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									IT Companies in GCC

Information Technology Companies in GCC

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IT Companies in GCC

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Automated Systems Company (Exchange - KUW : ASCK.KW) .... 7 Hasibat Holding Company (Exchange - KUW : COMP.KW).......... 8 Al Faris Information Technologies Company ............................ 11 Fast Telecommunications Company ........................................ 12 Zajil Telecom ...................................................................... 15 Comium Group.................................................................... 16 Eastern solutions ................................................................. 16 Path solutions ..................................................................... 18 Arabian Network Information Services .................................... 22 Computer and Communications Systems.............................. 23 Eskadenia Software Solutions ............................................. 25 Future Applied Computer Technology................................... 28 Bahwan CyberTek ............................................................. 31 Industrial Management Technology and Contracting .............. 33 BML Istisharat .................................................................. 34 Advanced Communications and Electronic Systems Company.. 37 Algosaibi Information Systems............................................ 39 EJADA ............................................................................. 41 International Systems Engineering ...................................... 43 National Technology Group ................................................ 45 Delta Software ................................................................. 47 National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) ................... 49 Raya Holding Technology ................................................... 50 Computer Network Systems ............................................... 52 Bayanat Data Processing Systems ....................................... 53 Ducont ............................................................................ 54 Eastern Networks ............................................................. 55 Emirates Technology Company ........................................... 56 Mindscape Information Technology...................................... 58 Seven Seas Computers...................................................... 58 Vertscape ........................................................................ 60

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IT Companies in GCC

Kuwait In 2005, total spending on software leapt to US$88mn, up from US$70mn the previous year. As one of the more mature markets in the region, software enjoys a higher share of Kuwait IT spending than in many other countries. Government will continue to be a major source of spending in the forecast period, with an increasingly ITsavvy government and the recent boost in oil wealth encouraging banks to support a new wave of infrastructure investment, we expects the total size of the Kuwaiti IT market to increase from US$338mn in 2005 to around US$830mn in 2010. Kuwait IT services market is expected to be worth around US$118mn in 2006, with the evidence suggesting strong growth in the years to come. Market CAGR is forecast at 21% for 2005 - 2010. Support and maintenance currently account for slightly more than one-third of total IT services spend. Kuwait IT Sector SWOT Strengths • • Kuwait boasts a relatively high PC penetration One of the most advanced states in Gulf region, with high income due to oil revenues Liberal market access policies with low tariffs Small domestic market Relative lack of liberalization in key sectors such as telecoms. Economic boost due to high oil prices, encouraging new wave of hardware spending Government informatisation and e-government drives Increasing expenditure currently by Kuwait corporate sector Kuwait stands to benefit as logistics point for emerging Iraq market Regional instability, and renewed concerns about terrorism Slowdown in US or global economy

Weaknesses Opportunities • • • • • • • •


Source: BMI report Q2 2006

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IT Companies in GCC

UAE BMI estimates that the UAE's software spending will boom from US$236mn in 2005 to US$471mn in 2010. The central geographic areas for the software industry are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, with global software companies drawn to the UAE’s free trade zones for tax-free, relatively unhindered competition. Outside of the free trade zones, however, the software market is fairly modest. The market will have a CAGR of 15% in 2005-2010. UAE IT Sector SWOT Strengths • • • Regional hub, at crossroads of Asia and the Middle East serving a potential market of almost 2bn people. One of the highest GDP per capita in the world, due to oil wealth. Excellent telecommunications and information technology infrastructure Good market access, with no significant trade barriers to the presence of foreign competitors. Government support, for example with Dubai Internet City project, and other free trade zones. Large expatriate business community helps drive sector development The cost of internet access is still very high. Price sensitive market, due to intense competition Outsourcing, with scheduled launch of Dubai Outsourcing Zone in 2006 CRM, and storage and security products E-learning market, as well as tourism and travel sector

Weaknesses Opportunities

• • • •


• • •

Competition from other emerging countries in the region such as Egypt • Global or US economic slowdown Source: BMI report June 2006

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IT Companies in GCC

Lebanon The software market is expected to grow significantly with the implementation of large government and projects, despite the continuing problem with piracy. BMI predicts a value of US$37mn in 2006, and a 2005-2010 CAGR of 11%. The software industry has received a boost recent years through the return of some of Lebanon’s own software companies, which had been operating out of Europe and the US, but are now moving substantial parts of their business back to Beirut. This is despite the fact that connecting to the internet can be hundreds of times more expensive due to the high costs of telecoms. The domestic software industry is highly export focused, with 1/3 of firms, according to a recent survey, getting 75% of all receipts from regional and Western markets. Leading Lebanese software companies tend to have a focus on banking, retail, education and trade. Some founding members of the national software association include: BML Istisharat. Lebanon IT Sector SWOT Strengths • • • Weaknesses • • Opportunities • • Threats • Retail, education, distribution and especially banking sectors fastest growing during forecast period. Economic reform and privatisation, attracting more FDI. Going into 2005 large companies and government departments should be looking to upgrade and replace existing PCs. Lack of overall government plan for ICT sector. High telecommunications costs, lack of high speed internet connections. IT literate, cosmopolitan and linguistically skilled workforce a draw for global vendors. Largest Levant market, well positioned for regional hub status. Market far from saturated, and one of fastest growing in Middle East.

Political instability Lack of political will to develop a national ICT strategy or tackle high levels of piracy. Source: BMI report Q2 2006

• •

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IT Companies in GCC

Saudi Arabia BMI predicts a software market value of US$460mn in 2006, up from US$441mn in 2005. With the evolution of the Saudi IT market, a stronger vendor focus on software spending is now being seen, especially as higher-than-expected oil revenues are fuelling spending on new systems. The domestic software market is therefore expected to grow significantly, driven by an increased focus by Saudi enterprises on more sophisticated solutions that still offer value for money. The CAGR for software revenues is expected to be in the region of 11%. The Saudi IT services market is expected to reach US$1bn in 2006, up from US$719mn in 2005. Support and maintenance accounted for more than 1/3 (US$252mn) of the 2005 figure. Growth is expected to be at a CAGR of 12% for the 2005-2010 period. Saudi Arabia IT Sector SWOT Largest regional IT market, with spending of US$2.3bn in 2005 • Maturing market, with growing demand of more sophisticated IT services including outsourcing. • Absence of competition in fixed line Weaknesses telecommunications is a constraint on the business environment, especially because it retards the growth of the internet. • Political inertia is an inhibitor of economic liberalisation and reform that would unleash IT Opportunities spending. • Strong economic growth and the high price of oil is fuelling spending in the non-oil private sector economy, as well as public sector organisations and enterprises. • The CITC ‘Home Computing Initiative’ will make it easier for up to 1mn Saudi families to own a PC. • Increasing focus on software spending. According to a recent survey of 160 companies, over 75% of manufacturing, services and trading companies in Threats Saudi Arabia are considering new deployments or upgrades of ERP solutions. • Vested interests will continue to block economic reforms and initiatives in key areas. • Current high oil prices will further delay drive to develop non-oil private economy. Source: BMI report Q2 2006 Strengths •

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IT Companies in GCC


Automated Systems Company ASCK.KW)

(Exchange - KUW :

Profile: • Company name • Incorporation Date • Paid-in Capital • Share Par Value • Issued Shares • Shares Outstanding

Automated Systems Co. June 6,1989 3.08 million Kuwaiti Dinars 100 Fils 30,8 million Shares 30,8 million Shares

Automated Systems Company, based in the State of Kuwait, was formed in 1989. ASC headquarters is in the State of Kuwait. The market capitalization as of January 2004 is $200 million. ASC is truly a 21st Century Company, the largest provider of Airlines & IT solutions in the Gulf region, and the only airline systems distribution company in Kuwait -- that made it a company with roots that can be traced to the beginnings of the IT & Airline business. This promise of a new competitive marketplace was a driving force behind ASC's formation. Services: ASC provides solutions in different inter-related areas: • • • • • • • • Airline Systems and Distribution . Enterprise Application Integration: Allows interaction of business applications between partners and alliances. Marketing & Loyalty Systems: Facilitates client recognition and one-to-one marketing as well as comprehensive data mining and analysis for decision support. Queuing Systems. Outsourcing. IT solutions. ASP- Application Service Provider. Reservation & Departure control system.

