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					Host Family Orientation
Preparing to Host a Student from Japan
MIRA Manitowoc International Relations Association 686-6980

2 hour drive to Tokyo 14 hour flight 3 hour drive from Chicago

Be prepared to meet your student upon arrival and make them feel as comfortable as possible. They will be tired!

Japanese custom is usually to bathe in the evening
After arrival, your guest may wish to bathe before bed. Be sure to offer.

American bathrooms are quite different from Japanese, give your guest an orientation:
• hot/cold water on & off • how to turn shower on
• how to operate drain

• towels/washcloths – where are they located and where should they be hung to dry? • Shampoo vs. conditioner

Give Your Guest an Orientation of Your Home

Teach them essentials
Using Lights How to lock/unlock doors Phones & emergency numbers Your Family’s Name & Address

Nighttime Comfort
Consider a nightlight

Japanese homes usually don’t have air conditioning. Offer extra blankets. How to get a glass of water

Family Computer
If you have an online family computer, perhaps your guest would like to send an email message to family back home alerting them to safe arrival

Make yourself aware of your guest’s OTC / prescription medications and adverse affects

Omiyage: The Art of Gift Giving

 the Japanese excel at a wide range of traditional arts and crafts, with regional gift specialties renowned for their quality workmanship and aesthetic appeal.

Your guest will most likely bring a gift for your family

You may wish to have something prepared in return.

Receive Gifts with Both Hands

The Art of Gift Giving
 Devalue the gift you GIVE.  Praise the gift you RECEIVE.  Don’t open unless urged to do so. Do so with utmost care & respect.  Wrap all gifts attractively.

The International Language


Manitowoc International Relations Association (MIRA) has prepared an itinerary for the duration of the students’ visit. Itineraries include free time with family. Your family is welcome to participate in planned activities. Your family is welcome to plan its own activities.
MIRA Manitowoc International Relations Association 686-6980

If your family will plan activities other than the planned itinerary with your student, please let MIRA know. Costs incurred as a result of family activities engaged in outside the planned itinerary are the sole responsibility of the family. Remember, this student(s) is your guest child during their stay. Spend as much time with them as possible.
MIRA Manitowoc International Relations Association 686-6980

Be on time! Student guest must be picked up upon arrival and dropped off prior to departure. Great care has been taken to coordinate the itinerary, please have students to planned events on time.

Any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact MIRA
 Wanda LeClair 860-7901  Tina Prigge 686-6980  Perk Foster 242-3066  John Cress 901-6074
MIRA Manitowoc International Relations Association 686-6980

Have an Open Mind Have Fun Happy Journey

Most Importantly

Congratulations! You’re on your way to the adventure of a lifetime.