BLOCK LETTER
                             OPEN PUNCTUATION


" Format as a block letter, open punctuation.

" The letters are all mixed up, so put them into the proper order.

" Vertically center all letters! File, Page Setup, Layout tab, change
  top to center.

" There are a few errors within these letters - proofread.

" Quadruple space only after the date and the complimentary closing.

" The font should be Arial, Size 12.

" Use your initials as the reference initials (instead of--xx)

" Add a footer (instead of your usual header) since you don't normally
  add these on letters--this is information just for me.

" Proofread and Print Preview your documents before you print!

" Create 2 envelopes for any of the letters.

" Save files and print. Staple all of the pages for this project together
  and hand in.
Dear Ms. McKenna

{your return address}
Current Date

Sincerely yours

Thank you for the information about personnel computers. The letters
and brochures you have sent have provided me with a basic
knowledge of computer systems.

I would like to visit your store in the next week to see a demonstration
of two microcomputer systems, the Rontech System 80 and the
CompuPlus. I would prefer either early morning on Tuesday or late
afternoon on Wednesday.

Give me a call at my office. The number is 555-4433. If you have any
more materials on the Rontech System 80 or the CompuPlus, I will
pick It up when I visit.

If I do not hear from you by the end of this week, I will give you a call.

Ms. Devon McKenna
250 Center Street
Spokane, WA 99302
                                      Save as: Block1

Grace Fenmore
Choosing the right word processing program can be difficult. Let us
help you make that choice. Our company offers a wide choice of word
processing programs, and our employees can explain the advantages
and disadvantages of each.

For example, you may want to choose the popular Word Perfect word
processing program, or you might decide an integrated program is
what you need for your company.

Let us help you choose the software program that fits your personal
and business needs.


{your return address}
Current date
                                         Save as: Block2
Dear Ms. Roberts

Ms. Christy Roberts
12443 South 166th
Spokane, WA 99302


Devon McKenna

Jo Collinsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D'Arcy
12340 North 43rd Street
Salem, OR 98332

We are pleased to announce that your daughter, Alicia, has won the
outstanding student award at Green Lake High School. Please accept
our congratulations to you and your daughter.

We are pleased to see the award going to a student at our high school.
Alicia is an outstanding student and is well-deserving of this award.

Congratulations on the outstanding job you have done raising Alicia!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy

{your return address}
                                     Save as: Block3
Current Date

Dear Mr. Schwartz

Mr. James D. Schwartz
Attorney at law
800 Forth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98002

{your return address}
Current Date

Charles Pruitt

Thank you for attending to the Articles of Incorporation in such a
timely manner. Hopefully, the articles can be signed by the first of the

The names and addresses of the Executive board for Cheney
manufacturing is: Charles Pruitt, President, 625 Parkway Plaza,
Seattle, WA 98116; Jamie Monier, Vice President, 625 Parkway Plaza,
Seattle, WA 98116; and larry Souza, 12689--132nd Street East,
Woodinville, WA 98763.

The first meeting of the Executive Board for Cheney Manufacturing will
be held on February 2, {current year}.

We have made only tentative projections of the gross profit for Cheney
Manufacturing. Currently, the projections for gross profit for {current
year} is $150,000.

The corporate address for Cheney Manufacturing is 625 Parkway Plaza,
Seattle, WA 98116.

I hope this gives you enough information to prepare the Articles of

Sincerely yours

                                Save as: Block4
Current Date

Cordially yours

{your return address}

The new holiday season is just around the corner, and we invite you to
beat the rush and visit our exciting Callery of Gifts. Gift-giving can be
a snap this year because of our vast array of gifts "for kids from one to

What's more, many of our gifts are pre-wrapped for presentation. All
can be packaged and shipped right here at the store.

A catalog of our hottest gift items and a schedule of holiday hours for
special charge-card customers are enclosed. Please stop in and let us
help you select that special gift, or call us if you wish to shop by

We wish you happy holidays and hope to see you soon.

Dear Mrs. McNeil

Ms. Carol J. Suess, manager

                                         Save as: Block5

Mrs. Evelyn M. NcNeil
4582 Campus Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76119-1835

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