Office of the Dean Organization

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					                          Office of the Dean Organization

Dean of Libraries    Carol Diedrichs

      Administrative Services                Mary McLaren, Facilities Librarian*

             Rick Garrett
             Mike Howard
             Joe Phillips
             Curt Miller
             Scott Swift

      Assessment Librarian*                  Judy Wiza

      Business Services                      Pat Lloyd, Budget Officer*

             Melissa Barlow
             Keitha Eanes
             Esther Edwards, Interim Development Assistant
             Sherree Osborne
             Carol White
             Theresa Yocum

      Development Officer*                   Sharon Ross (50% with Graduate School)

      Human Resources Librarian*             Judy Sackett

      Marketing Librarian*                   Debbie Sharp


      Associate Deans*
             Terry Birdwhistell
             Toni Greider
             Kate Seago, Interim Assoc. Dean of Collections & Technical Services
             Kelly Vickery
             Pat Wilson

      Law Library Director*                  Rebecca Trammell

      Medical Center Library*                Janet Stith

      *Direct reports to Dean of Libraries