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									                                                       ISSUE 1 |  VOLUME 42 |  YEAR 2009

    www.disabledsports.net                                                       Ventures
                                           Wounded Warrior
                                        Disabled Sports Project
From the beginning months of the Global War on Terrorism, Disabled Sports has been assisting young
men and women who become disabled. Our sports rehabilitation program helps severely wounded
service members cope with the physical and emotional challenges associated with the trauma of war. The
organization has provided services to over 2000 severely wounded service members and their families.
Although other organizations provide assistance to these service members, only DS/USA has developed a
coordinated, nationwide sports rehabilitation program in close association with all military hospitals serving
severely wounded service members as part of their transition from military to civilian life.

Ability Celebration                                                                  Their Spirit Inspires

                                                                                                                                                Photos by Jason Shields
                                                           Photos by Chris Collard

Technical Director, Bill Bowness, instructs a Warrior in
Three-Tracking skiing at our 2009 Ability Celebration

                                                                                     Servicemen participating in the Wounded Warrior Project
Mono Skier races in the Ability Challenge Level 1 race                               experience adaptive cycling and waterskiing at “Their Spirit
at the Ability Celebration in 2009                                                   Inspires” in June 2009

Summer Programs Report
Summer Programs provide people with
disabilities a way to move through life from a new,
empowering perspective.
                                                      Andrew and a
                                                      volunteer driver
                                                      experience miles
                             Braving the Class III    of rugged terrain
                             rapids of the American   along the boulder
                             River                    strewn Rubicon

                                                                                      4 WD Trips
    Whitewater Rafting
                                                      Martin Swinehart’s first reaction after reading
                                                      about Disabled Sports: “I was initially nervous—
                                                      my previous experience with disabilities was
Golf instruction at six                               very limited. I wasn’t sure I would ‘act right’.
locations throughout                                  The night before my first volunteer day at Alpine
Northern California                                   Meadows was essentially sleepless.” Since
and Nevada                                            that sleepless night, Martin has functioned as a
                                                      dynamic, dependable and supportive volunteer
                                                      in the winter and summer programs as well as
                                                      offering a crucial hand with fundraising events.
                                                      Martin describes his volunteer experience as
                                  Adaptive Golf
                                                      “humbling, mind-expanding and revitalizing.” We
                                                      are honored to have Martin as a leader among
                             Jaclyn loves                                                  our team of
                             waterskiing                                                   volunteers,
                                                                                           and we are
                                                                                           thrilled to have
                                                                                           him back for
                                                                                           our 2009-
   Adaptive Waterskiing                                                                    2010 season
                                                                                           of snowsports
Bill and his son are                                                                       instruction.
cycling together for                                                                       Thanks for
the first time in quite a                                                                  your time,
while.                                                                                     Martin!
                                Adaptive Cycling              Volunteer Profile
Ability Celebration - March 2009                 Their Spirit Inspires – June 2009
One of North Tahoe’s premier winter events. We   Wounded Warriors spent the week in Sacramento
hosted Wounded Warriors who learned to ski and   learning to water-ski, cycle and white-water raft
snowboard, experienced sled hockey and spent     with help from the following:
an afternoon snowmobiling.

Thanks to these Sponsors!

                                                      Health Net Federal Services LLC
                                                 Disabled Sports Wounded Warrior Project
        Alpine Meadows Ski Resort
    Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort                     Comstock’s Business Magazines
             Spa & Casino                                       Gluth Family Trust
      Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours                                AT&T California
          Resort at Squaw Creek
  Society of American Military Engineers                      Bill-Rite Management
     Truckee/N. Tahoe Transportation                        Capitol Wellness Collective
        Management Association                     City of Sacramento Mayor Lauren Hammond,
Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project          Councilmember Steve Cohn and Councilmember
                                                                  Bonnie Pannell
                  Clear Capital                     Frank & Joanne Ramos-Ramco Enterprises
            De Novo Planning Group                               Jim Castellanos
          Incline Village Noon Rotary                            Pride Industries
                Intuit Foundation
                                                    Sacramento River Cats Baseball Club, LLC
                JTM FoodGroup
                                                                  Sterling Dalatri
    Prosthetic Consulting Technologies, LLC
                                                               Teichert Construction
         Sierra Regional Spine Institute
                   Wells Fargo                                 Tri-City Technologies

