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					        Assessment #11 Performance Portfolio II Part C:
                    Action Research Project
Scoring Guide: Performance Portfolio II Part C: Action Research Project
Assessed in SPED 875, Advanced Practicum with Exceptional Children & Youth: Adaptive
 Section/Title   Point                               Action Research Components
 Standard(s)     Value
 Cover Page        2     Title and your name on a separate cover page.

  Section 1       5      A. Question that you posed to yourself and the context in which it arose and sought
 Introduction            to answer it.
 Standard 2,                  • Clearly stated question (1 pt.)
 3, 4, 5, 6, 7                • Clearly explained question (1 pt.)
                              • Discuss factors that caused you to ask this question (1 pt.)
                         B. Significance of question.
                              • Posed and articulated the reasons why this was an important question for
                                   you to answer. (1 pt.)
                              • Clearly explained how answering this question would help to improve your
                                   practice. (1 pt.)
 Section II       3      A. Provided adequate number of references to support Section I (1 pt.)
 Literature              B. Selection of references is appropriate to support the significance of the question. (1 pt
 Review                  C. Use of references illustrates clear understanding of works cited. (1 pt.)
 Standard 1
 Section III      12     A. Data collection
 Research                     • Clear description of methods of data collections used. (1 pt.)
 Method                       • Selection of methods of data collection is appropriate and useful (1 pt.)
 Standard 7, 8                • Actual use of methods is well explained (1 pt.)
                         B. Data analysis
                              • Clear description of means to analyze data collected. (1 pt.)
                              • Selection of means of analysis is appropriate and useful. (1 pt.)
                              • Actual use of methods is well explained. (1 pt.)
                         C. Context
                              • Clear description of setting in which project was conducted. (1 pt.)
                              • Explanation of how the question fit the context (1 pt.)
                              • Explanation of who took part in the study (1 pt.)
                              • And why they participated (1 pt.).
                         D. Clear explanation of what changes, if any, were made to what was initially proposed a
                         why the changes were made. (2 pts.)
 Section IV       6      A. Clear, appropriate, thoughtful and thorough application of means of analysis to each
 Data                       Source or category of data and across the data sources. (2 pts.)
 Analysis                B. Yields results that are appropriate to the data collected and the overall design of the
 Standard 7, 8               project. (2 pts.)
                         C. Discussion of analysis is thoughtful and thought provoking. ( 3 pts.)
 Section V        7      A. The outcomes of the project are appropriate given the data analysis. (2 pt.)
 Conclusions             B. Explanation of the outcomes is clear, organized and thoughtful. (2 pt.)
 & Recomm.               C. Description of what limitations were encountered is provided. (2 pt.)
 Standard 7, 8           D. Summary of how outcomes were reached and what was learned is reasonable. (23pts.)
                         E. Discussion of next steps is provided and in keeping with what was presented. (2 pts.)
 References       5      Minimum of 10 resources used
 Standard 7, 8

 Appendixes       5