Business Reviews: During the current period of strong economic growth, especially in the Internet sector, ASC has gained significant opportunities and accelerated growth. - An influx of new business has overwhelmed the existing computing and telecommunication infrastructure. - Demands for new systems for the new web-based technology are very strong, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Page 7 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

- Young professionals in this new amalgamate of computers and communication has created a very favourable environment for aggressive companies such as ASC. ASC Competencies: • The company has 500 employees who can apply their in-depth knowledge and experience of the latest technologies to the airline and travel industry. • Customer base includes: Airlines, Travel Agents, Banks, Hospitals and Government organizations. • NDC of Galileo reservation system in the state of Kuwait. • Has worldwide alliances and cooperation with international corporations. • ASP - Application Service Provider. • Advanced solutions that address real IT industry challenges. 2. Hasibat Holding Company (Exchange - KUW : COMP.KW)

Profile: Hasibat Information Technologies Co. (HIT) is one of the leading providers of information technology (IT) solutions and services in the region. HIT combines best-of-breed products and technologies with local market industry knowledge and expertise to successfully address its customer’s strategic business challenges and opportunities. HIT was established in April 2004 as a Kuwaiti closed shareholding company with a capital of One Million Kuwaiti Dinars. HIT is a 100%owned subsidiary of Hasibat Holding Company. Hasibat Information Technologies Co. (HIT) Began providing IT solutions and services in Kuwait & the region in 1983 under the name Kuwait Computer Company (Hasibat). In March 2004, Kuwait Computer Company (Hasibat) was restructured and the name changed to Hasibat Holding Company (HHC) with the same capital of Hasibat, USD 18.75 Million. In April 2004, HHC established HIT, a 100% owned by Hasibat Holding Company, to take over Kuwait Computer Company activities to continue providing IT solutions & services. At HIT, we have developed and are aggressively pursuing a set of company principles. The Hasibat Principles are:

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IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • •

The marketplace is the driving force behind everything we do. At its core Hasibat is a solutions company with an overriding commitment to quality. Our primary measures of success are customer satisfaction and shareholder value. Our primary measures of success are customer satisfaction and shareholder value. Hasibat operates as an entrepreneurial organization with a minimum of bureaucracy and a never-ending focus on productivity. We never lose sight of our strategic vision as a business solutions provider.

Major project executed: Over the years, we have built up an excellent track record with over 20 major projects executed to clients range from medium to large scale organizations from government and private sector, and we have received appreciation letters and certificates of our quality work from our valued customers. Some of the major completed projects are: • • • • • • • • Project Office Management at Kuwait Finance House Workflow Implementation at Burgan Bank Internet Banking at Burgan Bank Implementation of various EFT Solutions at Burgan Bank Smart Building – City Tower Network Cabling Infrastructure at the Public Institute For Social Security Network Infrastructure For Burgan Bank (Al-Aseer Towers) Integration of Voice & Data at Investment Dar

Press Releases: May 14, 2006 - Kuwait Hasibat today announced the successful launch of a region –wide on line market place, developed by e-commerce service leader GulfTradaNet (GTN). The historical launch follows an agreement signed early last year by the Federation of GCC Chambers (FGCCC) with Nesma advanced technology set up to network under the GTN brand. GTN enables companies to buy and sell goods online and securely process all related documents. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which form the backbone of the region’s economies, particularly stand to benefit.

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IT Companies in GCC

Hasibat Holding Company was the first company to recognize the opportunities that GTN had to offer and came on board as a partner and distributor for Kuwait. “Hasibat is proud to be a part of this important BOT project for the Federation of GCC Chambers, the impact of which is already being felt across the region. Hasibat is an investor with 30 percent in the project. It is also the exclusive distributor for GTN services in Kuwait,” said Salem Al-Ghadhoori, General Manager Hasibat Holding at the press conference. “A wide range of Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Government services are available, opening a window for new partnerships to be formed not just with other GCC companies but internationally as well,” he continued. Highlighting the significance of GTN for the region Al-Ghadhoori said,” Internet use in the region has been growing tremendously in recent years. It went up 300% in the Middle East between 2000 and 2005 alone. And in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf’s largest economy, that figure has topped 1,000 percent. Currently, Kuwait has four licensed Internet Service Providers (ISP) and more than 50 sub-ISPs, estimates of total Internet users in Kuwait, range from 180,000 and up. “Kuwait, being one of the region’s main business centers, is an important component of the network and vital to its success,” said Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mulla - General Secretary of the Federation of GCC Chambers. “The Kuwaiti business community welcomes initiatives which promote the use of new technologies to foster and boost trade,” said Mr. Saud Al Zaid from the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce & Industry. GTN includes a host of state-of-the-art subscription-based services, including the Members Net database of over 325,000 GCC businesses, the Document Net exchange, Procurement Net, Auction Net and Tenders Net. “The impact of this new service is already being felt across the region, allowing members to save both time and money, all that is required to be plugged into GTN’s unique services and gain access to buyers and sellers all over the region and the world is an internet connected PC. That’s all, “said William Rowe, General Manager of GTN In his concluding remarks Al-Ghadhoori said,” Kuwait is an important regional business center and an integral part of GTN’s network. Page 10 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

Hasibat hopes that local business will take full advantage by this unique and powerful tool, which will certainly open new doors and form lasting partnerships that span across the globe.” Partners: Banking and finance: Synergy Financial Systems Ltd. Travel & Tourism: Sabre Inc. Automation: Samsung SDS Co. Ltd. And Daon Oil Industry: Globalserve Cross Industry: • Oracle Corporation • Network Associates, Inc. • 3Com Corporation • Viztel Solutions • Ultimus, Inc. • Microsoft Corporation • Hewlett-Packard Company • Geoffrey Industries. • Lucky Technologies • Braxtel Communications. • Secure Computing • Fujitsu Siemens. 3. Al Faris Information Technologies Company

Profile: Al-Faris Information Technologies Co. (Al-Faris) was founded in July 1988. Al-Faris Information Technologies Co. is the leader in delivering “Innovative eBusiness Solutions” for growing enterprises. We build scaleable and innovative eBusiness solutions that are based on "best of breed" technology with superior service that create massive economic results to the clients. We integrate our innovative open and flexible solutions of relationship management, electronic commerce and application hosting with our client corporate business and information system so they can capitalize on the Internet technologies to transform the way they support their customers, develop their markets, and build their business to stay competitive. Solutions: • Banking Solutions • Portal and eCommerce Solutions Page 11 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • •

Systems and Security Solutions Content Management Solutions Business Solutions

Products: iExchange - Branch Office Automation CRM Solution for Money Exchange Business iFinancials - Financial Management Suite of applications iCoop - Electronic Market-place for Consumer Goods eTajer - Electronic Market-place for Commercial Goods TrustedPay - End to end payment service MILS - Supply chain management solution for militar Financials: Al-Faris Information Technologies Company is a Kuwait Shareholding Company closed, well-funded organization with KWD 2 Million (US$ 6 Million) capital. Al-Faris experienced 50%+ revenue growth every year from 2000-2005. Our strategy is to maintain consistent, managed growth. Representative Clients: Central Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Stock Exchange, Kuwait Council of Ministrs, Boubyan Bank, Al-Muzaini Money Exchange Company, Kuwait National Petroluem Corporation, Kuwait University, Kuwait Ministry of Planning, Kuwait Ministry of Defense, Kuwait Ministry of Interior, Commercial Real Estate Company, Arkan Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company, Al-Khaleej Development (Tameer Bahrain), Qortuba Coop, and more. 4. Fast Telecommunications Company

FAST Telecommunication Co. W.L.L. was officially established in November 2000 under the rules of the State of Kuwait. FAST Telco is the first totally owned Kuwaiti Shareholding Company working in the Internet and Data-Communications fields. FAST Telco specializes in providing turnkey Internet and local and international Data-Communications solutions as well as Local and International termination services for foreign carriers. FAST Telco currently operates a network based on SDH / ATM / IP technologies, which allows FAST Telco to provide all current and future services with minimal delays. Page 12 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

