temperature thermal expansion absolute zero heat thermal energy by pharmphresh26


									  temperature        thermal energy

thermal expansion   thermal conduction

  absolute zero     thermal conductor

      heat           thermal insulator
                                            a measure of how hot (or cold) something
the kinetic energy of a substance's atoms   is; specifically, a measure of the average
                                            kinetic energy of the particles in an object

                                              an increase in the size of a substance in
the transfer of energy as heat through a    response to an increase in the temperature
                 material                                of the substance

                                            the temperature at which molecular energy
a material through which energy can be      is at a minimum (0 K on the Kelvin scale or
           transferred as heat                    –273.16ºC on the Celsius scale)

                                            the energy transferred between objects that
                                              are at different temperatures; energy is
 a material that reduces or prevents the    always transferred from higher-temperature
             transfer of heat                objects to lower-temperature objects until
                                                  thermal equilibrium is reached
  convection       change of state

   radiation          insulation

 specific heat       heat engine

states of matter   thermal pollution
                                                the movement of matter due to differences
   the change of a substance from one            in density that are caused by temperature
         physical state to another                 variations; can result in the transfer of
                                                               energy as heat

                                                      the energy that is transferred as
  a substance that reduces the transfer of      electromagnetic waves, such as visible light
         electricity, heat, or sound                        and infrared waves

                                                the quantity of heat required to raise a unit
    a machine that transforms heat into         mass of homogeneous material 1 K or 1ºC
       mechanical energy, or work               in a specified way given constant pressure
                                                                and volume

 a temperature increase in a body of water
 that is caused by human activity and that        the physical forms of matter, which are
has a harmful effect on water quality and on           solid, liquid, gas, and plasma
 the ability of that body of water to support

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