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					FTP Account Request Form
Complete and return to 334 Student Union or Fax to 405-744-7872

First Name: Last Name: Email Address: IP address (of Client Machine): Department: Purpose of Request: Supervisor Name: Supervisor Signature:

Policy 1. FTP accounts are assigned to and used by an individual, not to a department and should not be shared. It is the responsibility of the department to notify FIM when an FTP user leaves their employment. 2. Clients must be SSL compatible. SmartFTP is a free client with SSL compatibility and is approved by but not required by FIM. 3. SSL certificates are valid for 3 years after which time new certificates will need to be requested by the individual. 4. Users should not FTP any executable, programs or databases without prior approval from FIM. 5. FTP Password changes must be requested password changes through FIM 6. FTP Users have access to their own home directory and have upload only access. 7. Detection of illegal use or practices detrimental to FIM or Oklahoma State University students, faculty or staff will result in the withdrawal of services to the individual determined to be at fault. FIM will be the sole arbiter of this decision and services will only be restored to the individual upon successful appeal to the Directory of FIM. 8. FIM reserves the right to audit log files whenever deemed necessary. Logging captures but is not limited to account information, login date and time, files transferred, and other prudent information. I have read the FTP Policy as set by FIM and agree to abide by the terms Signature: Date:

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