                  GoPicnic Inc.
                   Tahoe TV
Adaptive Snowsports                                Special Recognition
Instruction                                        We would especially like to recognize the
                                                   following donors for their outstanding support:

                                                     The H. N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation
                                                             TriWest Healthcare Alliance
                                                               Blue Shield of California
                                                                The Gluth Family Trust

                                                   Disabled Sports
                                                   Ability Celebration
                                                   Coming to Tahoe March 16-20, 2010
                                                   Honoring Wounded Warriors Disabled in the Wars
Winter 2009-2010                                   in Iraq and Afghanistan
First day of lessons on Friday, December 18,
2009. Ski and snowboard instruction is available   A week of activities includes the Wounded Warrior
at two locations: Alpine Meadows Resort and        Ability Camp, Ability Challenge Race and Ability
Northstar at Tahoe Resort. New this year: Race     BASH Dinner
Clinics through our Paralympic Sports Club. For    Help us celebrate the abilities of our honored
more information, please visit our website at      guests by Sponsoring or Volunteering for this
www.disabledsports.net                             event!

20th Annual Foam Fest –
October 24, 2009
Thanks to our Sponsors!

                                                   Assemblyman Roger Niello presents
                                                   the Spirit Award to Dave Conklin,
                                                   Paralympic Sled Hockey Gold Medalist,
                                                   at “Their Spirit Inspires” June 2009