The network covers the entire State of Kuwait and is co-located in all Ministry of Communication's local exchanges. FAST Telco has commissioned the fastest and most resilient backbone network in the entire Middle East. FAST Telco became one of the first Telecommunication Company to be awarded the prestigious Cisco Powered Network (CPN) in the entire Middle East. News: FAST Telco is the first totally owned Kuwaiti Shareholding Company providing local and international data communication services and international voice under license from the Ministry of Communication, State of Kuwait. FAST Telco specializes in providing turnkey Internet, local and international Data-Communications solutions as well as Local and International termination services for foreign carriers. FAST Telco currently operates a network based on High Speed Optical, ATM, IP technologies, which allows FAST Telco to meet customers current and future demand with Minimum delay. The network infrastructure covers the entire State of Kuwait with presence in all Ministry of Communication exchanges over resilient Fiber Optics backbone interconnecting all exchanges. FAST Telco is the Only TSP - Telecommunication Services Provider to be awarded the prestigious 'Cisco Powered Network' (CPN) status in the entire Middle East allowing it to provide the highest standard of services to local ISPs in the State of Kuwait. FAST Telco is more than simply an Internet service provider. Substantial investment in its advanced telecommunications network infrastructure with its technology partners, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems and Siemens, has allowed FAST Telco to build one of the most comprehensive telecommunications networks in Kuwait. 'This will allow Fast Telco to achieve its mission of becoming the preferred telecommunications and internetworking solutions provider of choice in Kuwait', added Mr. Sharif. Since it's establishment, FAST Telco has been committed to deliver to the state of Kuwait a very high standard of inter-networking solutions. FAST Telco has been selected as the networking solutions provider of choice to facilitate many corporate and government bodies in their Page 13 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

mission towards e-government. 'We have built a network of steel, we are here and we are ready' Mr. Sharif was quoted as saying when asked about FAST Telco's plans to go public. Appointed by the FAST Telco's Board of members as General Manager, Mr. Majeed Sharif accepted on the challenge to gear FAST Telco towards being the next generation center of communications for the region. 'True to our mission statement, we will aim to become the telecommunications and internetworking solutions provider of choice for the state of Kuwait.' Mr. Sharif added, 'We are the only TSP in the state of Kuwait and we will be able to deliver the best solutions to our corporate clientele and end users with an array of services never before delivered in Kuwait.' Internetworking helps us lead a better life, as witnessed in today's truly global and professional corporate world with more importance on high-geared educational institutions. It will align us to new thoughts and ideals leading to better efficiency and effectiveness in daily life like a e-education, e-commerce, ebooking, etc… closer online to end user. FAST Telco is providing Kuwaiti businesses and homes with a much needed quality network, based on world-class standards and systems: concluded Mr. Shari. 'We give customers what they demand from a quality telecommunications provider - speed, Reliability and Security'. 'We have established our goals for the modern power Internet user, not taking into account only business objectives but also a vision which we all share and that is 'the facilitation of the internetworking culture'. A very futuristic and progressive marketing effort will be required. But the good news is that we are fortunate to have our strategies inline with the government's and most importantly with the people's lifestyles and extremely sophisticated needs.', commented FAST Telco's - Marketing. 'We have already established our credibility by powering various government organizations, educational institutions and other large corporate players in the business, oil and finance sectors. Now the people are asking for our services and we are the only providers available to cater to their needs.' Added FAST Telco Marketing. ADSL is what the people desire and we have positioned ourselves to best deliver these services, content and applications. Our brand 'Xs Premium' would best reflect what you would have in mind. Page 14 of 61

IT Companies in GCC


Zajil Telecom

Profile: Kuwait base privately owns IT, Telecom, Internet Services and Telecommunications services provider Company. The company was established in 1991 and the total numbers of employees are 110. Services: Provision of local and international data communications infrastructure, networking and other telecommunication services Data • • • • • • services International private line (IPLC) xDSL ATM Freme Relay Leased line IP/VPN

Internet services • xDSL • Leased line • Zajil Wi-Fi Mobile services • Reuters Breaking News SMS • Al Azraq Sport News SMS Added value services • Managed Services • Video Streaming • Video Conferencing • Co-Location • Web Hosting • Domain Registration

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IT Companies in GCC


Comium Group

Profile: Lebanon base Joint stock privately owns company, established in 1992 and the total number or employees are 600. Comium is a Group of Engineering and Service companies specializing in Telecommunications. The Group is an acknowledged leader in the provision of telecommunication services in Lebanon and the MiddleEast. Over this short period, the breadth of expertise and knowledge has placed Comium among the major players in Lebanon and has raised the name of the company in the Middle-East. Comium Group owns majority shareholding of affiliated companies, with geographic coverage spreading over the Middle-East and offices in Europe and the Americas. Branches: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Nagorny Karabakh, Liberia, Poland, France, United States, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Armenia Services: Comium Group has developed expertise covering a comprehensive range of know-how and services, namely: • • • • • • • • • International Telephony, Voice Traffic, Termination GSM, PMR and cellular systems Telecommunication System Design and Integration ISP Set-up, operation and services Data services and VPN VSAT Terminals: installation, O&M Switching, Routing Outside Plant: fibre, Coaxial General Voice, Data and CCTV applications

7. Eastern solutions Profile: Page 16 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

Eastern Solutions a Kuwaiti base company founded in 2002, Eastern Solutions is a leading Global developer and marketer of internet and communication industry. We focus on providing Information Technology Solutions, Data Communication and High Speed Internet via Satellite Service, as well as delivery of turnkey solutions by integrating business requirements with technology solutions. Services: The demand for communication tools around the globe drives the demand for Voice Data Video services. The company provides powerful communication solutions for organization around the globe emphasizing on the MENA, Pakistan and Iran Regions. Enterprises are increasingly dependant on the Voice Data Video applications to provide tactical advantages that drive growth and profitability in this particular area. Direct SAT Directsat is a high Speed Internet via Satellite service which is available in two options Unidirectional and Bidirectional. The service offers Internet access speeds up to 10 times faster than dial-up modem speeds, targeting clients who require reliability, performance, time and cost efficiency. Omni Globe networks Broadband Internet access offers customers the ability to quickly download emails, pictures and web pages as well as enjoy "valueadded" services such as voice-over-IP and video downloads. • • • • • Instant broadband infrastructure, creating 30km wireless "hotspots" Direct access to the North American Internet backbone Accelerated and optimized access Secure communications and applications such as Web browsing, Email and VoIP Full 24/7 support, both at the local level, through strategic partners, and at the Gateway

Turnkey solutions The company scope of service is in the VOICE - DATA - VIDEO field Networking

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IT Companies in GCC


Path solutions

Profile: Established in 1992, Path Solutions offers a comprehensive range of software products, outsourcing and consulting services that address the whole spectrum of the global finance industry and in specific the Islamic Finance industry. At Path Solutions, we help financial institutions leverage the use of Information Technology to enable them to achieve comparative competitive advantage and to enhance their customer focus and responsiveness. Area of focus: Path's offering consists of integrated solutions for the following major business segments: • • • • • Investment Banking and Funds Managers, Consumer Financing companies, Islamic Commercial Banking , Islamic Investment Banking and Fund Management, Islamic Retail Consumer Finance companies

Solutions: Enterprise Banking & Investment System eBIS is an enterprise banking and investment system addressing the whole spectrum of the commercial as well as the investment banking, via a single and yet modular, highly integrated front, middle and back office system. Islamic Banking & Investment System iMAl is a new generation of comprehensive enterprise Islamic banking and investment system addressing the in-depth business functionality and the state of the art technology in a single, highly integrated front, middle and back office system; providing an effective Straight Through Processing-STP. iMAl is based completely on the Sharia guidelines and in full compliance with the AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions) and IAS (International Accounting Standards) Standards. Islamic Retail Consumer Finance

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IT Companies in GCC

is designed and developed on the basis and principals of Islamic Sharia for consumer financing activities, mainly Murabaha, Musawamah and Ijara. With Islamic Retail Consumer Finance, the organization will be able to position itself strongly for quick response-from initiation to completion of the sales transaction, including collection, administration and control. The solution also provides the client with the ability to manage assets and liabilities effectively to maximize yield for the organization and for the contributors. On the operational front, Islamic Retail Consumer Finance automates the following: • CIF management. • Credit authorization data capture. • Sales and purchase transaction. • Installment and contract management. • Collection and legal escalation. • On-line credit approval with full workflow cycle. • Reconciliation with third parties (banks, funds, etc.) Mobile Banking Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace eBIS*Anywhere is a mobile banking solution that empowers the bank employees and customers to view their accounts, and their investments. The system offers information on the move, and provides the user with a drill down facility up-to the transaction level on their Pocket PCs, i.e. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace. The system enables the customers to process the required transactions, such as account transfers, investment and divestment orders. Internet Banking Advanced Security Framework, personalization, wireless access eBIS*Connect is an Enterprise Internet banking solution that caters for Investment banking, corporate banking, and retail banking based on bank policies. Customers can process the required transactions and generate queries and reports such as: account position, account transfer, financial facility request & inquiry, restricted investment order & position, Letter of credit opening & inquiry, etc. Investment Banking eBIS*Assets is a comprehensive portfolio, fund, and asset management system that caters for front office to back office operations and related reporting queries.

