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									        President’s Message                             Life Settlements – Hidden Assets
Musings of a baby boomer: The                       Uncovering the Hidden Cash in Life Policies
presentation by Dr. Fulton last month
on capacity issues brought home the        Last year over 80% of seniors more than 65 years old let their Life Insurance policies
fact that our world is going to look       lapse. Why? They were no longer needed; the business had been sold; the house is
much different in 20 to 40 years than      paid off; key-man insurance is no longer needed; last minute expenses taken care of
it does now. There will be a lot of        and the list goes on. Most seniors are unaware that their existing life insurance may
older boomers, a lot. We are living        be liquidated for 10-60% of the current coverage amount, regardless of the cash value.
longer, working longer, but we will        Also one can actually sell their life insurance policies for potential multiples of the
also have our old-age disabilities.        cash surrender value. This is called Senior Life Settlements – a financial tool
Katrina shows us what can happen           usediuu                                        by senior policy owners and financial
without proper infrastructure; is
America ready for the aging boomers?
                                                                                                     applied to life
                                               Wednesday, October 19, 2005 advisors money in excess of insurance
                                                                                          creating                       the cash
Will the government be there to help                                                      surrender value.
those who didn’t plan? Will the                       Lafayette Park Hotel
infrastructure be there to handle this               3287 Mt. Diablo Blvd.                Ron C. Peck will share with us the
aging population, or will even those in                    Lafayette                      Hidden Asset – Hidden Money that is
poverty be required to look after                                                         available for those who no longer need
themselves?       Will the “homeless            6:00 PM. Wine and Registration            their life insurance policies while
problem” explode? We will hear a lot             6:30 PM Dinner and Speaker               wanting to optimize their assets. This
more about this subject because it is                                                     is also a great opportunity for
not a maybe, it is a certainty. Perhaps        Cost: $30.00 dinner (if mailed in)         Nonprofit Foundations & Organ-
we each need to be involved in the                    $35.00 (at the door)                izations that are looking for new
global solution now as well as                                                            funding sources.
selfishly plan for ourselves as we         Reservations and cancellations must be
move from healthy youngsters to             received by Monday, Oct 17, at 1:30           Ron is an MBA whose background
healthy elders. When we are still            p.m. to be assured of a reservation.         includes professional experience in
working into our 70’s and 80’s, will                                                      sales, marketing, business develop-
                                           Please send your check in the enclosed
we continue to assist our clients,                                                        ment     and    management,     both
                                              envelope today! or call Bonni at:           domestically and internationally, in
family and friends. Will we be a
predominantly “me first” society? or                                                      Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic
                                                          925.686.4819                    Oncology.
will we be a “know and help your
neighbor” society? Will most of us
                                                                                          Three years ago he returned from an
still be driving automobiles into our        Please Note: This meeting will qualify       assignment in Switzerland after having
90’s? How will we get around? Will           for one hour of Continuing Education         established a medical soft-ware
we stop commuting to our jobs as our         credit for CPA’s, CFP’s and PACE             division of an American medical
mobility becomes more difficult and          accredited for CLU’s and ChFC’s.             software company in Europe, the
out of necessity bring jobs closer to        Attorneys: This activity has also been       Middle East and Africa.
home? Planning for infrastructure and        approved for one hour of continuing
these social changes takes decades. Is       Legal Education Credit and qualifies as      He is also a Principal in a company
the government planning? Is business         Legal Specialization Credit for Estate       called Fearless Wealth. This is an
planning? This could be a new area of        Planning Trust and Probate Law in the        Investment Education Company whose
planning for our group which crosses         amount of one hour.                          charter is to educate interested parties
all disciplines. The world will be so                                                     about “money” starting at the most
much different and we need to                                                             basic level. Their latest offering is in
anticipate the future now so that it         Dues are Due! If we have NOT yet
                                                                                          Senior Life Settlements which we will
doesn’t hit us like Katrina hit the Gulf     received your dues, another notice is
                                                                                          be hearing about on the 19th.
Coast.                                       enclosed. For credit card payments, go to
                                                         Join us!
       - Annette M. Knox, President

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