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									25 Haziran 1997 - Say1 : 23030                       RESMI GAZETE                          Sayh : 7

       The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Turkey and the
        Department of Environment of the Islamic Republic of Iron

       Desirous to strengihen the friendly rclatlons between their countries ; ~ n dto develop
cooperation in the field of cnviromcnl:

       Deeply   concerned   by the continuing dctcr~#~mtioo thc         ~tatcof cnvironmcnt a i d
global life-supporting systems, and the et'fccts of that delerrurntion on economic and socl31

        Sllarlng lllc Common cnncern and responsib~l~tics prolcctrng m d ltnprovlng the
human and natural environment of their respective countries. and t\ common inrerest in the
cause of global environmental protection dnd improvement:

        Recognizing the importance of rhc protection and enhanccment of environment fur
the health a d well-being of present md future generations:

      Convinced that sustainable economic dcvclopment rcquires cnvironmentally sound
management of natural resources:

        Stressing the need for clTcctive cooperation i n the arcas of environmentally sound

        Acknowledging that significant ~nutualbzr~efitscan be denvzd from cooperatiun tn
research, monitoring, protectiun and enhuncemcnr o f spec!fic areas of environment:

            agreed as fnllows:

                                           I. GENERAL

        Thc Parties shall cooperate   111 the   rield of cnvirunmcnt un (he basis of equality. reci-
procity and mutual beneht.

       The folluwing cnvironmrntal issucs are c~fprlnlary conccrn for thc Panies, for whlch
they shall collaborate on:

          I . Envirorlmentai protection in urban arc:ls:

          2. Conservation of riaturc ~ n natural rcsourccs:
Sayti : 8                          RESXli GAZETE   .                   15 Hazlran 1997 - Say1 . 23030
       3. Protection of the atmosphere by c o m b a ~ l r ~ g
                                                          man-made czuses of climate chongc
   deplet~on the ozone layer:
:~nd        ut'

            5 . Protcctlon r,i   ihe mmnc -.nvrlonment   and ioastal a r c s :

            7. Prolec:!on of the ;uali!v o i jrinslng w:wr rcsuurcch:

        IU. Developmt.nt and usc ~ifcnvironment~ily
                                                 soclntl iechnolngies keeping in mind :hc
goal of sustclinabic devclupment;

         l I . Environmental monitorine methods. surveillance rechniques 2nd ininmation sys

         13. Consewaiion of bioiugical diversity.

        1. Edch Party shall designate Coortiinator to rsnctl thc goals of this &llcrnnr:~nduni
o f L'nderstattding. Such dcsignatlun uili be formally ~rlmmuttlc:itctito the orher Party. Joint
meetings d : h c Cuordinators will be held each year ;iIternatcty in Turkcy and Irarl IU 1cv;cw
rhe on-going ~ n to facilitate future coli~burativeac:i.r.ltres.

         2. Ench Party shall provide cuclt ;~dministra~ive
                                                        rurangerIlcrlts ;is       it d c c n ~ s
 for its full and most cffectivc p i i c i p a l i o n in various :~ctivitieaof this blemornndorn ul-

         3. Each p t shall benr fht cnsrq of its parrjcjp:~tionin the activities. unless otherwise

        4. In accordance with their applicable laws and govemmcnl policies, the parties may
 call upon relevant national g u v e l a ~ i ~ e ~ Agcncics. academic insrt~utions2nd p r i v a r ~cecrnr~
 that could assist in the implementation and furtherance of activities subjcct to this
 Memorandum of Understanding.
-2 Hazlran 1997 - Say1 : 23030                        RES&II GAZETE                               Savi;! : 9

         S. The panles shall cunsldcr                           ~
                                                f o l t o w ~ nfijnns or cuoperatlon. above    311.   for the
implementation of [his blernorandu~rl L'ndersrar~ding.

         - Meetings lo discuss progarnmes and envtronmental policy ~ssucs;

         - Joint activlt~es mutually determlncd:

         - Exchange     of technical personnel and of information on know-how. techniques and
techno logies;

         - Meetings of technical nature such as task teams, seminars. workshops, symposia md
conferences to address specific aspects of the cooperation, rhe organisation [,I'which is of
mutual benefit.

                                          IV. FTNAL PROVISIONS

         1. Nothing in this Memorandum of Understanding shall be snterprctcd to be prejudl-
cial to the existing rights and duties arising from agreements under international law.

         2. Activities under t h i ~
                                   Memorandum of Understanding shall           hp   whjccr   10h e i r   cnn-

formity with the programmes of the Parties and to the exlsting laws and legai prov~sionsin
each country. The Pmtrrles shall decide on the rnodalities of cooperation for each i c t i v ~ t y
this Memnrandr~mnf l I n d ~ r < r a n d i n ~ mutual consent.

          3. This Mernornndurn of Undcrstanding shall enter in10 force on ihc day followinp
the day which the Panies exchange the notes of ~nformationupon completing the ncccsiary
national formalities for the entry into force of this Me~aorandumOF Understanding. .This
Memorandum of Understanding shall remaln In force for five yc:lrs unless denounced by
ejther party.

          Done in Ankar? on 21 .December 1996 in two copics, in the Turkish. English and
 Persian languages all versions being cqually ~uthcntic. case of discrepancy bctween texts.
 thc Erlgllsl~[ex( will p ~ e v d i l .

           Un bellalt ot the

       Government of Turkey                                   Govcrr~ment the Islarn~cof Iran
                                                                                     VC h e
                                                                           ~ ~ l d t m eI l Bdlrllnll sayfa :

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