Alaskan Brewing Co.
Boulder Ridge Sash and Door
Tyson Lechner, DDS
Mountain Home Center
Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards
Truckee Overhead Door
Sierra Mountain Mortgage, Inc.                                 Wounded Warriors learn to sled hockey during
                                                               the Ability Camp at “Their Spirit Inspires”
               Disabled Sports Donors from 10/01/08 - 09/30/09
From $25,001.00 To $150,000.00                George Campbell                            Carol and Todd Huckins
   U.S. Department of Education               Karla and Bill Cates                       Laura and Bob Joyner
From $10,001.00 To $25,000.00                 Steve Cohn                                 Tom Kenny
   Disabled Sports USA National               Sterling R. Dalatri                        Joy and Phil Kinney
   Health Net Federal Services LLC            Holly and Paul Giles                       Cynthia and Joe Knight
   Tri West Healthcare Alliance               Douglas Hattori                            Lisa Kus
   U.S. Golf Association Foundation, Inc      Melanie Jackson                            James D’Andrea
                                              Sonia Jimenez                              Tom Lanyi
From $5,001.00 To $10,000.00                  Marie and Nils Lang-Ree                    Joyce and Michael Lighthill
   Sharon and Bradley Harlan                  Janice and Lesley Lederer                  Janet and David Lowell
   Blue Shield of California                  Barbara and Donald MacPherson              Jane and Joseph Lynch
   CHARITYSMITH Nonprofit Foundation          Janet Miller                               Lateef McLeod
   Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort Spa        Kathy and Lawrence Mitchell                Bill Merle
   & Casino                                   Susan and John Montanaro                   Naomi and Walter Moser
   SAME Sacramento Post                       Bruce Olson                                Dorothy and Sidney Neblett
   Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation          James Ritchie                              Linda and Douglas Pringle
   UBS Investment Bank                        Robert A. Smith and Claudia Charter        Joanne and Frank Ramos
From $2,501.00 To $5,000.00                   Carol A. Tereszkiewicz                     Amy and Bob Richards
   Lexie and Scott Clifford                   Zachary Zimmerman                          Dean Risseeuw
   Monte Klein                                Nancy and William Thompson                 Tom Rothrauff
   Colleen Munson Kelly                       Jackie and Jim Thorburn                    Jan and Don Routh
   Comstock’s Business Magazine               Mike Turner                                Harry Sherman
   Intuit Foundation                          Bill Woodell                               Sharon and Burke Thomason
   Jakes on the Lake                          Biking for a Better World                  Patricia and Charles Trainor
   The Sports Basement                        Bill-Rite Management                       Elizabeth Twadell
   Webilt 4WD Club                            Clear Capital                              Doug Unger
                                              GoPicnic, Inc.                             Donna and George Winton
From $1,001.00 To $2,500.00
                                              Incline Village Noon Rotary                Joy and Steve Yambor
   Renee Arst and Brian Lewis
                                              J.T.M. FoodGroup                           Xavier Y. Zang
   Karen and Philip Axelsson
                                              John Foley, M.D., Inc.                     Alaskan Brewing Co.
   Christine Basile
                                              Margo and Joe Osherenko Foundation         Apres Ski Club
   Kimberly Borrelli
                                              Mountain View Fire Fighters                Bertolucci’s Body & Fender Shop
   Susan Brady
                                              Optimist Club of Truckee                   Capitol Wellness Collective
   Jim Castellanos
                                              Pride Industries                           Dayna Eide Designs
   Karen and Harry Davis
                                              Prosthetic Consulting Technologies,        Far West Ski Association
   Marc Davis and Nancy Turak
                                              LLC                                        Kandahar Ski Club
   Cindy and Jack Ehnes
                                              Quality Automotive & Smog                  Sitkoff O’Neil Accountancy
   Jennifer and Scott Fearon
                                              Rotary Club of Tahoe City                  Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards
   Robert Haining
                                              Sacramento Municipal Utility District      UGI Energy Services, Inc.
   Beverly and Joe Hardin
                                              (SMUD)                                  From $101.00 To $250.00
   Kathy and Dennis Hart
                                              Snowchasers Ski Club                       Suzanne and Thomas Anthony
   DeDe and Paul Kern
