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									Ergonomics in IT
What is ergonomics?
Ergonomics is the science of designing things with the comfort, safety and efficiency of people in mind. Ergonomics allow designs of computer workplaces to be as safe and efficient as possible ( Ergonomics is used in everyday technology from mousse, keyboards, cars to phone and microwaves. Ergonomic Mouse Whale Mouse: Ergonomically designed to fit your hand by uniquely adjustable palm rest to suit most hand sizes and hence reduce the discomfort of mouse use, compared to a conventional mouse. →Contoured flatter shape adjusts for maximum comfort with built in palm support that moves with your mouse, unlike a static palm support. →Easily adjustable by upto 38mm and is ambidextrous for both right hand and left hand users. →Third button for custom programming.

Ergonomic Keyboards Wave Keyboards: The idea with the wave is that it’s easier to reach and press keys since humans have different size fingers on each hand. Since different people have different size wrists, a specific combination of keyboard layout (curvature) and depth of the keys (wave) will determine if the keyboard is comfortable for you.

A Media Chair for the Geeks. This chair is designed for the living room, for those people who love comfort with leisure. This chair features a 19″ flat screen, 2.1 speaker
system, integrated cables for computer and an ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse so you can play games, check your e-mail, relax or watch a movie all while comfortably reclining on this ergonomic chair with knee-top board and a grainfilled cushion bottom that forms to the shape of your knees as accessory.

The Plasma 2System is an unprecedented computer peripheral designed to support the human body while interacting with the computer on a daily basis. The only healthy way to work at a computer for hours at a time is to change positions several times throughout the day. Slight posture shifts make a big difference in optimising the performance of your body and mind. It comes with a System’s Stance angle chair You can work with it while Standing, Kneeling, and even Sitting.

The Stakeholders in all the Ergonomic Inventions or Designs are:

   

The Designers. The companies that sell them. The users. Organizations that makes them.

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