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									SCB Investment Banking
To be completed by the Clients
1. (First Partner) Client Name and Mailing Address: 2. Duplicate Confirmation(s) to following partners:

3.( First Partner) Client residence (If different from above)

Email Communication Address: 4. Client Citizenship 6. Client Social Identification Number

5. First Partner) Phones: Bus.____________________ Res. ____________________________ Email : 7.. (First Partner) Client’s Employer and Address

8. Date of Birth:


10. Second Partner’s Name, Address, Phone, & Email 12. Third Partner’s Name, Address, Phone, & Email

9.( First Partner) Client’s Occupation / Title 11. Total net worth Est. net liquid assets (Cash & securities less loans) Est. net fixed assets (Fixed assets less loans & mortgages.) 14. The forth Partner’s Name, Address, Phone & Email 16. State All Partners Names, Addresses, Phones, & Email (If There Are More) 18. First Partner Bank Reference (Only) Name of Bank Branch Address 20. Account Numbers:  13. Approx. annual income from all sources 15.Estimate. Spouse’s (or Second Partner) Income 17.Investment Experience Stocks  Options  Short Sales  Bonds  Futures  Mutual Fund  17. Investment Knowledge Extensive  Good  Limited  Nil 

22. Checking:


Savings: 



24. Please estimate approximate . amount of capital available for Investment for first year $ _______________________________________ 26. Please estimate amount of capital available you are going to start your first investment $ _____________ 28. Note: SCB Investment Banking accepts no investment less than ten thousand (10,000) US$ 21.E. 21.F. 21. C. 21.D. Option & Contracts for Margin Discretionary Futures Difference Short 30. Deposits and investment amount is to be send by customer only after the account is assigned to customer by SCB Investment Banking

19. List Public Companies of which Client: 1. Is Director, Officer, or Statutory Insider; 2. Owns or controls, alone or in group, 10% or more of the voting shares 21. Account(s) requested: 21.A. Cash 21.B. Margin Long

23. Currency of Account:

 U.S



 Euro

:Note: However any receiving or in-payment to shall be in one of the above mentioned currency. 27. Specify any account(s) client has now at SCB Investment Banking: s 29. Filled by OFFICE: A. Client objectives: 29.A. ______% Income ______% Long Term Growth ______% Mutual funds 31.A. __________% Low 29.B. _____% Short Term Trading ______% Future ______% Options 31.B. ___________% Medium 29.C. _______% Speculation _______% CFD _______% T-bills; T-bonds: T-nots 31.C. _____________% High

31. Filled by OFFICE: B. Client risk acceptability:

33. Special instructions: 33. A. Securities:  TSF to street form and hold  TSF to street form and deliver

33. B. Free credit balance  Hold on account  Send on request:

33. C. .Payments: All Ex-payments to any client shall by in USD only. According to US law, all profit may be subject to income tax deduction. Bank Cheques can be issued on request: to any receiver Name & Address

I have read and fully understand the Client’s application and verify that the information on this form is full and complete. SCB Investment Banking respect your personal data and information that we might have about you and this transaction. Any information you provide shall be considered as private. We do not give out personal details of our operation. All Partners Signed or Print Your Names: Dated: ____________ First Partner: Second Partner: Third Partner:

35. The undersigned requests that a MARGIN ACCOUNT be opened and agrees to the terms of the MARGIN AGREEMENT. It is also understood that a MARGIN ACCOUNT allows the borrowing of money for account transactions. Partners Signed or Print Your Names: First Partner: Second Partner Third Partner :____________________________________________________________ (only if MARGIN ACCOUNT requested)

37. SHAREHOLDER COMMUNICATIONS INSTRUCTIONS As my securities held with you are registered in your name or the name of your agent, I request the following arrangements be made as indicated. I understand that these elections apply to all securities held in my accounts with you that are not registered in my name, unless I have given other instructions regarding securities in another account. I hereby indicate my choice by initialing the appropriate selection(s) below. 1. a. ___________ Send all material relating to annual or special meetings of security holders, including proxies, and annual audited financial statements, to me. b. ___________ I do not wish to receive material relating to annual or special meetings of security holders, or audited financial statement of the issuers whose securities I hold. 2. You may disclose my name and security holdings to the issuer of the security or other sender of material required by law to be sent to securities holders, in order that, at your option, material may be forwarded to me directly from the issuer or other sender of material. a. Yes _________ b. No ________ I understand that an issuer is entitled to deliver material to me not withstanding my instructions in paragraph 2; but is not required to do so. I understand that these instructions may be changed at any time in writing and that you will use reasonable efforts to act upon changes in instructions, where advice is received between record date and meeting date.

All Partners Signed and Print Your Names: First Partner: Second Partner Third Partner


M/D/Y 39B Solicited  Unsolicited  T- Instruments & Money Market

39. Filled by OFFICE: Initial order/ deposit

39.A Buy / Sell On order only : Discretionary

39.C. Amount __________________________________________________ Description _______________________________________________

41. Documentation required Filled by OFFICE:

Personal Identification Copies  Corporate resolution  Trust agreement

 Joint account agreement  Investment club agreement  Partnership agreement

 Power of attorney  Probate documents  Discretionary account

 Managed account agreement  Discretionary managed
account. agreement.

 Guarantee

Notes: * Since all customers or partners mentioned by you on this file has fully power on account, and they may be subject to income taxes, we shall receive copies of their identification documents; ** No money release shall be done till identification copy of the beneficiary is filed.. Use: “YES” or “OK” for affirmative answers; “NO” or “X” for negative answers; “N/A” where applicable

For SCB Investment Banking only Your account Number is: In order to start trading on your account, follow instruction on order form;

Date ____________________________________________________

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