                                              Tahoe Trips & Trails                       Mary Azevedo
   Mike Rayfield
                                              Teichert, Inc.                             Andrea and Jason Berger
                                              Wells Fargo Foundation (as                 Robert Bliss
   Bay Area Snow Sports Council
                                              recommended by Lauren Van Loon)            Yolanda Borges
   De Novo Planning Group
                                              Willis M. and Charlotte S. Peterson        Jo Bourgault
                                              Memorial Foundation                        Leo Brady
   Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours
   Manikay Partners, LLC                   From $251.00 To $500.00                       Barb and Rod Carpenter
   Oakland Firefighters Sports Assn.          Darrel M. Blaschak                         Gregory Crissman
   POW Gloves                                 Patti and Gary Boxeth                      Roger Davis
   Resort at Squaw Creek                      Laura and Gordon Brown                     Jay DeFuria
   Rusty Bindings Ski Club                    Nadia and Robert Burleson                  Jane and John Douglas
   Sierra Regional Spine Institute            Dianne and Kevin Caprio                    Michael Dudasko
   Singles League                             Susanne and David Christenson              Mary Redfern
   Tri City Technologies                      Mary and Jim Cowan                         Linda Eaton
   Wells Fargo                                Greg L. Crawford                           Astrid and Lyle Fann
                                              David Cunningham                           Margot and Jose Garcia
From $501.00 To $1,000.00
                                              Wida and Ronald Dionne                     Greg Geeting
   Betty and Vern Alton
                                              Susan and Peter Economos                   Patricia Gibbons-Johnson
                                              Jennifer and Scott Gunter                  Tani Girton
   Tom Asher
                                              Julie and Dean Hansen                      Gary Gorman
   Rosy and James Austin
                                              Cheryl and Tom Hawk                        Wilma Gray
   Carolyn and Jeff Bonzon
                                              Sally and William House                    Mark Greenberg
          Disabled Sports Donors from 10/01/08 - 09/30/09
Cydne and Allan Grimsby             Kathleen and James Williams             Pat Castellucci
Bob Guerrero                        Josh Winter                             Elaine Chan-Scherer
Mark Hadley                         Gail Yothers                            Joe Coleman
Lynn and Kenn Harris                Wendy and David Young                   Donna and Gary Collignon
Anita Heffley                       Bill Zschaler                           Linda and Tom Condon
Dennis Heffley                      49er Ski Club of Sacramento             Maryann and John Connolly
Mark Hochendoner                    Castro Valley Ski Club                  Janice and James Correa
Wendy Johnson                       Cook Family Chiropractic                Michelle Crabtree
Patti and John Jorgenson            HP Company Foundation                   Karen Crawford
Jean and David Kelley               Inskiers Ski & Snowboard Club           Craig Crick
Sandy Kiyomura                      Jewish Community Endowment Fund         Tom Croll
Derek Kramer                        Modesto Ski Club                        Marilyn Cummings
Libby and Neal Lacativo             Mountain Home Center                    Caitlin Daly
Jane Lascher                        Newsted Painting                        Ryan Darmody
Barb and Hartmut Lau                Sierra Mountain Mortgage, Inc.          Rosie Dawson
Henry Lew                           Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors Fdn      Judy Day, D.C.
Terry and Jeffery Lindroth          Tommy T’s Comedy & Steakhouse           Linda DeAngelo
Stephen Litster                     Truckee Overhead Door                   Dayna and Jeffery Deaton
John Long                           Tyson Lechner DDS Family Dental         Gus Delforge
Amy Milyo Lopez                     Care                                    Jessica Disney
Pat and William Lynn                Vink’s Electric                         Melanie Dixon
Maria-Laura Mancianti            From $26.00 To $100.00                     Cindy and Dave Donaldson
Sylvia Mansour, M.D.                Janet and Don Albers                    Diane and Steve Doty
Marina Marenco                      Alexandre Aleskovski and Inna           Jennifer and George Dulabon
Terry McGann                        Gerlovina                               Barbara Ellington
Linda and Bob Metzger               Laura and Michael Alverson              Evelyn and Mike Ellzey
Timothy Meyn                        Lisa Anderson                           Merle Fajans
Sara and Johnny Montoya             Shelley and Tom Anderson                Richard Falk
Richard T. Newell                   Bob Angeli                              Francine Falk-Allen
Michelle and Roy Nightengale        Jeff and Shelly Assiff                  Kathy Fang