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IT Companies in GCC

Direct Investment eBIS*DirectInvest is a vertical module that caters for special investments such as Private equity placements, Rentals, REITS, SelfLending. etc. The system caters for subscriptions, redemptions, registrations, SPVs, and balance sheets. The system offers tremendous reporting and analysis. Business Intelligence Profitability, Risk Management, Sales Analysis & Ratio Analysis. eBIS*BI helps efficiently create the intelligence required to reduce costs, manage risk and proactively respond to the changes and needs of the ever-growing market. Services: • Project Management • Training & Implementation • Business Consultancy • System Administration • On-Site Support • Customization Clients: • Boubyan Bank, Kuwait Islamic Commercial Bank • Amar Finance & Leasing, Kuwait Investment Conventional • Amana Investments Ltd, Sri Lanka Islamic Investment • Muthanna Investment Co, Kuwait Islamic Investment • Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait, Bahrain Islamic Commercial • Ahli United Bank, Bahrain, Qatar Islamic Commercial Bank • Kuwait Real Estate Bank, Kuwait Islamic Commercial Bank News: Path Solutions has been ranked the world's number One dedicated Islamic Banking System vendor for 2005 in the influential International Banking Systems Annual Sales League Table Path Solutions, on March 4, 2006, announced that IBS, International Banking Systems, gave Top recognition to PATH SOLUTIONS by placing it first as BEST selling Page 20 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

truly Islamic banking software vendor, and the 8th Worldwide in Retail System Vendors, in its annual Sales league Table. IBS Publishing is recognized to be the industry’s leading honor because it is determined solely by a worldwide annual survey of sales of banking solutions, including universal, corporate, Islamic, retail and private banking. "Financial institutions depend on quality and consistency in products to help build their business reputations, so they have a vested interest in the software solutions we produce. This recognition validates Path Solutions Islamic product line, and the selection for Best Selling Islamic Banking Software vendor endorses the effectiveness of our strategy in making significant, innovative contributions to the Islamic financial sector. Over the last 15 years, regional banks have adopted our iMAL Software Solution and our customers were very pleased with its capabilities”, explained Mr. Ahmed El Sager, Chairman of Path Solutions. “Our partners do business in a highly competitive environment, and Path Solutions has always focused on helping them to differentiate their offerings through technology innovation and effective market products”, added Mr. El Sager. “ It is very gratifying to be recognized by such a reliable magazine. I believe this recognition will allow us to further our business progress”. About iMAL, Islamic Banking and Investment System iMAL is a new generation of comprehensive enterprise , Islamic banking and investment system addressing the in-depth business functionality and the state-of-art technology in a single highly integrated front, middle and back office system, to provide an effective Straight Through Processing-STP. iMAL is based completely on the Shariah guidelines and is in full compliance with the AAOIFI and IAS standards.

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IT Companies in GCC


Arabian Network Information Services

Profile: Bahrain base limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 1993 and the total numbers of employees are 35. Solutions: Anis aspires to develop core offerings in selling solutions that straddle the telecoms and IT markets. Its approach to market is to provide a complete end-to-end offering for clients. Our client offerings cover the full service lifecycle: consulting, design, development and implementation of ICT solutions; management of client networks and applications. • • • • • • • • Consulting & Professional Services Multi Channel Integration Managed Infrastructure Value added management Security, Protecting your reputation Secure your physical infrastructure High Performance Networking Assemble your network

Products: • Business Continuity • Collaboration/Messaging • Data Centre • Desktop and Systems • IP Contact Centre • IP Telephony • Network Solutions • Security-Enterprise • Security-Physical • Self Service • Server and Storage • Structured Cabling • VoIP • Wireless Solutions • Workforce Management

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IT Companies in GCC


Computer and Communications Systems

Profile: Jordan base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. Computer & Communications Systems Limited (CCS) was founded in Jordan as a Systems Integrator and Turn-Key solutions provider. CCS' focus is on the specific business areas of Retail Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Education and Police and Security Solutions. The total numbers of employees are 200. CCS has successfully implemented complete IT solutions in the following countries: Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Gambia, UK, Turkey, Nigeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Greece, Belgium, Bahrain, Oman, Syria, Algeria, Malta & many more. Support: • Operating system support services • Database support service • Networking support service • Security support services Solutions: • Banking and finance CCS provides modern solution methods which can be used in their own right or combined with other applications in order to achieve full system integration within an enterprise. They are designed to pull everything together, from the inception of an accounting event through to detailed general ledger postings, so as to achieve fast and regular reporting of information between different departments. Every user would thereafter be able to receive integrated and consistent data. In addition, such flexible technology infrastructures will be matched to business strategies for more back-office efficiency. This is will in the long term facilitate and speed up operations, bring the average costs down and give rise to scalable, reliable systems which will be able to react quickly to changes in the market place. • • • Police Education Hospital and health care

Products: University automation Page 23 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

CCS is proud to have been part of developing the people and future of the Middle East, establishing Centres of Excellence at Balqaa University with the use of labs from Electronica Veneta, using real industrystandard components to allow all students to assemble, disassemble and simulate all aspects of real work using real equipment of the kind required in commercial environments Mechatronic Labs: a fusion of mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines, using laboratory machines that guide students through each stage of the real assembly and maintenance of different technologies and machine Autotronic Labs: Automatible diagnostics and maintenance. Bank • • • • • • • • maintenance, fault simulation,

automation modules and features at their own convenience, define and launch new products and services generate reports and enquiries quickly. Designed to meet the information processing and management challenges of the 21st century, BANKS comes with a comprehensive set of integrated functions: 24/7 banking through a variety of delivery channels (Branches, Internet, Phone, Mobile, ATM & POS). Straight Through Processing (STP) offering End-to End eventdriven processing capabilities. Open architecture fully interfacing with existing information technology infrastructures (S.W.I.F.T., Telex, Reuters, etc.). Comprehensive security features (including BS 7799 Security Protocols) built into the software to manage system access, enforce confidentiality of information, ensure data integrity and contain frauds.

Hospital automation The CARE system supports the latest emerging Healthcare trends (including Web-enabled features, International Classification of Disease ICD for on-line diagnosis tools, etc.) to allow healthcare providers to do more advanced work, and to start using the system almost immediately. The system is parametric, bilingual and integrated with international Financial and ERP systems. Information can be linked between every department in the organization and between numerous different hospitals running the CARE software, locally and worldwide.

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IT Companies in GCC

Police automation • Introduction • Command & Control Information System • Aliens & Borders Control System • Automatic Fingerprint Identification System • Vehicles & Drivers Licensing System • Parking Fine Systems Bank consulting: With over 26 years experience in consulting, banking and banking IT, CCS provides a strong range of services to banks and banking IT companies. 11. Eskadenia Software Solutions

Profile: Jordan base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 2000 and the total numbers of employees are 55. ESKADENIA Software Solutions was established in Amman-Jordan, in June 2000, with the objective to be a world-class software enterprise in the fields of Telecommunications, Internet and Enterprise Solutions. ESKADENIA is owned and has been established by telecomm and IT professionals with a wide experience and contact network in the global ICT market. Products: Enterprise Software Solutions: • ESKADENIA Business Manager (ERP) • ESKADENIA Insures (General, Medical and Life Insurance) • ESKADENIA Workflow • ESKADENIA CRM (Customer Relationship Management) • Telecommunications Billing Solutions: ESKADENIA BCRM (Billing & Customer Relationship Management) ESKADENIA Mediation Gateway Wireless Solutions • EWMS (ESKADENIA Wireless Messaging Service) • EMMC (ESKADENIA Multimedia Messaging Centre (MMS-C) Page 25 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• •

TUNED (ESKADENIA Multi-Access Portal) ECSOM (ESKADENIA Customer Service Online Module)

