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									                                COMPUTER NETWORKS LAB

     The Computer Networks Laboratory is            simulation packages are eSIM for router
     engaged in research, education, and industry   configuration, eLab for CCNA Semester 2,
     training in the areas of computer networks,    and Packet Tracer for identifying fault
     quality of service, wireless communication,    locations.
     security, simulation, multimedia and more.
                                                    It also contains
     EQUIPMENT                                      many of the Opnet
                                                    IT Guru Student
     The Network lab has                            Editions licensees.
     about thirty networked                         IT Guru is unique because of its ability to
     PC's connected via 10MB                        model the entire network, including its
     Ethernet. The lab contains                     routers, switches, protocols, servers, and the
     many of the Cisco routers                      individual applications they support.
     and switches that were donated by Cisco
     Systems as part of
     the            Cisco
     Academy Program
     (CNAP) to be used
     in delivering CCNA

     The ECE Department, representing SQU,
     joined the CNAP in 2001. Since then, the
     Department offered
     many           CCNA
     training    to   our
     students as well as
     to the industry.                               The lab allows student access to the Cisco
                                                    CCNA Academy Curriculum. The Cisco
     The      lab    also                           Networking Academy Program offers more
     contains some 3-                               than a curriculum. It also provides an e-
     Com switches and                               learning system offering Internet-enabled
     hups.            All                           learning   that    encompasses     training,
     computers access                               education, just-in-time information, and
     laser printers for hardcopy output.            communication.

     SOFTWARE                                       The Lab offers the following benefits to our
     The     Net     lab
     contains     many                                 •   Interactive multimedia curricula
     network                                           •   Online testing
     simulators    that                                •   Performance-based skills assessment
     allow students to                                 •   Classroom management through a
     practice network                                      web interface
     design         and
     configuration. Examples of the available

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering     P.O. Box 33, Al-Khoud
College of Engineering                              Postal Code 123, Oman
                                                    Tel: 515390, Fax: 513454
Sultan Qaboos University
                                                       INTERNET ACCESS
                                                       Internet access on campus is available to all
                                                       currently enrolled students in most computer
                                                       Access to the Internet in the academic
                                                       computing labs is for course-related
                                                       assignments and course related research only.

                                                       LAB ACCESS

                                                       Priority to use the Net lab is given to students
                                                       currently enrolled in Computer Network
                                                       courses, Other courses with assignments
                                                       requiring the use of computers, are welcome
                                                       to use the lab. The lab is used also in
                                                       graduate project presentations and many
                                                       seminars offered by the ECE Department.

                                                       The Lab is open during posted times, which
                                                       may vary by semester. Posted times are
                                                       conveniently located by the front entrance. It
                                                       may be necessary to close the lab at various
                                                       times for scheduled maintenance. There are
                                                       also times when the lab may be reserved for a
                                                       class demonstration. Any change in hours
                                                       will be posted 24 hours in advance if
     Using the online curriculum, hands-on labs,
     state-of-the-art  equipment,     real-world
     projects, and optional text products, our         LAB’S RESEARCH FACILITIES
     students receive the very best education
     available whenever they need it.                  In addition to undergraduate teaching
                                                       facilities, the Network laboratory allows
                                                       advanced research in various areas such as
                                                       QoS, TCP/IP, Network Modeling, and
                                                       Network Security.

                                                       The facilities allow you:

                                                         1. Importing and analyzing network
                                                         2. Object-oriented modeling.
                                                         3. Testing QoS.
                                                         4. Firewall implementation.
     A     variety     of   software     (including      5. Network Planning.
     programming languages) is available for             6. Wireless balanced load distribution.
     student use in the Net lab. Word processors,
     databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing,
     and tutorials are some of the applications also

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering        P.O. Box 33, Al-Khoud
College of Engineering                                 Postal Code 123, Oman
                                                       Tel: 24415390/24415330, Fax: 24413454
Sultan Qaboos University

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