Elaine Olson                        Pat and Bob Aston                       Barbara and Jim Findley
Joannie and Tom Parr                Gabriel Austin                          Curtis Fisher
Elizabeth and Bill Pearson          Gloria Austin                           Tyler Foster
Anne and Arthur Penniman            Mel Bachmeier                           William Fowler
Megan and John Pheif                Tom Baird                               Sondra and Rick Fox
Eric Piper                          Betty and Fred Bialek                   William Freccia
Sheryl and Thomas Pivk              Neal Birnbaum                           Don Fulda
Marilyn and Jerome Prewoznik        Timothy Blaine and Kathleen Friedrich   Hilary Fylstra
John Puccini                        Mona and Robert Blanford                Olivier Galgani
Carol and John Remy                 Darlene and Bob Boggeri                 Richard Garcia-Kennedy
Shirley and Stephen Rexrode         John Bolton                             Linda Gardner
Steve Rhodes                        Cameron Bordner                         Deborah George
Nikki Rubio                         Paul Bottorff                           Marilyn Gerhard
Ann Russell                         Don Bradley                             Carolyn and Tim Gilbert
Paula and Philip Saifer             Joan and Ken Bretthauer                 Ken Goldfarb
Deborah and Jim Sajdak              Andrew Briggs                           Ahmed Gomaa
Mike Salayko                        Beverly Bristow                         Bob Goodstein
Marleen Schlottman                  Joel Brody and Melani Van Petten        Matthew Gotchy
Silvia and John Schroeder           Arnold Brown                            Marilyn and Paul Gould
Alan Shanken                        Bruce Brown and Judy Hunt-Brown         Vicki Granowitz
Deb and Tom Sherry                  Judy Brzyscz                            William Gray
Jim Silva and Karen Wehrman         Laurie and Chuck Burden                 Steve Grevstad
Jason Spieler                       Jim Burnett                             Lynn Groh
Mary Jo and Jim Streng              Gregory Burns                           Lark and Stephen Grove
Lorna Stucky                        Michael Busby and Shannon Viscovich-    Harry Haaser
Marilyn and William Sunnergren      Busby                                   Barbara and Michael Haley
Steven Tiller                       Tyler Busselen                          Emily and John Hall
Erika Toth                          Roberta Caldwell                        Lisa Hall
Craig VanZante                      Pamela and Clair Carlson                Mark Hall
Zernick Villalobos                  Grant Carlson and Audrey Fucilla        Ken Hanlon
Paul Vlasveld                       Carlson                                 Donna Hanson
Karen Wehrman                       Robert Carmack                          Julie and Doane Harrison
Nancy and Richard Weiss             Robert Carpenter                        John Harrison
          Disabled Sports Donors from 10/01/08 - 09/30/09
David Hayne                        Karen Ertle-McBrayer              Ginny and Tom Simms
James Haynes                       Patricia and William McDowell     Karen and Jim Sipich
Pam and R. C. Haynes               Deanna and John McHenry           Cindy Smith
Jennifer Herbst                    Dan McPherson                     Dan Smith
Karin and Patrick Higashi          Myra McPherson                    Kristina Smith
Drew Hittenberger                  Doug Merrill                      Sheila Smith
Ruth Ann Hoover                    Andrea Kirsch                     Alison Spieler
Nancy Hoover                       Meredith Meschini                 Susan Stigen
Michelle and Jack Hudson           Elizabeth Meslis                  Thomas Stokes
James Huffman                      Carolyn and Charles Meyer         Matt Strugar-Fritsch
Starr Walton Hurley                Shirley and Ray Miyamoto          Linda Stucky
Kenneth Ibbs and Hsiu-Ling Hwang   Shirley Miyamoto                  Robert Sturm
Ibbs                               Jane and Tony Monetti             Mary and Ed Sullivan
Roberta Infelise                   Yoriko Morgan                     Debbi Swain
Karen Jaber                        Carole and Carl Mortensen         Sara Tanenhaus
Aphri Jacobsen                     Carole Mortensen                  Margaret and Jim Tankovich
Enayet Jiwani                      Carmen and Jeff Mullin            Jo and Michael Tebb
Frances and James Johnson          Carolyn and Albert Nahas          Charlie Thomas
Alan Joly                          Joanne and Ernie Natalini         Mary and Gust Thomatos
Norlene Jones                      Helen and Bruce Nelson            Carolyn Thompson
Nancy and Charles Kaufman          Debra Nicholson                   Alex Tokar
Mickey Kay                         Pamela and Barry Nickerson        Steve Ulrich
Sheldon Kay                        Richard Norberg                   Paul Valcheff
Connie and George Kellenbenz       Tina Nott                         Lauren Van Loon
Peggie and William Kenney          Sherry Novick                     Thomas Vanbogart
Steve King                         Marty and Jim Oberlander          Karen VanSwearingen
Randall Kinnard                    Janis and Kerry O’Hara            Marian and Paul Ver Wey
