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									What's New in Sun Java CAPS 6 for CAPS 5 Users
Längd: 2 Days           Kurskod: CAPS-0600

For business integration, Sun provides the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) - the most complete, integrated
software suite to develop, deploy, and manage a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and composite applications to rapidly deliver new
business capabilities and drive business growth. This course presents the new features, functionality, vocabulary and concepts of Java CAPS 6
for those familiar with Java CAPS 5 tools.

Students who can benefit from this course are developers, implementers and other individuals with Java CAPS 5 experience who are tasked
with the following responsibilities: Installing Java CAPS 6 Creating and configuring Java CAPS 6 projects Migrating Java CAPS 5.x projects to
Java CAPS 6 Managing and monitoring Java CAPS 6 applications


  Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:             Deploy projects to Glassfish

  Install Java CAPS 6                                                     Use a variety of tools to monitor and manage deployed projects

  Use NetBeans to create and configure Java CAPS 6 projects

To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to:

  Use the Java CAPS 5.1 tools (Enterprise Designer; Enterprise
  Manager) to create, configure, deploy and manage eGate and
  eInsight components.

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Overview of Java CAPS 6
   Java CAPS Suite Overview
   Java Business Integration
   Adapters in CAPS 6
   Service Engines in CAPS 6
   Business Process Management
   NetBeans IDE 6.1
   GlassFish Application Server
   Management and Monitoring
   Environment Objects
   Sub Collaborations
   Upgrade Path Installation of Java CAPS 6
   Installing Java CAPS 6
   Install Actions
   CAPS Repository Install Actions
   Using the Java CAPS Uploader
   Updating the Enterprise Manager
   Updating NetBeans
   Adding JBI Components to GlassFish
    Introduction to JBI
   JBI Components
   The Normalized Message
   JBI Administration
   JBI and CAPS 6
   The Java EE Service Engine
   The JBI Bridge Using Business Processes
    in CAPS 6
   Web Service Definition
   Describing a Message with XSD
   Web Services Description Language
   Abstract WSDL
   Concrete WSDL
   Business Processes and BPEL
   The Partner Link in BPEL and WSDL
   Variables in BPEL
   Interacting With Partners
   Working With Data
   The BPEL Module in CAPS 6
   The XSD Editor
   The WSDL Editor
   The WSDL Editor: Partner View
   The BPEL Modeler
   Adding a Partner Link
   The BPEL Mapper
   Using XPath Expressions
   Building a BPEL Module Project
   The Composite Application
   Adding a JBI Module
   The CASA Editor
   Building a Composite Application
   Deploying a Composite Application Adapters
    and Encoders in CAPS 6
   J2EE Connector Architecture
   Connection Pooling
   Resource Adapter Deployment
   Types of Adapters in CAPS 6
   eWays in CAPS 6
   JCA Adapters in CAPS 6
   Using OTDs with JCA Adapters
   Encoder Overview
   Encoders in JBI
   Defining an Encoder Monitoring Tools in

CAPS-0600                                       www.globalknowledge.se   info@globalknowledge.se   020-73 73 73
  CAPS 6
 Management and Monitoring
 JBI Components
 Java Management Extensions (JMX)
 Using the Management API
 NetBeans Admin Plugins
 GlassFish Admin Console
 Repository-Based Management Application
  Configuration in CAPS 6
 Definition: Environment
 Repository-Based Config Model
 Externalization in LDAP
 EJB Configuration Model
 JBI Configuration Model
 Environment Objects
 Editing From the Command Line

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