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Purpose: While it is a goal of this training class is to make allowances for dogs with behavior problems, it is understood that such incidents, as described below, may happen. It is also understood that even if a dog has never shown aggressive behavior that an incident may occur. Therefore, in order to protect students, instructors and the dogs, the following policy shall be enforced. Handlers are responsible for their dogs behavior at all times while participating in any class or function, including formal and/or casual training, demos, etc. It is understood that the handler shall be responsible for keeping their dogs under control and/or on leash at all times. It is strongly suggested that handlers with aggressive/space issue dogs consider doing private lesson and obedience/behavior classes until they feel they ready to safely handle their dog in a group class. Handlers that are aware that their dog may have some behavioral issues must notify the Instructor immediately upon entering into a class or other event. Dogs with aggression or space issues must wear a RED bandanna during group activities, to help remind others of the issue.. All handlers shall be responsible for assuring that their dog does not trespass into another dog’s space. If the handler cannot control their dogs behavior and an aggressive incidents occurs, they should be aware of the following policy. Definitions: (this would apply if the incident is dog to dog OR dog to human) Minor: Repeated incidents of uncontrolled vocal discussion or challenging behavior, with aggressive tendencies that have no physical contact. Examples would be, but are not limited to: unprovoked growling or snapping at other dogs or humans, displaying behaviors that are intimidating to another dog or humans, or demonstrating unnecessary aggression toward the handler, other dogs, or other people. It is understood that some dogs may have space requirements and that due consideration shall be given to the dog’s needs. Major: any physical altercation. Examples would be, but are not limited to: charging or running down another dog; attacking another dog or handler; biting another dog, handler or instructor. There does not have to be injuries to be considered a major incident. Space Offenders: any dog that trespasses into the space of a dog that has been identified, by use of the Red Bandanna, as having an issue will be considered as having started the incident. Policy: 1) When an incident occurs it will be determined whether it is a minor or major occurrence and if another dog violating the space of the aggressive dog may have contributed to it. 2) In the case of a major incident, the instructor will see if there have been any injuries to human or dog and may ask the offending dog or dogs to leave for that training class. This may include any dog that has contributed to the problem by intruding on another dog’s space. 3) For a minor incident, the instructor shall give a verbal warning to the handler/owner stating that such incidents are not acceptable and may result in the termination of training privileges. Continued minor incidents can, at the sole discretion of the instructor adversely affects the dog’s future participation in training, without refund of any fees. 4) For a major incident, dog and handler may be asked to leave the session immediately. The owner/handlers of all dogs involved or witnessing the incident shall be asked for a written statement concerning the circumstances surrounding the event. The instructor shall review all reports, discuss the incident with all involved parties, and will make a decision concerning the dog’s continuation in the class and in future club activities. A: Each incident will be looked at on a case by case basis, as it is understand that there may be extenuating circumstances. All involved parties, including the owner/handler, may present any information that they deem to be important in the discussion of the incident.

B: Depending on the severity of the incident, the team may be given another chance, with the understanding that another occurrence, even minor, could result in the termination of the dog’s training privileges. They may be asked to switch to a private class. They may also be asked to complete a behavior/obedience class prior to resuming group classes. C: If the incident is severe, such as severe injuries to either another dog or human, the instructors of that class will review the incident and may terminated any dog’s training privileges, including any dog that violated another’s space with no refund of training fees. D. While the above guidelines represent the policies of these classes, these policies shall not preclude an Instructor from not permitting a dog in a class. If the Instructor determines that permitting a dog in a class will pose a threat to other dogs or handlers, they shall notify the owner/handler that the dog cannot be admitted until the dog has been tested for suitability for the class environment by the Training Director or his/her designated appointee. E. Decisions of the instructors are final and not subject to appeal. Risk of injury: While we will try to keep our classes as safe as we can, each owner is responsible for the actions and safety of their dogs. Each owner assumes all Risk of injury to themselves and their dogs. The instructors and property owners assume no liability for any injuries. If you feel uncomfortable training with a particular dog or group we will try to accommodate you by moving you to a different class. Group classes are not for everyone, if you are uncomfortable training in a group class please consider private lessons. I,________________________________________ have read and agree to the aggression policy. Signature____________________________________ Date_________________________

My dog has displayed aggressive behavior and will wear a red bandanna at class. I am including a description of past problem behavior and assume all risk, including any aggressive act my dog commits, while training in these classes. Signature ________________________________________

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