Sustainable palm oil production chain

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					The role of public private partnerships for tropical peatlands
Wageningen University & Research Center (Wageningen-UR)
Herbert Diemont, Henk Ritzema, Jack Rieley, Marcel Silvius, Bart Snellen, Jan Verhagen

RIO conference: + binding agreements + voluntary agreements

Economic growth + or - ?

+ Biodiversity and Agricultural Commodities Program (BACP/ IFC Washington ) + Roundtable for Sustainable palm oil (RSPO) + Global Peatland Initiative (GPI) & CCGAP Ramsar Convention

+ Business case + Global tax + Loan + Certification

: BACP :? : WB (soft) : FSC/ :Carbon credits/ rights

RSPO : + Payments

WISE USE: people, planet,profit (pay for one and get two free)

Kalimantan peatlands: fire prevention water management poverty reduction biodiversity

Voluntary Agreements: 2 $US/ton Binding Agreements: 20 US$/ton!