Non-Government Organization Project

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					              Non-Government Organization Project

KG-038 – Give examples of Canada’s participation within international
KG-039 – Evaluate Canada’s contributions to international aid and development.
KG-042 – Describe Canada’s responsibilities and potential for leadership
regarding current global issues.

Topic: Pick an organization where Canada is involved in fighting for
human rights in the world.

 Throughout the project, you will be answering the following
 questions in various formats:

    -   Where is this organization involved?
    -   What does this organization do?
    -   Why are they involved?
    -   What types of programs do they have?
    -   How can someone help?

 Here is the list of organizations you can pick from:

    -   Save the Children
    -   Free the Children
    -   Habitat for Humanity
    -   UNICEF
    -   World Vision
    -   OXFAM
    -   MCC (Mennonite Central Committee)
  1. Choose who you will be working with (this project will be done
     in partners).
  2. Choose the organization you are going to study.
  3. Begin research.
        a. Find the website for the organization that you chose.
        b. Complete the “Assessing the Website” handout (this will
           be handed in after the first day of research).
        c. Use the information you find to help you create the
  4. Create a poster that includes the following:
        a. A title.
        b. A logo of the organization.
        c. A world map that clearly shows where the organization is
           based out of (where their head office is) and the different
           places in the world where this organization works. (blank
           world maps will be provided)
        d. Any illustrations that you feel would help the presentation
           of your poster.
        e. Six typed paragraphs (3 each – write who did what):
               i. The basics of the organization. (ex. Where they are
                  based out of, when they started, who started it, is it
                  a large organization, etc.)
              ii. Explain the work this organization does in 3
                  different areas of the world (3 different paragraphs)
             iii. Explain how people can get involved with this
             iv. Explain the importance of the work being done in
                  this organization.

    Make sure to make your poster aesthetically pleasing (ie. Looks
    NO PLAGIARIZING, which means… NO copy and pasting
     sentences. Any student found to be plagiarizing will be given
     an incomplete on this assignment.
                          Assessing the Website

Names of Group Members: __________________________________

Name of Organization: _____________________________________

 Instructions: Answer the following questions about the
 organization’s website:

 1. What is the URL (web address) for the website? ______________________

 2. Does   the website answer these questions about the organization (yes or
       -   What is the history? ________
       -   What does the organization do? _______
       -   What are some types of programs they have? _______
       -   How can someone help? _______
       -   Where are they involved? _______

      ** Must be handed in at the end of class **
                             Rubric for NGO Assignment



Overall Design
     Beginning                Developing             Accomplished              Exemplary
- limited creativity and   - some creativity and   - creativity and        - memorable creativity
originality in design      originality in design   originality in design   and originality in designs
- is not related to the    - not effective in      - communicates idea     - clearly and effectively
chosen organization        communicating an idea   well                    communicates idea
- confusing