Internet Solutions E-Commerce Solutions Portals & Website Development ESKADENIA CMS (Content Management) DenisSchool (E-Schooling & School Management) News: ESAKDENIA, Amman, Jordan, September, 2006 ESKADENIA Interconnect presents an advanced web-enabled tool to seamlessly manage the complex processes of settling commercial transactions between carriers providing interconnect services. The new product features support the management of carriers, price plans, rating, invoices, reconciliation, and interconnect revenue sharing. All system features are accessible through an easy-tounderstand and use Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows users to perform daily transactions smoothly and effectively. The system also offers real-time web-based access for partners to securely log-in through a secured Internet connection to check sent/ received calls and durations. They can also review invoice details, settlements, balances and agreements. Moreover, the system comes with a powerful reporting engine that supports standard and custom-report generation. ESKADENIA Interconnect provides powerful real-time rating capabilities to cater for existing and next-generation services including SMS and MMS traffic in addition to traditional voice traffic for complex multi-step and multi-component rating rules. Built on a flexible architecture, ESKADENIA® Interconnect can be easily customised according to the latest market practices and customer needs. The system is a fully scalable system that supports global interconnect regulations; it can be adjusted to meet the market dynamics such as adding new traffic types and services. The system is built over the latest HP signalling technology - the OCSAC platform – which acts as a Service Control Point (SCP), performing service control between the network and the prepaid billing system in real time. “ESKADENIA has applied latest technologies in the field of telecom Page 26 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

billing to develop a seamless interconnect system that can manage and control much more complex settlement scenarios”, explained Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA. He added, “The importance of maintaining accurate interconnect billing is becoming crucial for telecom operators, as the number of carriers, and their associated traffic, pricing scenarios, and interconnect agreements is increasing”. ESKADENIA, Amman, Jordan, July, 2006 (Signing the contract, from the left: Ms Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director of ESKADENIA, Mr Nael Salah, Managing Director of ESKADENIA; Dr Waleed Nassan, CEO of Awraq Investments; Ms Noor Tabbalat, Marketing & Sales Executive.) As part of its debut preparations to position itself into the investment sector, Awraq Investments has chosen ESKADENIA for the development of its dynamic website. The website project has been perfectly studied to be in complete synergy with Awraq's marketing strategies, delivering the right message, and targeting the right audience inside and outside Jordan. Awraq's unique presence over the internet,, provides comprehensive details about the investment company, its various departments and its activities. Dynamic control of content is maintained through the Administration site which provides the necessary tools to easily and regularly update the Research, Asset Management, and News sections without the need for technical or design experiences. The website is efficiently interactive to enhance communication between Awraq and its clients and/or potential clients with the widest selection of content management tools. Awraq's site contains a well-run brokerage section that provides up-todate information on the local, regional, and international stock markets, automatically streamed from specialised official stock markets sites; thus, investors can always be kept abreast of the markets developments online. Furthermore, investors who visit the sight have access to a wealth of information on Jordanian shareholding companies covering stock prices, corporate actions, accounting information, and other related indicators. Moreover, users registered to the site can securely access private areas using their authenticated usernames and passwords; Word format papers/PDFs and some charts and papers/reports of most recent financial market researches also available for registered users Page 27 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

to download upon logging in. In addition, logged in users can check and review their portfolio statements in a customised manner. Both the end-user website and the Administration site have been structured, designed and developed by ESKADENIA. "We are happy to have partnered with ESKADENIA to develop Awraq’s website in a way that is custom-tailored to serve our investors in the most efficient and convenient manner.", said Dr. Waleed Nassan, CEO of Awraq Investments. "We are very much pleased to be chosen by Awraq and the Cairo Amman Bank, and we hope that this project will be an outset for offering software solutions within the investment sector in the near future", said Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software Solutions. 12. Future Applied Computer Technology

Profile: Jordan base limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 1998 and the total numbers of employees are 80. As a world class Islamic Financial Solutions provider, Future Applied Computer Technology (FACT) is today a globally respected entity with a worldwide network of clients and partners. Our Solutions have been successfully implemented in many leading Islamic banks, Islamic insurance companies and financial institutions across the region. Services: • Networking • Training • Support • IT consultant Products: • Banking Islamic banking E-banking • Insurance • ERT Page 28 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

Financial Human resources Clients: • Jordan Islamic Bank Jordan • Agriculture Credit Corporation Jordan • Islamic Insurance Company Jordan • Arab German Insurance Company Jordan • Ministry of Water & Irrigation Jordan • Ministry of Finance Jordan • Ministry of Social Development Jordan • Arab Aluminum Co. Jordan • Arabian Steel Pipes Manufact. Co. Jordan • Jordan Int’l Trade Center Jordan • Petra University Jordan • ART Jordan • STS Jordan • AL-Ameen Consulting Group Jordan • AL-Ameen Investment Co. Jordan • Kurdistan International Bank Iraq • Sahara Insurance Company Libya • Barakah Bank Sudan • AL-Nelein Bank Sudan • AL-Salam Bank Sudan • Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co. (AMAN) UAE • AL-Nelein Bank UAE • AL-Aqsa Islamic Bank Palestine • Egyptian Saudi Finance House Egypt

News: "Al – Salam" Bank Signing Three Agreements with Future Applied Computer Technology (FACT); To provide the Bank with Islamic Banking Package, e-Banking Services and ATM Thursday, the 13th of Jan 2005 has witnessed signing three agreements in Amman – Jordan, between "Al – Salam" bank and FACT, according to which, FACT will provide the bank with the Islamic Banking package "BanXware 3.2/OraBank", the e-Banking services "FACT e-Banking" and the electronic transactions processing system "FastCash-ATM Network"; in order to fully automate all operations of this bank, which has been recently established in Sudan during 2004. These solutions shall enhance the bank's position and capabilities to Page 29 of 61

IT Companies in GCC







Mr. Hussein Mohammad Al – Meeza, a founding member of "Al – Salam" bank, has expressed the founding board's interest to run all banking operations in accordance with the Islamic Sharia principles, which allows provision of effective and comprehensive solutions of banking finance and investment operations. Mr. Al – Meeza has also emphasized that choosing FACT's Islamic Banking solutions, came as a result of the success stories and the remarkable experience, which FACT benefits in applying extensive technical solutions for Islamic banking and Islamic insurance sectors; in addition to successful application of such solutions at various locations in the region. On the other hand, Mr. Nabil As’ad, Vice Chairman of FACT, has expressed FACT's great pleasure for being selected to provide inclusive solutions for full automation of "Al – Salam" bank's operations. Mr. As’ad has also said that FACT is so proud of this favoring and great trust by such an ambitious banking establishment, which is characterized by enhancing the Islamic banking, and raising the joint Arabic economic business. Mr. Jamal Foudeh, Marketing & Sales Manager at FACT, has pointed out that signing these agreements with "Al – Salam" bank, comes as a special step forward in FACT's progress towards spreading out its applications and solutions in the Islamic banking sector. Establishing "Al – Salam" bank with a capital of $ 100.000.000 was previously announced during a press-conference in Al-Khartoum – Sudan, attended by founding members Mr. Hussein Mohammad Al – Meeza and Mr. Mohammad Omeir bin Yousef. Mr. Al – Meeza has said: "This investment comes while Sudan is witnessing a great economic leap, and a hopeful investing climate for Arabic and foreign capitals and investments. It's also an initiative of Arab and gulf business men, as a response to Arabs economic integration and cooperation invitations". Al – Meeza has also added: "Establishing "Al – Salam" bank in Sudan is meant to enhance Arabic countries utilization of Arabic capitals and investments, and also as contribution in developing the Sudanese banking services sector".

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IT Companies in GCC

Bahwan CyberTek Profile: Oman base limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. Companies from the fringes of the world economy could become global players with organizational confidence, clear strategy, passion for learning, and the leadership to bring these factors together. With this strong belief, Bahwan CyberTek Group (BCT), established in 1999 and assessed as an SEI CMMi level 5 organisation has emerged to become a significant player in Global IT solutions and services market, and is fast emerging as a world-class business transformation company. Products: • Cuecent BPMS Software Production Platform • Cuecent Cashswitch • Financial Services Metamediary • Cuecent Payswitch Electronic bill presentment & payment solution • Cuecent FPMS Integrated solution for comprehensive investment management • Cuecent Channel Manager Integrated solution for growing banking needs Bahwan CyberTek an amalgamation of unique products and strategic solutions, offers it's customers best-in-breed products under the brand name "Cuecent", to achieve dramatic increases in employee productivity, return on assets, customer service and operating margins. Cuecent (Customer+centric) aptly symbolizes Bahwan CyberTek's core philosophy of "customer centricism". Targeted at verticals like the Banking and Financial Industry, the Corporate and Government worlds, the products open up new revenue streams for adapters. Services: • Business Transform Management • Oracle e-Biz Suite • Cuecent Enterprise • Fleet Management Solution • Integrated Billing & Customer Care • Offshore Development Centre • Migration Services • Professional Services • BCT Consulting • Offshore Development Page 31 of 61


IT Companies in GCC

• • • •

Business Transformation Banking & Financial Services Corporate Government Government & Public Services • Dubai eGovernment (e-Government Services) • Government of Oman - Sanad Citizen Services (e-Government Services) • Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Oman • Petroleum Development of Oman • Ministry of Finance, Oman • Ministry of National Economy, Oman • Muscat Municipality, Oman • OCIPED, Oman • Ministry of Water (Sohar Development Office), Oman • Ministry of Oil & Gas, Oman Enterprise • Telecom • OmanTel • British Petroleum • Invensys • Captura • Cadence • Capitalone • Timken • Collabria • Techspan • MRF • Coca-Cola • Siechem • DATS • BHEL • Hero Honda • Tata

