Internet Research Assignment on Alcohol_ Tobacco_ and Other Drugs by hcj


									Internet Research Assignment on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Organizations and Websites

Directions (60 points) 1. Research the following eight organizations and look for the information found under each organization. a. Adult Children of Alcoholics i. Internet address, contact information, mission ( 3 points) b. Alcoholics Anonymous i. Internet address, What AA does, Requirements for AA membership, Primary Purpose of AA, Contact information (5 points) c. Al-Anon and Al-Teen i. Internet address, Purpose, Three Legacies, Contact information (3 points) d. MADD i. Internet address, Find local Chapters address, Mission, Contact, How old MADD is, and how did MADD start. (6 points) e. Community Anit-Drug Coalitions of America i. Internet address, Mission, Vision, History, Contact information (5 points) f. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence i. Internet address, History, Mission, Contact information (4 points) g. National Institute on Drug Abuse i. Mission, When was NIDA established. (2 points) ii. Click on Parent & Teachers 1. Click on NIDA for Teens Website 2. Take the following quizzes. Write down what test you are taking and then record your answers underneath that quiz section. a. Click on Brain & Addiction, Anabolic Steroids, Ecstasy, HIV/AIDS/Drug Abuse/, Marijuana, and Nicotine (All quizzes are on the bottom of the pages and are marked Quiz for students). (30 points) Make sure your name and hour is written up in the top left hand corner.. ( 2 points)


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