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Chapter 15_ Alcohol Use_ Misuse and Abuse


									Chapter 11: Alcohol Use, Misuse and Abuse

Chapter Objectives: 1. Describe the factors affecting a drinker’s response to alcohol consumption 2. List the effects of alcohol on the body systems. 3. Describe the impact of alcohol misuse among college students, and define binge drinking. 4. Define alcohol abuse, dependence, and alcoholism, and list their symptoms. 5. List the negative consequences to individuals, and to our society, from alcohol abuse. 6. Explain the common treatment methods for alcoholism. Topics covered in chapter: •Response to alcohol consumption •Effects of alcohol •Alcohol misuse •Alcoholism •Alcohol abuse •Alcoholism treatment Drinking & Driving  Drunk driving is the most frequently committed crime in the United States! Blood-alcohol concentration (BAC)  Legal limit in Utah -- .08%

Body’s Response:  Liver can only metabolize about ½ ounce of alcohol an hour. How Much Alcohol in One Drink? Alcohol Impairment vs. Intoxication Effects of Alcohol Abuse Statistics on Alcohol Use: The most popular drug used on college campuses. On college campuses alcohol involved in:

of college student suicides 9 out of 10 rapes 75-90% of violent crimes (sexual and otherwise) Students spend 5.5 billion/year---more than on books, pop, coffee, juice and milk combined. 2 in 5 students report binge drinking Binge Drinking – What is it?


Alcohol Use and Responsibility: What is responsible use? Can alcohol be used responsibly? o By teenagers?... By alcoholics?... o By family members of alcoholics?... o When driving?... Alcohol Use and Responsibility With the prevalence and pervasiveness of the media, what responsibility do they have in promoting alcoholic beverages? Should the advertising be regulated? What is the intent of most alcohol advertising? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

BOTTOM LINE: 10 Steps to Responsible Drinking: 1. Don’t drink alone 2. Don’t use alcohol as a medicine 3. Develop a party plan 4. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks 5. Drink slowly 6. Eat before and while drinking 7. Be wary of mixed drinks 8. Don’t make dinking the primary focus of any get together 9. Learn to say no 10. Stay safe

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