Clients: Banking & Financial Services • Bank Muscat • Mustafa & Jawad Exchange Company LLC • Commercial Bank of Oman, Sultanate of Oman • Ministry of Finance, Oman • Bank Dhofar Al Omani Al Fransi • Al Omaniya Financial Services • Ministry of National Economy, Oman • Sri Lanka Express Exchange LLC • Oman Bangladesh Exchange LLC • Emirates Bank • National Bank of Oman • Bank One • Hartford Financial Services • Strong Finance

JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS: The following joint venture companies have been formed so far: • Infoline • Bahwan Exel

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IT Companies in GCC


Industrial Management Technology and Contracting

Profile: Oman base limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Computer and peripherals Company. The company was established in 1984 and the total number or employees are 200. Founded in 1984, IMTAC is part of the Renaissance Services SAOG, the largest services company listed on the Muscat Securities Exchange. With over 4,000 staff, IMTAC's holding company operates in the Gulf region providing technology, training and education, mass communication and catering & industrial services. Services: IT Solutions: IMTAC is a pioneer in the Middle East region in delivering and supporting comprehensive turn-key solutions in IT applications and infrastructure; catering to the needs of a spectacularly wide range of industries. • IT Infrastructure • Customer Service • Data Center • Enterprise App. Integration • Managed Services • Converged Networking • Enterprise Resource Planning • Business Intelligence Mgmt. Healthcare: IMTAC Healthcare Solutions is focused on providing leading edge technology solutions to Healthcare providers. By successfully leveraging IT services competence and domain competence in the Healthcare vertical, IMTAC has emerged as a leading Systems Integrator and Implementer of Enterprise Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Human Resources & Financial Management Systems (HRFMS) for Healthcare Providers and Radiology Information Systems (RIS/PACS). • Medical Systems • Healthcare Informatics • Healthcare Manufacturing • Managed Services Banking and financial:

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IT Companies in GCC

IMTAC's Banking and Financial Services SBU is engaged in providing its valued clients business solutions to achieve Operational efficiencies and meet the compliance requirements in the wake of ever increasing regulatory pressures. • Core Banking • Anti Money Laundering • Business Assurance/Analytics • Enterprise Risk Mgmt. • Business Intelligence • Integration Services Transportation solutions: Organizations in the transportation business are looking at revamping their IT portfolio to provide state-of-the-art applications, coupled with the benefits of back-office processing that can provide a seamless interface to all stakeholders across the value chain. • Integrated Planning and Mgmt. • Waste management systems • Mobile Parking Systems • Integrated security solution: • Image to Intelligence • Banking Solutions • Retail Loss Prevention • Biometric Systems • Partnerships Special projects: The company's impressive multi-disciplined team of engineers, designers, project managers and quality controllers provide a wide range of services – from initial feasibility studies to implementation and hand-over. 15. BML Istisharat

Profile: Lebanon base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. BML Istisharat is a recognized provider of Banking Insurance and ERP software products with more than 60% of revenues derived from exports to the U.S., Western Europe and the Middle East, international acceptance characterizes BML Istisharat products.

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IT Companies in GCC

More than 300 clients worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, are achieving their business goals, using BML Istisharat proven solutions. Foundation: Headcount: Capital: Auditors: Bankers: Commercial Register: 1972 100+ 1.200.000 US$ BDO Fiduciaire du Moyen Orient Societe Generale (SGBL), Citibank RCB 66761

Services and products: ICBS Integrated Computerized Banking System : an integrated, interactive software system designed to handle, manage and control commercial banking operations, both retail and wholesale. ICBS is available on both Oracle and IBM AS/400 versions. CIRIS Computerized Insurance and Reinsurance Integrated System: a system designed for the management of insurance companies. It is a fully developed system covering all company operations including policy administration, underwriting with different lines of business, claims, reinsurance, statistics and accounting. LIRIS Life Insurance and Reinsurance Integrated System : caters for the management of conventional life policies as well as for unit link policies for individuals or groups. It is a fully developed system covering all company operations including: general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and cost accounting, clients administration, policy administration and claims reinsurance premiums commissions , management information reports. IMAD Industrial Management and Distribution System : a fully integrated computer software that processes automatically and comprehensively accounting and operating data, and supplies meaningful and timely Managerial data for manufacturing and distribution companies.


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IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Page 36 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • • • • • •


16. Advanced Communications and Electronic Systems Company Profile: Saudi Arabia base Limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Design and turnkey Project Company. The company was founded in 1994 with a particular focus on developing and distributing total solutions in the selected areas of telecommunications & information technology. ACES has been involved in building of GSM network, VHF/UHF TETRA networks, point to - point & multipoint Microwave links, installation of optical fibers, deploying video conferencing & distance learning solutions, and providing operators with sophisticated network QoS (Quality of Service) monitoring & management tools. Key Features:

ISO9001-2000 certified Page 37 of 61

IT Companies in GCC
• • • •

A turnover in excess of 50 million Saudi Riyals A team of over 150 dependable professionals Involvement in numerous varied telecommunications projects through out the kingdom Head office in Riyadh, with permanent offices in Jeddah, Makkah, Medina & Dammam

Services: Fix network ACES provides high quality, standardized, and cost-effective planning, design, implementation and maintenance services for fixed telecommunications network. The range of the services includes:
• • • • • • • • • •

Project management Planning and design services Network infrastructure engineering Civil works engineering Fiber optics engineering DC power & inverters Wireless local loops Site Preparation Technical specification Maintenance

Mobile network ACES service structure is based on a four stage generic model incorporating the planning, design, implementation and maintenance phases. Services in each phase are underpinned by key project management functions e.g. tracking, control, coordination and management reporting. The service structure gives the client the flexibility to assign ACES full project on turnkey basis or part of the project. The services are broadly structured as: • Consultancy, Design & Planning • Infrastructure Rollout • Post-Implementation Services Clients:

STC (Saudi Telecom. Co.). Page 38 of 61

IT Companies in GCC
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ericsson. NOKIA. Lucent Technologies. MODA (Ministry of Defense and Aviation). Saudi ARAMCO. SCECO. RSAF: (Royal Saudi Air Force). SANG (Saudi Arabian National Guard). NIC: (National Information Center). King Faisal Foundation. Saudi American Bank. Riyadh Bank. Chamber of Commerce. Abdullateef Jameel. Group. King Saud University. King Khalid University. King Abdul Aziz Military Academy.


Algosaibi Information Systems

Profile: Saudi Arabia base Limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. Established in 1993, Al Gosaibi Information Systems (AGIS) is a leading provider of IT solutions throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Working closely with over 200 customers in the region, AGIS operates from offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. Enriched with more than a decade of experience, AGIS offers world-class solutions from global IT companies along with technical expertise and in-depth business knowledge. AGIS is part of the Khalifa A. Algosaibi Holding Company(Annual Turnover: $600M, Employees: 3,500), a pioneering Saudi business group that, among other things, is one of the largest food distribution companies in Saudi Arabia; co-founded the Gulf’s first airline, Gulf Air, and operates one of the largest commercial diving companies in the world.

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IT Companies in GCC

Offering a comprehensive, hands-on approach to clients, AGIS caters to diverse IT requirements through providing key services including Systems Integration, Networking, Security Solutions, Storage Solutions, ERP Consulting, Training, Implementation, and Support as well as the provision of complete turnkey projects by sourcing and integrating all the required elements of total solutions. Services: Business solutions:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Microsoft Navision, Sage Line 200, Sage Line 500, Microsoft Axapta Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Saleslogix,


Microsoft CRM
• •

Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) – Datalinx Point of Sales (POS) – Microsoft Retail Management System (MRMS) Business Intelligence (BI) – Crystal Reports Business Process Management – IDS Scheer Storage and Content Delivery – Network Appliance

• • •

Networking solutions:

Networking– Network Appliance, Cisco Systems and Foundry Networks Security Solutions – Iron Mail, Sophos Property Management – CMS Hospitality

• •

Industry solutions:
• • • •

Financial Services Manufacturing Hospitality Shipping

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IT Companies in GCC



Profile: Saudi Arabia base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. The company was established in January 1992 (as a merger between Advanced Computer Technology (ACT), Elite Computer Solutions and NewTek Solutions International). The total numbers of the company employees are 400. Services: • Banking and finance • Oil and Gas • Telecommunication • Government • Military and Defense • Education • Health Products and offering: Industry specific solutions • Core and retail banking • E-banking • Payments and STP • Anti-money laundering • Investment banking and IPO solutions • Capital market • Risk management • EMV Migration solutions and services • ATM and card management • Billing and customer care • Gov. Financial system • Health care applications • Education system Customer management • CRM • Contact centers • Data warehousing • Business intelligence Business infrastructure • ERP • EAI & MW Page 41 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • •

