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IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 Technical Update by klutzfu61


									                          IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 Technical Update
Who Should Attend? 	
Existing IBM WebSphere Portal customers who are familiar with some of the technical and administrative aspects of WebSphere Portal.
This one-day technical update is in a lecture and lab format where you will hear about and get to play with some of the new v6.1 features
(listed below) and the portal business solution “accessories” in our Portal Accelerator porfolio.

Why Upgrade to WebSphere Portal 6.1?

Introducing the latest, most complete portal offering from IBM, a recognized leader in the
portal market. WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 enables organizations to quickly implement new
                                                                                                    This Session Includes:
business designs that are engaging, flexible and high performance.
                                                                                                    • WebSphere Portal 6.1 Overview

Upgrade benefits:                                                                                    • Migration Strategies
                                                                                                    • New in Web Content Management
• Deliver exceptional Web experiences - Take advantage of new, nimble Web 2.0                       • New Features in Portal 6.1
  technologies and philosophies that put new business models in reach.                              • Portal 6.1 Administration
• Extend your business assets - Create and deploy custom-branded, market-driven                     • New Web 2.0 Features
  solutions comprised of existing and net-new business assets, and re-purpose and reuse             • Overview of Portal Accelerators
  as appropriate.                                                                                   • New Features in Portlet Factory 6.1
• Grow as you go - "Snap on" business-specific capabilities that speed time to value and             • Discuss Business and Technical
  allow you to pursue new market opportunities – all while reducing the of cost of deploying          Justifications of moving to 6.1
  portals.                                                                                          Locations Include:
• Run your business efficiently - Built on WebSphere software so that enterprise-class               Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, & more...
  applications, processes and transactions can reside on a proven, reliable, scalable and           Please Contact: Your local IBM
  high-performance foundation.                                                                      Software Sales Representative

WEBSPHERE PORTAL 6.1: Technical Update

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