Pack Family Camping at Camp Kickapoo

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					                                                                            APRIL 27, 2009

Opportunity for Popcorn Extra Profit On Tuesday

                                                             The 2nd and only OKC
                                                             opportunity is on Tuesday,
                                                             April 28th at The Centre,
                                                                                             Extra Profit
                                                             located at 4325 NW 50th at
                                                             7:00 p.m. We are provid-
                                                             ing a free dinner and lots     Special points of in-
                                                             of prizes to be given away.    terest:

                                                             The 3rd and final opportu-
                                                                                            ♦ To get the additional 2%
                                                             nity is in Norman on May
                                                             4th at 123 N. Interstate         profit, you must send a repre-
                                                             Drive. Be sure and make          sentative to one of the
 Caption describing                                          plans to attend at least one     “Popcorn University” events.
 picture or graphic.                                         of these “Popcorn Univer-
                                                             sity” events.                  ♦ The only OKC opportunity is
                                                                                              Tuesday, April 28th at 7:00
                                                             In order to qualify for the
                                                             extra 2% profit, you must
In order to help you have     There are 3 opportunities      send at least 1 represen-
                                                                                            ♦ Dinner is provided and lots
an even better popcorn sale   to attend and earn your        tative from your Pack or
                                                                                              of prizes will be given away to
than in previous years, we    extra 2% profit.               Troop to one of these
                                                                                              those attending.
are having a “Popcorn                                        three events.
                              The first kick-off is in
University” kick-off start-
                              Lawton on Monday, April                                       ♦ Call Ruth Williams at 840-
ing this week!
                              27th.                                                           1114 to make your reserva-

Pack & Family Camping at Camp Kickapoo                                                      Inside this issue:
The LFC Council has pre-      crafts, and much more .
pared a great program for
                              Friday evening campfire                                       Golf Tournament             2
those Packs and Families
                              and Saturday morning
who want to have a fun
                              breakfast provided for
weekend at camp Kicka-                                                                      Unit Web Sites              2
                              Friday night campers.
                              Program areas are open all
There are two dates with 4                                                                  Family F.O.S.               2
                              day Saturday. Eat lunch
                              with your Pack.
May 8-9                                                                                     Wood Badge                  3
                              Saturday dinner and camp-
May 9-10                      fire provided for Saturday
                              night campers.                                                2010 Scout Calendar         3
May 15-16
                              Please remember each par-
May 16-17
                              ticipant must bring a health
                                                             Always a highlight with
                                                                                            F.O.S. Update               3
Stay 1 night or 2.            form with parts A & C
                                                             the Cub Scouts, is the
                              completed. One night is
Enjoy campfire shows,                                        climbing tower at Camp         Upcoming Events             4
                              $10, Two nights, $20.
shooting shorts, games,                                      Kickapoo.
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                   Timeless Values Golf Classic on May 11th
                                                     Scenic Quail Creek Golf Club            makes a positive influence in
                                                                                             their lives.
                                                     The proceeds of this fund-
                                                     raising event, sponsored by             The cost is $150 per individual
                                                     QuadGraphics, go to fund the            or $600 per team. If you wish to
                                                     Scouting programs like Soccer           be a hole sponsor, the fee is
                                                     and Scouting and our After-             $1,000, which also includes a
                                                     school programs.                        team in the tournament.
                                                     We currently serve about 1,800          It will be held at Quail Creek
                                                     “at risk” boys who benefit from         Country Club, on May 11th with
                                                     registration assistance and pro-        a 12:00 p.m. shotgun start.
                                                     grams like day camp.
                                                                                             You may register online at the
                                                     In Scouting, we feel like “every        LFC website.
                                                     boy should have the opportunity
                                                     to be a scout “

Today’s Scouts                                       The proceeds from this fun
                                                     event gives them a chance to
are accustom to                                      change their life viewpoint and

   getting their

information on
                   Baden-Powell Pack & Troop Websites
                   Last week I requested Troops      Troop 168:                              Cub Pack 163:
the World Wide     and Packs send me their website              
                   addresses so we could publish     Troop 193:                              Cub Pack 256:
 Web thru their    them in the Weekly Update. 
 own Troop web     Here are a few that I received:   Troop 569:
                                                                Cub Pack 523:
                   Troop 4:
    sites and on
                                                     Venture Crew 168:
     Facebook.     Troop 15:
                         Cub Pack 129:                           Now, what units are on
                   Troop 111:                        load=page&page=199