BPA & BPR EPM & PMO Work force management Business continuity and disaster recovery Document management Business services management Security management

News: 16 May 2006 Dubai: eHosting DataFort, the regional leader in managed hosting, technology and IT security services, has signed an agreement with Ejada Systems, one of the largest integrated IT services and solutions providers in the Middle East and North Africa, to partner in delivering business continuity solutions to companies in the region. Under the deal, Ejada Systems and DataFort will work together to provide business continuity solutions based on Strohl Systems software. BIA Professional 4.0, Strohl's business impact analysis software provides a detailed picture of financial and operational vulnerabilities, impacts and recovery strategies. Dr Saeed Al Barwani, CEO of eHosting DataFort said: "Through this partnership with Ejada Systems, we plan to offer best-of-breed business continuity solutions and consultancy to the regional market. Companies in the region looking to drive competitive advantage need to function in an IT environment that mitigates any kind of threat to their business. This is why business continuity solutions are crucial to a company's business strategy. " he added. 05 July 2006 DUBAI -- Saudi Economic and Development Company (Sedco) recenlty announced, a new investment in Ejada Systems Company Limited (Ejada), a leading IT Services & Solutions provider in Middle East & North Africa. Sedco has acquired a 30 per cent stake in Ejada, supporting the company with additional capital for growth and potential acquisitions in the region. Ejada was created in early 2005 by merging the businesses of Advanced Computer Technology (ACT), Network Solutions International (Network) and Elite Computer Solutions (Elite) creating one of the largest IT services & solutions companies in the region with enhanced capabilities to provide world-class IT services and solutions Page 42 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

to organisations in the banking & finance, oil and gas, in addition to telecommunication, heath, education, military & defense sectors and governments in the region. Sedco's investment in Ejada is geared towards creating the first regional IT Services & Solutions provider in the Middle East & North Africa having the benefit of broad geographic and offering coverage. Ejada has already demonstrated strong growth since the merger, expanding its customer base and winning a number of key contracts from new clients including the government. The additional capital provided by Sedco will allow the company to expand its operations in the region and position it to acquire a larger share of the rapidly growing IT sector in Saudi Arabia and across the region. 19. International Systems Engineering

Profile: Saudi Arabia base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 1988 and the total number or employees are 40. Over the past 15 years, ISE successfully participated in a significant number of large-scale strategic programs in the Defense & Aviation sector, such as the Peace Shield, SAWARI II, Peace Sentinel, King Fahad International Airpot (KFIA), and Advanced Simulation Systems programs. In addition, ISE completed a number of sophisticated projects in the banking, government, and private sectors. ISE's execution - of such programs and projects - helped developing its experiences and capabilities, to provide professional solutions and efficient services to meet the needs of large-scale technology related projects. Services: • Defense and Aviation • C4I system • Simulation solutions and services • Business application • Total security solutions • IT infrastructure and implementation support • IT consulting services • Integrated logistics system Page 43 of 61

IT Companies in GCC


Operation support system

Partners: • Boeing • BAE systems • Microsoft • Lucent technologies • Norconsult • Raytheon • THALES News: 22 July 2004 RIYADH -- Saudi Arabia's industrial capability in the aviation sector is being showcased for the first time at a major international aerospace event, with the mounting of a special Saudi exhibit at this year's Farnborough Air Show in the UK, which opened on Monday. The six-company Saudi display is located at the BAE Systems' pavilion at the event that ends tomorrow. Companies taking part are Al-Salam Aircraft Company, Aircraft Accessories and Components Company, Advanced Engineering Company, Saudi Development and Training and International Systems Engineering, aside from the Saudi operations of BAE Systems. "The Saudi stand demonstrates the achievements of organizations in the Kingdom in taking steps toward self-sufficiency in manufacturing, maintenance and repair of civil, military and training aircraft," Damian Turner, executive director BAE Systems in Saudi Arabia, said. "We think quite a few heads will be turned," he said. The progress made by Saudi Arabia in the industrial sector has gone largely unheralded in the international marketplace. In addition to the ability to carry out repair and maintenance of operational and training aircraft, organizations in the Kingdom are also taking steps toward original component design and manufacture and aircraft assembly. "Clearly, there is still a long way to go before the country achieves all its aims, but the fact that most of the basic infrastructure for developing self-sufficiency is in place may surprise some commentators," he added.

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IT Companies in GCC


National Technology Group

Profile: Saudi Arabia base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 1984 and the total number or employees are 500. Services: National Technology Group (NTG) is a multi-national conglomerate group with over 20 specialized ICT businesses in addition to direct and joint venture operations in the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka and USA with headquarter in Saudi Arabia. NTG’s core practices include providing services around Microsoft technologies, providing skilled information technology (IT) resources on contract basis, Web development activities, internet access, hosting and value added services, building IT infrastructure, maintenance services and infrastructure support, including managing clients’ IT infrastructure under ITIL framework. As a regional ICT group, NTG supports its various operations with a purchasing and support center in Chicago, USA. It has over 500 IT professionals. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Banking Application Solutions E-Commerce Solutions E-mail management Solutions EPM Solutions ERP Solutions Interactive Center Solutions Internet Solutions Knowledge Management Solutions Main Frame Migration Security Solutions Stock Market Solutions Storage Solutions Strategic Planning Solutions

Clients: • Saudi Aramco • Saudi Telecom Co. • Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) Page 45 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Abdul Lateef Jameel Dallah Al-Baraka Saudi Arabian National Guard Royal Saudi Air Force SCECO Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Banque Saudi Fransi Al-Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation SAMBA Bank Saudi Hollandi Bank Saudi British Bank Riyad Bank Saudi Investment Bank Arab National Bank National Commercial Bank Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority Ministry Of Education KFUPM KACST Ministry of interior Supreme Commission of Tourism

Subsidiaries: • Arabic Computer Systems LTD. • MUBASHER • Mubasher Trade • Arabsoft Co. • Advanced Integrated Media (AIM) • Net Advantage (NetAd) • System Integration Co. • Direct Distribution Co. • One Card • Getronics Middle East • Jeel Internet Solutions • Easy Finance Co. “YASEER” • Information Technology Service Co.

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IT Companies in GCC


Delta Software

Profile: Egypt base Joint stock privately owns IT, Telecom, software and services Company. The company was established in 1980 and the total numbers of employees are 200. Delta Software has been a leader in software development, developing internet applications & web solutions. Delta has developed a spectrum of business applications in addition to development tools. It's regionally famous Accounting Information system AIS package and Delta HR package are being used by thousands of customers not only in Egypt, but also in the Arab region. Delta also provides software packages for different Vertical market sectors as Health Care, Hospitality, School Management, Retail, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage and Communications. In additions, Delta provides tailored software and offshore development activities. Services: Information technology services and solutions including consulting, project management and custom software development, with special emphasis on accounting packages for hospitals, hotels and schools Consulting services • ISP consulting • E-government • Web construction System and software development • Accounting Information systems • Hotel Management systems • Restaurant management systems • Point of Sale • Healthcare Management Software Services • Work flow systems Training and education Continuing it’s leadership in the IT field, delta established a state of art IT TRAINING FACILITY. Delta Group Companies: • Delta Etesalat • Delta Aviation Page 47 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • • • • •

Delta Communications Delta software Delta Radioshack Radioshack Middle East Delta Marriot Bakery Delta TCBY Star Global Partner Delta Touristic Investment Delta Management consultant Delta Expo

Clients: • Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges • National Authority for Roads and Bridges • The Egyptian Airports and Air Navigation Holding Company • National Authority for Tunnels “NAT” • Misr Food Additives (MIFAD) • Johnson Diversey Egypt • 6 October City Development Authority • Egyptian Swiss Development Fund - ESDF • Military Factory 200 • Factory 10 for Military Production • Obroi Elarish Hotel • ORASCOM Construction • Osman Group • ACAPI • El-Ezz Flat Steel • Qatar Embassy in Cairo • Arab Academy for Technology and Maritime Transport • Louis Catering Egypt • Sphinx Publishing Company • Caritas Egypt • Sahara Petroleum Services (SAPESCO) LTD • The Executive Authority for the Industrial and Investment zone at • Abou Rawash • Sinai International for Marble and Granite • Al Shams Club • Smoha Sporting Club • Marriott Bakery • Radio Shack • Delta Industries (Joky) • Zagazig University Hospitals • Mifco Helwan Page 48 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • • 22.

