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MAEd in Family and Consumer Sciences This program is designed for individuals who already hold a teaching license. The curriculum is designed to help teachers achieve goals and develop advanced competencies in professional education, family and consumer sciences subject matter, and interpersonal relationships. The desired outcome is to help teachers develop the skills to become leaders in the field of family and consumer sciences. The program requires a minimum of 39 credit hours as specified below. Required core courses - 12 s.h. Research, Trends, and Issues Competency Area: EDUC 6482 or SCIE 6500 - 3 s.h. Diverse Learner Competency Area: EDUC 6001; SPED 6002 - 6 s.h. Effective Communication and Leadership Competency Area: ADED 6550 or ELEM 6550 or LEED 6000 - 3 s.h. Family and consumer sciences education - 27 s.h., FACS 6423, 6424, 6426, 6430, 6990; CDFR 6990, CDFR 6991 BVTE 5205, 6426, 6450, 6750; FACS 6423, 6984; 3 s.h. in major or related area; 6 s.h. major area electives Final product requirement: An internship product (FACS 6984, 6985) or a professional portfolio (FACS 6450) with an oral defense. The final product is an action research project that is planned in CDFR 6990 and implemented in CDFR 6991 with an oral presentation to the graduate committee. CDFR: Child Development and Family Relations 6985. Child Life Internship (6) P: CDFR 6402, 6406, 7400. Minimum of 480 hours of observation and clinical experience in approved program that provides health services to children and their families under supervision of certified child life specialist. Requires an approved project. 6990. Action Research I in Birth through Kindergarten Education Educational Settings (3) Quantitative and qualitative research methods including data collection and data analysis. 6991. Action Research II for Teachers in Birth through Kindergarten Education in Educational Settings (3) Development and implementation of an action research project in classrooms serving children birth through kindergarten.

6995. Leadership in Birth Through Kindergarten Education (3) Supervised internship under supervision of public school administration or other approved administrative structure. FACS: Family and Consumer Sciences 5007. Special Problems in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (3) May be repeated for credit with change of topic. P: Consent of instructor. Special topics in selected areas of family and consumer sciences. Variable titles and content. 6003. Advanced Apparel Construction for Secondary Education (2) C: FACS 6004. Advanced application and evaluation of technique in fabric selection and apparel construction. 6004. Advanced Apparel Construction for Secondary Education Laboratory (1) Three lab hours per week. C: FACS 6003. Application of advanced construction principles. Interrelationship of fabric selection, pattern selection, alteration, and garment fit. 6180. Advanced Housing and Interior Design. (3) Advanced study of housing, furnishings, and equipment as they influence family well-being. 6323. Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences Curricula (3) P: Admission to MAT program. Topics include group and individualized instructional techniques and strategies, instructional materials development and utilization, community resources utilization, FCCLA student organization and management, and evaluation of student progress. 6423. Advanced Methods and Curriculum (3) P: FACS 4317. Principles of curriculum development. Organization, method, materials, and evaluation in relation to program type. 6424. Evaluation in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (3) P. FACS 6423. Principles of evaluation, construction of evaluation instruments, and analysis and interpretation of evaluation data for programs and instruction. 6426. Supervision in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (3) Application of conferencing techniques, observation skills, and performance evaluation for professional leadership positions in educational settings.

6430. Trends and Issues in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (3) Current trends and issues affecting the family and consumer sciences profession. 6990. Review of Research in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. (3) Foundational approaches in the research process, including conceptualization of the problem, literature search, and review. 6984, 6985. Internship: Family and Consumer Sciences Education (3,3) Practicum training for family and consumer sciences majors preparing for professional work in field. FACS Banked Courses 5300. Middle Grades Careers Exploration (3) 5301. Middle Grades Career Exploration: Service Clusters (3) 5321. Adult Education (2) 6424. Evaluation in Home Economics (3) 6430. Trends in Home Economics (3) 6900. Review of Current Literature (2)

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