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Sensory Integration Activities by pharmphresh23


									                       Sensory Integration Activities

Sensory Integration Activities are the lifeline to providing and achieving
the necessary challenges for your child so they maximize:

      daily functioning
      intellectual, social, and emotional development
      the development of a positive self-esteem
      a mind and body which is ready for learning
      positive interactions in the world around him
      the achievement of normal developmental milestones

1. Play Doh, Gak, Glop, Funny Foam, etc...
Children need to touch a variety of textures and play with them to develop
normal tactile processing. Stringing beads is a great activity to help
students focus on activities.
2. Heavy Work Activities:
Some children have difficulty regulating their arousal levels. It is suggested
that heavy work activities should always precede a sit down activity. These
whole body activities including pushing, pulling, lifting, playing, and moving;
oral activities including chewing, sucking, and blowing; and use of hands for
squeezing, pinching, fidgeting.
3. Relaxation techniques:
Students with sensory processing have a difficult time settling down.
Examples include nature sound machines, white noise machines, relaxation
CDs, weighted blankets.
4. Sand and Water Play
Playing in the sand or water provides essential yet fun ways to experience
necessary tactile input. Use your creativity, get plenty of towels, and have
fun filling these tables with sand, rice, shaving cream, water, or any
textured substance you can think of. Of course, put little toys in as well to
encourage exploration.
5. Vestibular Movement:
Children need to move! For some it is difficult due to fears, for others they
just can’t seem to get enough. Therapy balls and glider rockers are great
solutions for student movement.

6. Aromatherapy:
Through aromatherapy you can help your student to tolerate or drown out
smells, or use them to relax and calm. Hint: cinnamon may be stimulating
and lavender may be soothing, peppermint seems to be successful in all

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