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our thermal
expansion tank
puts you in a
safer place.

 What you should know
 about water heater safety.
When water is heated...

It expands! Reacting to physical
law, water expands in volume
as its temperature rises.                                                          Water is not compressible
                                                                                   Since water completely fills the water
                                                                                   heater and system piping before
                                                                                   recovery starts, and since it can’t be

                         In a 40-gallon water heater, water                        compressed, the expanded volume,
                         being heated will end up expanding to                     even though small, has no space in
                         about 40.53 gallons when the desired                      which it can be accommodated.
                         temperature is reached.                   As a result, the expanding water creates a rapid
                                                                   and dangerous pressure increase in the water
                         In the “Good Old” days                    heater and system piping, much like the action of
                         Before the advent of cross-connection     a hydraulic ram.
           OPEN SYSTEM

                         control, expanded water that exceed-
                         ed the capacity of the water heater       So “pop” goes the relief valve
                         flowed back to the city main, where it    The setting on a safety relief
                         easily dissipated.                        is quickly reached, and
                                                                   the relief valve opens, los-
                         Cross connection control means            ing heater water down the
                         “no return”                               drain or, more often than                    LOST
                         Today, with back flow preventers, water   not, all over the floor.                     BTUs

                         meters with check valves and/or pres-

                                                                   The illogical practice of
                         sure-reducing valves without a bypass
                                                                   operating your safety valve once or twice a day is not
                         being installed, expanded water from a
                                                                   only wasteful (you paid money to heat that hot water
                         water heater cannot return to the city
                                                                   that went down the drain), it’s also dangerous.
                         supply. It is now a closed system, and
                         expanded water has no place to go.
             First of all, the T & P relief valve you     Even though the relief
             installed serves as an emergency con-        valve operates during
             trol only. It was never designed as an       each recovery period, high
             operating control. Once a safety valve is    internal pressures occur-
             used on a daily basis, it isn’t that safe.   ring over and over again
                                                          can accelerate tank leak-
Deposits on the seat, deteriorating springs,
                                                          age and shorten water-
wear-and-tear erosion, can wear out a relief valve in
                                                          heater life, no matter how
no time at all.
                                                          it is fired.

                 Dangerous pressures
                 before relief                                              60

                 What most people don’t realize                    SAFE

                 is that dangerous conditions can            40

                 exist during thermal expansion long
                 before the relief valve operates.
                                                                                        150 PSIG

                 Internal pressures repeatedly occur-
                 ring during recovery periods can
                 collapse the center flue of a gas-       Controlled pressure
                 fired water heater, creating a           rise during thermal expansion
                 hazardous presence of deadly             The best solution to thermal expansion is to control
                 carbon monoxide gas, or even a           pressure within normal, safe operating range, well
                 water-heater explosion.                  below the emergency setting of a relief valve. This will
                                                          allow thermal expansion to occur, but without causing
                                                          a dangerous increase in pressure.
Without THERM-X-TROL®, your water heater’s warranty may already be void.

Many water heater manufacturers require a thermal                  80 PSIG

expansion device to be installed if a backflow preventer,
pressure reducing valve or any other one-way device is
present on a city supply line. If a device is not installed
                                                                 MAX. TEMP.
                                                                   180 F

to handle thermal expansion, then the water heater                               THERM-X-TROL®
warranty could be void.                                                          Tank volumes range from
                                                                                 2 to 86 gallons.
A thermal expansion tank is the perfect solution to              CAPACITY

thermal expansion in a water heating system. It guards                                               ,
                                                                                The THERM-X-TROL® manufactured
                                                                 120 GALS.

against damaging pressure build-up in the plumbing                              by AMTROL Inc., for example, with
system and leaky relief valves, and protects your water                         volumes ranging between 2-86
heater warranty.                                                                gallons, will safely handle
                                                                                thermal expansion of resi-
To find out if you need a thermal expansion tank, follow                        dential water heaters up to
this simple guide.
                                                                                120 gallons in size, with a maxi-
                                                              mum of 80 PSI. supply pressure and a
1. Locate cold water pipe.                                    maximum temperature of 180° F. Most local codes
2. Trace this line back toward the home’s main water          require a thermal expansion device in place. Please
   supply.                                                    check with your local utility company to find out if this
3. Look for a Pressure                                        is a requirement in your area.
   Reducing Valve (PRV), 3
                               4                              For more information on
   Backflow Preventer
                                                              Thermal Expansion, please
   (BFP), or a check valve.
                                                              contact your local utility
   Shut-off valves can be excluded.
                                                              company, AMTROL’s Technical
4. If any of the valves listed are         2                  Service Dept. at 401-535-1216
   present, a THERM-X-TROL®                         1         or visit AMTROL’s website at
   should be installed.
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