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									Finding the FDIC Insured Highest CD Rates
The smartest thing anyone can do is to think about the future. While it is important to live in the present and do everything possible to improve your
financial situation; it is of equal importance to plan ahead for moments such as retirement, vacation, paying for your children's education and such.

In order to help people reach their long-term financial goals, banks and financial institutions have created special accounts that are capable of earning
interest that is higher than the average savings account, this type of account is normally referred to as a certificate of deposit or CD.

A certificate of deposit is a very stable account that can provide attractive annual interest yields without the need to risk your capital in the hopes of
earning a higher return which is exactly the case of stocks, options, Forex and other types of investment that are constantly traded in global markets.

Finding the best CD rates

The best way to find interest rates on CD accounts that will earn you the most is to use the Web. All financial institutions have a website nowadays, in
such websites they will post their interest rates on certificate of deposit accounts. While this is a very easy way to find out the CD rates a specific bank
has to offer it is most certainly not the best. Using a comparison site that is able to gather information on CD account from several financial institutions
is a much better way to find CDs with high interest rates. Doing a side-by-side comparison across different banks and terms will enable you to make
an educated decision.

How does it work?

In order for a certificate of deposit to work properly and provide the most benefits to the account holder there needs to be a minimum deposit that has
to be met in order for the returns to be worth the wait, in other words opening a certificate of deposit account with $100 would be almost pointless even
if you're expecting a 5% return on that particular investment; if we calculate 5% out of $100 we will have five dollars and as everyone knows "$100
now" is better than $105 in one year.

CD accounts tend to work better with higher balances; this means that if a person has $100,000 sitting on a regular checking or savings account their
funds may not be doing anything for them but, if those $100,000 were to be transferred to a CD account earning an interest of 5% the return will be,
you guessed it, $5,000, this is a sizable return compared to the five dollars we were originally talking about.

Opening a CD account with $100,000 and leaving at account sit in the back for 10 years can create a return of approximately $50,000 and this is a
figure which can definitely help people achieve their long-term financial goals. Please keep in mind that we are providing an example based on a
six-figure deposit, some people may have less than that but still a CD is a very stable account that is injured by the federal government (FDIC) up to a
specific amount of money.

Given the current financial situation of the country it is of the utmost importance to consider getting FDIC insured accounts, regardless of whether your
account is a CD, a savings or a checking account; getting FDIC insurance can give you the peace of mind that if your financial institution get in trouble
your funds will be secure and nothing will be lost. Since the FDIC insurance will in most cases go as high as $100,000 (around 300,000 for retirement
accounts) it is highly recommended to split accounts that have a balance of over $100,000 into several smaller accounts that will be FDIC insured in
case something were to happen.

At any rate, if you want to safely invest your capital there is no better way to do it than with a certificate of deposit.

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