The Theory of Constraints (TOC) Workshop by pharmphresh26


									   The Cutting Edge of Complex Project Management
           through Constraint Management
                        A cost effective methodology
                for managing uncertainty and scarce resources.

As competition becomes ever fiercer, project managers are more then ever under pressure to fully
meet their commitments on schedule and within cost. The traditional body of Project
management at time falters under this stress. This is particularly true for a dynamic multi
complex project environment. A new approach is needed to deal with the mounting technical and
management risks placed upon scarce resources in the development and deployment of complex
systems, infra structure, and facilities. This need for a new and effective approach is found in the
contemporary body of knowledge known as the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a goal oriented management methodology based on an innovative
cost effective approach to continual improvement, best known through the publication of the
internally acclaimed management bestsellers “The Goal” and "The Critical Chain" by Dr. Eli
Goldratt. TOC provides a common sense workable solution to the age old management challenge
of providing more with what we have. Within a complex project environment what this means is
focusing on the true critical paths of projects with a totally fresh, innovative approach to safety
buffers and scarce resource management without necessarily having to compromise "time to
market", performance, and cost. TOC goes on further to provide practical, effective solutions to
dissolving the complexity of a dynamic multi-project and operational / maintenance environment.
It does this via an inventive scheduling methodology that enables an effective staggering of
project time schedules and operational – maintenance assignments in accordance with the system

Goldratt’s innovative project management approach has been adopted as a leading part of the
“arsenal” of managerial techniques by a wide variety of successful organizations around the world
including the IT Industry. TOC has been used for years by the United States Air Force, Navy and
Marines as well as the Israeli Defence Forces. Other organizations include such names as Intel,
Lucent Technologies, Daimler Chrysler, Boeing, Delta Airlines and, more recently in Australia,
by BHP. The Commonwealth Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) has recently included the
TOC methodology as part of it curriculum of the exclusive executive MBA course in Complex
Project Management (introduced and taught by Lewis Trigger).

For those organizations that have already undergone implementations in other advanced
management methodologies such as Lean (including "5S"), Kaizen, or 6Sigma, Constraint
Management is in harmony with these methodologies. Constraint Management is unique in
focusing the use of advanced methodologies to where they count most, primarily by focusing on
the system constraint

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Workshop Learning Outcomes
 Improving your ability to meet project commitment: deliverables on time and
 within cost.
 Enhancing the ability to improve system performance without incurring
 additional costs.
 Practical techniques to effectively synchronizing resources.
 A shift in thinking from localized efficiency towards system effectiveness.
 Practical solutions to overcoming uncertainty.
 Focusing management efforts to where it counts most.
 Allocating resources to where it counts most.

Target Audience
All levels of Management from the Executive level through to Senior Project Mangers, Project
Team leaders, PMO staff, and Senior Operational and Maintenance functions.

Time Framework
A one to two-day workshop. Even though the bulk of the material can be covered in one day,
the advantage of allocating another day is the use of "hands on" exercises that allow the
participants to internalize the material. .

Workshop Methodology
Emphasis is placed on the active involvement of the participants. To this end exercises are
extensively used, and group learning through open discussions is encouraged. The training film
“The Goal” is integrated so as to further assist in understanding TOC's principles. In order to
"internalize" the new material, the participants will exercise the guiding principles on a case study.
Reliable case studies that have shown great success through the use of TOC's methodology are
elaborated on throughout the workshop.

Workshop structure and content
The workshop begins by focusing on how to effectively set priorities and managing them within a
dynamic multi-project and operational - maintenance environment. The key to unraveling this
challenge is through viewing the organization's system via its constraints. Interestingly enough
the constraints themselves provide us with the solution.

