Comox Valley team fl ies off to Alberta by pharmphresh23


									16   Business Vancouver Island - January, 2007

Comox Valley team flies off to Alberta
    Heading out to Alberta to         The humorous side of the                                                                             be prepared by January 26, and
promote business opportunities
in the Comox Valley and the
new West Jet flight to Edmon-
                                  trip was promoting the “ski all
                                  day and golf in the afternoon”
                                  lifestyle (which we all know
                                                                        comox valley                                                       proposals must be received
                                                                                                                                           at the Chamber no later than
                                                                                                                                           January 5. A decision will be
ton proved to be a great oppor-   is usually true) to a group of                                                                           made by January 13.
tunity for all who took part.     Albertans who had less snow                                                                                   For more information check
                                                                                              DIANNE HAWKINS                               out the website or contact the
                                                                                                                                           Chamber office.
                                                                    than we did! The Leduc and          or company to create an excit-         - Dianne Hawkins is Execu-
                                                                    Edmonton Chambers were a            ing custom audio and visual        tive Director of the Comox Valley
                                                                    terrific source of information       production for the event.          Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                    and ideas for future business          The final presentation must
                                                                    opportunities between our
                                                                        The Comox Valley Cham-
                                                                    ber of Commerce Annual
                                                                    Community Awards organizing
                                                                    is off to a great start. With our
                                                                    new website in place, Comox
     Chuck Fast, left, and Roger McKinnon, right, and crew          Valley residents can submit
                                                                    their nominations at www.
                                                                        “A Night to Remember”
                                                                    is the theme this year for the
                                                                    Awards Gala being held on
                                                                    January 27 at the Filberg
                                                                    Centre. The evening includes           Some of the Comox Valley delegation that spread the news
                                                                    the awards ceremony, live and
                                                                    silent auction as well as formal
                                                                    dinner. Tickets will be available
                                                                    at the Chamber. The event sold
                                                                    out last year.
                                                                        In order to continue with
                                                                    our “Academy Award type”
                                                                    presentation for the awards this
                                                                    year, the Chamber of Com-
                                                                    merce is seeking an individual

                                                                                                                                     KIRSTY GRANT

                                                                                                        Legge for dinner
                                                                                                            The Ladysmith Chamber              •••
                                                                                                        of Commerce presents Peter             Get Smart owner Debra
                                                                                                        Legge at the Multi-Purpose         Wapple is a B.C. Certified
                                                                                                        room of the Ladysmith Sec-         teacher who provides educa-
                                                                                                        ondary School January 10 at        tional services.
                                                                                                        7:30 p.m.                              •••
                                                                                                            The founder of Canada              Sweeping Beauty Cleaning
                                                                                                        Wide Magazines and Com-            Services offers housekeeping
                                                                                                        munications Ltd. in Vancou-        services.
                                                                                                        ver, Legge is an outstanding           •••
                                                                                                        speaker who will talk about 27         Takala Trails Ranch at 5735
                                                                                                        Success Habits.                    Takala Road offers the peace
                                                                                                            His web site is www.           and tranquility of the back
                                                                                               Tickets are $25,   country while staying in their
                                                                                                        available at the Chamber at        secluded chalet.
                                                                                                        245-2112.                              •••
                                                                                                            •••                                Julie Stewart-Boyle of The
                                                                                                            Leonard Trisko of Enter-       Mortgage Centre is offering a
                                                                                                        prise Project Management Ltd.      professional financial evalua-
                                                                                                        wishes to announce his daugh-      tion which will help determine
                                                                                                        ter Jessica Nicole has been        if this is the best plan of action
                                                                                                        selected into the Miss Universe    for debt consolidation.
                                                                                                        Canada 2007 Pageant.                   This service is free, and Julie
                                                                                                            •••                            can be contacted at 245-9100.
                                                                                                            Chez Christine is a hair           - Kirsty Grant writes about
                                                                                                        salon at 132D Roberts Street in    business for the Ladysmith Cham-
                                                                                                        Ladysmith.                         ber of Commerce.

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