Daryl Kinney                       Mary and John Palmer              Melissa Wald
Diane and Richard Kiper            Beverly and Nielsen Palmer        Daniel Walker
Rosemary and Lee Kirbach           Richard Pato                      Deborah and Richard Waterman
Peter Klain                        John Peterson                     Bill Wendin
John E. Klemm                      Evelyn Bohanon                    Lisa Westerinen
Steven Kujawski                    Eileen Pharris                    Linda and Todd Willard
Margaret and John Kuspa            Patricia Plastiras                Scott Williams
Elaine and Jack LaLanne            Dianna Dal Poggetto               Terry Williams
Eva Lanphear                       Fayeanne Potts                    Barbara Wilson
Andrea LaPorte                     Amy Quirk                         Victoria (Tory) and Blue Wilson
Jan and Robert LaRaia              Constance and James Ramos         Cathy Wilson
Bonnie Larsen                      Sandra and Mark Read              L. Joseph Wolner
Roland D. Lee                      Ed Renner                         Donna and John Yaklevich
Greg Lester                        Eva Labarge                       Ray Yamasaki
Drue Banister                      Jo An and Richard Rice            Nguyen Yen
Michelle Leutzinger                William B. Richards, Jr.          Barbara Zwieg
Lucy Lewis                         Jonathan Rivin                    Accu-Sludge
Tom Dreyer                         Carla Rodriguez                   Ambassador Realty Group
Linda and Bob Libutti              Chris Rodriguez                   Buffington Construction
Wendy Lichtman                     Katherine and Neil Rodriguez      Consignment Home Furnishings
Jeff Mandel                        Motomi Roe                        Genentech
Lorna and Sam Louie                Wendy Rolfe-Cook                  HDT Consulting
Carol and Randy Mackey             Armand Ruby                       Inn Shop of Squaw Valley
Richard Maddalena                  Chris Sacca                       Janie Sharp Realty
Alex Magnus, Sr.                   Marilyn Sampson                   Kaiser Electronics Employee Club
Mary Ann Malinak                   Brian Sancimino                   Law Offices of Triano & Byrne
Pam Maher                          Robin and Stephen Sancimino       Leo’s Appliance Repair
Anne Marie and Brian Mahoney       William Santamore                 Liberty Property Management
Eddie Marion                       Stephen Sathe                     Republic Indemnity
Brian Marsh                        David Schlottman                  Rockwell Collins
Steve Martens                      Vicki and Ernie Schnurpfeil       SAP Matching Gift Program
Ed Martin                          Ralph Sherman                     Sierraville Fire & Rescue
Jerry Mattson                      Janet Shestakov                   Sunburst Ski Club
Robert Mayeda                      Steve Shunn                       TMGI Companies Inc.
John Mayerhofer                    Eleanor and Stanley Sienkiewicz   Tributary Water Tours
David McBrayer                     Janice Simmons
Doug’s Digs ~ DSUSA Transforms Our Lives
Our organization was forged out of the Miracle         and stamina but which also serve as a vehicle in
on the Mountain: a transformation that takes           the development of a positive self-image and an
place in each and every one of us involved in the      achieving attitude.
accomplishment of our mission.
                                                       These attitudes are key to success for anyone
Why do people with disabilities eagerly return?        and they are critical for someone with a disability.
Why do some volunteers serve for decades               These two things: A positive self-image and
and old dogs like me never retire? Why is              an achieving attitude are the cornerstones of
our incredible staff committed and dedicated           ability and the stepping stones to achievement
beyond the call of duty? Why have so many of           in daily life, education, employment, family and
our donors given financial support so freely and       contributions to our communities.
beyond expectation?
                                                       And it all starts the first time one of our instructors
Because we are transformed by our experience           reinforces an approximation, a good try, out there
in this organization and by our interaction with all   on the flat behind our building.
these amazing people.
                                                       It all starts the first time we say, “yeah, way to go,
Our mission is to provide sports and recreation        nice try!”
that build health and confidence. We accomplish
our mission by providing instruction and               Doug Pringle, President & Executive Director
participation in vigorous challenging sports which
not only help develop balance, agility, strength

        SPORTS USA
         FAR WEST
                        “If I Can Do This,
          19   67    I Can Do Anything!”SM

Disabled Sports USA Far West
   6060 Sunrise Vista Drive
         Suite 2540
  Citrus Heights, CA 95610

    The mission of
 Disabled Sports USA
     is to provide
 affordable inclusive
     physical and
  that build health
   and confidence.

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