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As we watch NCAA Div. I and Div II championship play, we often see the team that is more aggressive controls the tempo and outcome of the game! Aggressive play should not be mistaken for "careless" or "reckless" play. Coaches should teach players to use smart controlled aggressive techniques that put maximum "pressure" on the opposition. It Starts at the Plate! Hitters must be aggressive. They must go to the plate looking for a good pitch to hit! They must realize that the best pitch that you will get is often the first! Here are 4 great tips for young hitters: 1. Expect the pitch away. Adjust to the pitch that is in. 2. Expect a fastball. Adjust to the off speed pitch. 3. When you have "3-1" count. Expect the pitch in a tight perfect zone. If it is there, rip it! If it is slightly above or below that zone, lay off of it! 4. Expect to get on base with a hit! Expect to hit the ball hard! Aggression on the Bases! Baserunners must be aggressive. They must have no fear! Here are 4 great tips for young Baserunners: 1. Get an aggressive primary lead. Maximize your jump with an appropriate secondary lead. 2. Expect the pitch in the dirt. Read the pitch, trust your eyes, and use your speed to take the base! 3. You must start yourself! The 3rd base coach will stop you! Be alert, be aggressive, and be smart! 4. Slide away from the tag when sliding in on a "bang-bang" play. Use a "reach around" slide to avoid a waiting tag! 5. When at third, expect the passed ball. Know the backstop distance. When the distance is very short, look for a "side" kick off the backstop. Also know the "retrieve speed" of your catcher. You can take "home" with a short backstop if the catcher moves slow and has slow reaction time. Know the backstop! Know the catcher!

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