Workshop participants are introduced to a totally fresh approach to effectively managing
uncertainty and scarce resources within a dynamic multi-project and operational maintenance
environment. This approach is an extrapolation from Constraint Management's Buffer
Management methodology and is known by the term "the critical chain approach ", an
innovative and novel approach applied to the realm of safety buffers. In contradiction to
traditional thinking, Constraint Management not only claims that individual task safety buffers
don't assist in meeting schedules, they in fact hinder the meeting of schedules on time. The
answer rests in the implementation of Project Buffers rather than Task Buffers which provides a
cost effective solution that focuses on the project's true critical path.

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In order to have an understanding of this innovative approach it is necessary to be introduced to
TOC's building blocks. The methodology of TOC's building blocks is broken down into 5 steps:
      Identify the constraint (i.e. the "Bottleneck")
      Exploit the Constraint (i.e. "Take what you have to get 100% use of the constraint")
      Subordinate to the Constraint (i.e. "Rearrange others to what you need to maintain 100%
         of the constraint")
      Elevate the Constraint (i.e. "Innovate to get greater than 100%)
      Identify the new Constraint - continual improvement loop.

The above 5 steps provide the key to effectively managing uncertainty and to maximizing usage
of scarce resources.

The workshop addresses how to effectively schedule common resources in a dynamic multi-
project and operational maintenance environment. The key to unraveling this seemingly
insurmountable challenge is through a technique known as "Buffer Management"; a technique that
focuses on staggering the "kick off" of projects in accordance to the throughput capacity of the
system resource constraints. The learning of the scheduling rules is facilitated through an
engaging simulation scenario (simulation game subject to having a two day workshop).

TOC's unique and extremely effective KPI's are elaborated on within a time frame of a 2 day
workshop. "How you measure me is how I behave" is a behavioral axiom that TOC strongly
asserts. In light of this axiom, the workshop participants will acquire skills in TOC's "no
nonsense" common sense set of performance measurements. The overriding advantage of the
TOC's set of measurements is that it allows managers to tie local decisions to the system's overall
performance. TOC challenges many of the "sacred cows" of the traditional cost accounting world.
In way of illustration 4 key operational areas of decision are chosen – infra structure investment;
make or buy; inventory build ups; product mix. TOC's powerful approach to KPI's has universal
applications that cover the full spectrum management environments. In recent years the Harvard
Business School has recognized TOC unique contribution in this field.

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Workshop “Coach”
The workshop will be led by an international expert on TOC, Lewis Trigger. Furthermore Lewis
is an accomplished practitioner and lecturer in Project Management. After completing his
graduate studies at the University of Queensland, Lewis went on to serve 16 years as an officer in
the Israeli Air Force. His experience in the Israeli Air Force, followed by holding senior
management positions in the Israeli Hi-tech market, has provided Lewis with a wealth of
knowledge and experience in Project Management in general, and in TOC applications in
particular. Today he heads his own company, based in Israel that provides Industrial Engineering
Consultancy and Workshops to both the defence and commercial markets. For the last 6 years
he has been awarded the contract to coach all the formal Project Management workshops
for the Israeli Air Force and Land Forces. In addition he teaches Project Management courses
in a number of Israeli colleges as well as having given courses in the Executive M.B.A. program
of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. More recently he has been exporting his expertise to
Australia, presenting his workshops to a wide variety of leading Australian companies that include
Visy, Holden, the Spotlight Retail Chain, Dairy Farmers, Government agencies (local, State and
Federal), and the Mining Industry. Lewis's expertise has been recently been included in the
exclusive executive MBA program in Complex project Management sponsored through the
Commonwealth Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO).

Lewis holds a number of qualifications. His initial training was at Queensland University,
however since then he has gained international experience including a Master of Business
Administration from the Business School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Master of
Science in Industrial Engineering from the prestigious United States Air Force Institute of
Technology. He has been personally coached on TOC by the theories founder Dr. Eli Goldratt

"Lewis has succeeded in combining theory with practice and passing on to the participants a
useful set of tools as well as a system's approach. He has demonstrated a varied and in depth
knowledge and experience." – Brigadier General Zacharier Chay (retired) – Previous Head of the
Israeli Defence Force Ordnance Corps.

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