de fondos World Meteorological Organization WMO Organisation météorologique mondiale OMM Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM) World Resources Institute - WRI Institut mondial des ressources naturelles Instituto de Recursos Mundiales World Wildlife Fund - WWF Fonds mondial pour la nature - WWF Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza (WWF)