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Adolescent Girls Training


									Adolescent Girls Training Activity/Task 1. Training for Adolescent Girls Camp 2. Adolescent Girls Campaign Objectives 1. To create an awareness among functionaries on the training of Adolescent Girls and its importance. 2. To create an awareness among functionaries that adolescent age in girls is the very vital period for their future—safe motherhood and childcare. 3. To create an opportunity for the adolescent girls to gain knowledge on various basic facts of life relating to health, nutrition, personal hygiene, correct age of marriage, clarification on certain important personal problems and also to clarify certain misconceptions and legal issues. Justification for the activity Adolescent girls campaign paves the way for a better future as the adolescent girls would get an opportunity to acquire awareness on various basic facts of life and this would enhance their knowledge, promote their skills and bring about an attitudinal change towards safe motherhood and proper child-care. Process Inter-active, participatory methodology Participants Adolescent girls, Workers and Helpers

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