                   Still Need Dates for Friends of Scouting From These Units
                   We have scheduled presentations   Pack 533                                Give us a call at 209-8685 and
                   for Friends of Scouting with 40                                           schedule your presentation now.
                                                     Troop 23
                   of our 50 Packs and Troops.
                                                     Troop 32
                   We have 10 units left who
                   need to give us an FOS date       Troop 114
                   that we can make our short 5
                                                     Troop 117
                   minute presentation.
                                                     Troop 120
                   Pack 117
                                                     Troop 129
                   Pack 129
                                                     Troop 162
                   Pack 146
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Wood Badge Scholarship To Be Awarded May 14th
A $175 Wood Badge Scholarship                                            There’s much more to Wood
is going to be given away at the                                         Badge, but I won’t spoil your
end of the May Roundtable held                                           fun by giving everything away
on the 2nd Thursday at Cove-                                             right now.
nant Presbyterian Church at 7:00
                                                                         All I can say as a participant of
                                                                         SR-756, is that it may be the best
However, you need to be there                                            gift you every gave yourself and
to win.                                                                  you’ll make friends that will last.
Wood Badge is the most              up because besides learning it’s
advanced training available to      FUN!
Scout leaders. It is Scouting’s
                                    Lord Baden-Powell called Scout-
premier training course.
                                    ing “fun with a purpose.” This
Wood Badge is the embodiment        is your opportunity to “be a Boy
of the Scout Spirit!                Scout” for two 3 day weekends.
Even if you don’t win the           By doing, you will learn the                                               The purpose of
scholarship, you’ll want to sign    patrol method of Scouting.
                                                                                                               completing the

2010 Scout Calendar Completed                                                                                  district and

The District Committee met          Currently, we have 104 events        We will try to distribute the cal-    council
during the Webelos Woods            planned in our district. Some of     endars by the May Roundtable
event last Saturday and formu-      these are regular monthly meet-      and of course, we will send an e-     calendar early
lated the 2009-2010 calendar for    ing such as the Roundtable.          mail to Cubmasters, Scoutmas-
the Baden-Powell District.          However, we have already             ters, Committee Chairman and          is so your Pack
                                    scheduled our Webelos Woods,         other District leaders.
This calendar will be distributed                                                                              or Troop can
                                    Twilight Camp, Camporee, Cen-
as soon as we proof it and add a
                                    tennial Camporee, and many                                                 plan to attend
few events that the LFC is orga-
                                    other items that Scouts enjoy
                                    year-round.                                                                these events!

Friends of Scouting Update — Baden–Powell District
We made some progress last          ask that each Trailblazer call on
week moving forward to              5 people who gave in 2008, but
$63,782. This is largely because    hasn’t yet been contacted in
of historical donors being tele-    2009.
phoned and continuing their
                                    We still have about 500 cards to
strong support for Scouting.
                                    work, so we’ll need 100 volun-                           <—$63,782
This week all of our Packs and      teers to step forth. This is some-                       Or 45.6%
Troops chartered by the L.D.S.      thing you can do for Scouting
will be reporting their pledges.    which will only take about an
                                    hour of your time, It is person-
This should move us up signifi-
                                    ally very rewarding to raise
cantly if they report the same as
                                    money for an organization such
what they did in 2008.
                                    as Scouting because we all know
We still need people to help        how it benefits our boys and
contact historical donors. We       their families.
                                  District Calendar of Events

   B-P District Committee        April
District Chairman,               20 — Spring Tiger Cub Hunt Begins
Jim Aikman            833-8893
                                 23 — District Commissioners Meeting.
District Commissioner,
Jim McMinn           721-6132    28 — Trail’s End Popcorn Meeting for 2% extra profit.

Training,                        May
Stacey Goodwin        755-7581
                                 1 — Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Training
Randy Burghart        286-0635   1 — Webelos Leaders Outdoor Training

Advancement,                     2 — Wilderness 1st Aid Training
Steven Hilovsky       728-2374
                                 8-9 — Pack and Family Camping at Camp Kickapoo
                                 9-10 — Pack and Family Camping at Camp Kickapoo
Malcolm Hall          787-3030
                                 11 — Timeless Values Golf Tournament at Quail Creek
Mike Veasey           943-4976   14 — District Committee Mtg
Order of the Arrow,              14 — District Roundtable
Cindy Rogers          818-7114
                                 15-16 — Pack and Family Camping at Camp Kickapoo
David Stone           751-6717   16-17 — Pack and Family Camping at Camp Kickapoo
Twilight Camp,                   25 — Memorial Day
Cindy Rogers          818-7114
                                 28 — District Commissioners Meeting.
Activities & Civic Service,
Vacant                           28 — A.C.E. Training (for anyone planning activities for your Pack or Troop)

Eagle Boards,                    June
Tom Portman           603-3273
                                 1-5 — Twilight Day Camp
District Executive,
Gary Goodner          209-8685   11 — District Committee Meeting
                                 11 — District Roundtable
                                 9 — District Committee Meeting
                                 9 — District Roundtable
                                 19-24 — National Youth Leadership Training
                                 8 — The Trainer’s Edge Training
                                 13 — District Committee Meeting
                                 13 — District Roundtable
                                 21-23 — Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Training
                                 21-23 — Webelos Leaders Outdoor Training
                                 27 — A.C.E. Training
                                 28-31 — Wood Badge Course                            We’re on the Web at