Central Bank of Egypt – Banking Institute Egypt Gulf For Oil Industry Ministry of Agriculture Syndicate of Commerce Aircraft Factory in Helwan Safir International Hotel International Tawakol Corporation (ITC) National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC)

Profile: Egypt base Joint stock privately owns IT, Telecom, software and services and telecommunication services Company. National Telecommunications Holding Corporation (NTC) was established in 1995 as a technology-based holding company operating in the Telecommunications and Information Technology fields in Egypt and the Middle East. NTC has grown since to become a conglomerate encompassing subsidiaries in Telecommunications Services, Information Technology Services, Financial Services and Manufacturing of telecommunications equipment and products. Since its inception, NTC has the vision of building a next generation carrier offering a one-stop shop for its customers by providing them with a multitude of services to fulfill their technology needs. This is done by combining the resources of a large IP-based network providing data communication, broadband and narrowband Internet connectivity, with the capabilities of an electronic financial transaction infrastructure. NTC group is well prepared to address the future needs of corporate as well as individual users. NTC’s growth is based on developing strong alliances with international companies and on having value-added partners at the subsidiary level. Through its holdings, NTC is present in an extended range of services – from operating data networks, to providing broadband access, to implementing a nationwide network of Automated Teller Machines and point of sales for banks and card issuers in Egypt. NTC as a shareholder of various business entities and subsidiaries can provide a multitude of services with an aggressive expansion plan for the Arab and African markets. Services: Page 49 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

Holding company with interests in communications and information technology, including data and voice networks, software development, e-commerce services, and telecommunications and electronic manufacturing. Subsidiaries/Associates/Affiliates: • Egyptian Company for Electronic Systems Development • Egyptian Contact Center Operator • Egyptian Electronics Technology Company • Soficom Communications [through Egyptian Company Networks] • ECC Solutions • Egyptian Company for Networks • Advanced Smart Card Company • Cairo Regional International Exchange [CRIX] • QuickTel 23. Raya Holding Technology


Profile: Raya Holding Technology and Telecommunications, S.A.E., is Egypt’s largest national player in the communications and information technology industry. The Company has also become a regional player, with potential for international growth. Raya operates in three main lines of business: Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Retail and Distribution. Services: Information Technology 1) Infrastructure Solutions – This is essentially the segment of the IT business specialized in the sale of networks, hardware, and systems software sourced from international technology providers. 2) Business Applications & Solutions – This segment is comprised of packaged software for the local and regional markets, softwarerelated consultancy, custom software development, and training services. 3) Outsourced Services – This category consists of the provision of outsourced software engineering and contact center services. Business solutions • Finance and banking solution Page 50 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Government solution Telecom operations Industrial solution General business solution Automation solution Enterprise Resource Planning CRM Data Warehousing Enterprise Asset Management Document Management Systems Business Intelligence Business Process Management E-learning Systems Enterprise Architecture Solutions

Sofware development • Back-End System Automation • Portals • Bespoke Application Development • Infrastructure • Infrastructure Components • Networking Services • Security Services • Enterprise Management • High Availability • Voice & IP Communication • Video Conferencing • After-Sales Services • Maintenance and Support • IT Operations Outsourcing IT training Telecommunications Retail and Distribution Industry: • Finance • Government • Telecom operators • Industries • General business • Automotive

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IT Companies in GCC


Computer Network Systems

Profile: UAE base limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Computers and peripherals, Company. The company was established in 1987. • • • • • CNS employs over 150 professionals across the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia CNS’ headquarters are in Abu Dhabi, with fully operational branch offices in Dubai, Al Ain, and Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CNS enjoys strategic partnerships and affiliations with leading IT solutions providers in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Sudan CNS is an ISO certified company, one of very few UAE based IT organizations. CNS enjoys rock-solid relationships with UAE’s key public and private organizations.

Services: IT solutions, systems integration and networking for clients in government, banking and finance, energy, telecom, education and transportation sectors • • • • • Storage and servers Network and communication Banking and finance Customer services Software solution

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IT Companies in GCC


Bayanat Data Processing Systems

Profile: UAE base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services, Company. The company was established in 1983. The company is a leader in aviation technologies, telecommunications, I.T and networking in the Middle East . We have been helping our customers for over the past 20 years with the design and implementation of complex data communications, telecommunications networks and turnkey airport projects. Services: Engineering and telecommunication solutions, including complex data communication, networking, turnkey airport systems, IT infrastructure and integrated IT solutions. Airport technologies • Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management systems (CNS/ATM). • Passenger Check In and Boarding solutions / Baggage reconciliation systems • Flight Information Display and Public Address Systems (FIDS/PAS). • Airport Management Systems • A TC Services, Training and Simulation Systems. • Meteorological and aviation weather systems. • Ground Communications and Guidance Systems Enterprise networking • Computer Networking & Data Communication Systems • Security Design and Implementation • Maintenance and Technical Support Services Intelligent building system • CCTV and Digital Surveillance • Access Control & Alarm Monitoring • Intrusion Detection • Perimeter Protection • Gates, Barriers, Parking Systems • Plate Recognition Systems • Public Address, Background Music & Conference Systems • Master Clock Systems Page 53 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

• • • • 26.

SMATV Systems Intercom Systems Queuing Systems Uninterrupted Power Supplies


Profile: UAE base privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services, Company. The company was established in 2000 and the total numbers of employees are 15. Services: Applications developer and systems integrator for Internet and wireless internet applications. • • • • • SMS services Mobile operator services Financial services Information services Consultancy service

Products: • Banking and finance • Internet Banking • GPRS Banking • SMS Banking (Push and Pull) • PDA Banking • Portfolio management • Communication and Marketing • E-government • Education • Travel • Content management • Retail • Sales force automation • Assets tracking

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IT Companies in GCC


Eastern Networks

Profile: UAE base joint stock privately owns IT, Telecom, Software and Services, Company. The company was established in 1984. EastNets is a leading Payments and Security Solution Provider for the government and financial service industry. As a recognized market leader, the company is strategically positioned with offices across the broader Middle East region providing products and services either directly to our customers, or on a hosted basis through the EastNets Service Bureau (ENSB). EastNets covers 20 major markets with offices and presence in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and Bahrain. In 2004 IFIC Kuwait aquired 25% of Eastern Networks BVI. Today IFIC holds board positions along with CEO Hazem Mulhim. As a strategic partner IFIC provides ongoing support to the EastNets executive team. Services: Providing payment and security solutions; software development and programming; money transfers. Financial applications • High value payment solutions • Anti-money laundering solution • Financial markets • Market infrastructure Software development • Card issuing solutions • Phone banking system • Paygate Outsourcing • Business process outsourcing • ENSB Services • Instant issuing Compliance and security Our team of certified network and security engineers has been implementing IP-Virtual private networks, firewalls and other security solutions for banks, government projects and corporations throughout our region. Coupled with our expertise, we represent several Page 55 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

international IP network providers in the local market and can deliver their services to clients across our region. In addition, we offer security applications such as anti-money Laundering, and Public Key Infrastructure Systems. 28. Emirates Technology Company

Profile: UAE base limited liability privately owns IT, Telecom, Computers and peripherals and Software and Services Company. The company was established in 1974 and the total numbers of employees are 250. Emirates Technology company branches are in Sharjah, Doha and Abu Dhabi. Services: Trade in computers, medical, analytical and test measurement equipment; manufacture of polystyrene, calculators and scientific equipment Software solutions • E-banking • Call center • Medical information • Project management • Business intelligence • Smart enterprise suit • ERP • Student information system • Geographical information system Healthcare solutions • Medical • Projects • Life sciences and chemical analysis IT infrastructure solutions Clients: Financial Institutes: ABN Amro Bank Citibank Commercial Bank of Dubai Page 56 of 61

IT Companies in GCC

Dubai Bank Emirates Bank Group First Gulf Bank HSBC Invest Bank Mashreq Bank M-Net For Automated Banking Services National Bank of Abu Dhabi National Bank of Um-Al Quwain Standard Chartered Bank The Saudi National Commercial Bank News: INVESTBANK on Tuesday announced a strategic alliance with Emirates Technology Company (Emitac) for the bank’s core banking software and IT infrastructure. With the assistance of KPMG Consulting, the bank has selected Flexcube, the world’s leading core banking software from i-flex Solutions to propel itself as a leading provider of financial services, InvestBank said in a press statement. The local partner of i-flex, Emitac will be providing the system integration services InvestBank said it is expanding its branch network and launching new products and services for its customers. In a bid to redefine its customer orientation in the competitive UAE market, InvestBank plans to offer ‘anywhere anytime’ banking services over state-of-the-art delivery channels. The bank said that after careful evaluation it concluded that Flexcube met its current and future requirement and fits its business strategy. The bank statement added that the UAE financial market is extremely competitive already. It said, that the number of potential new entrants pose an even bigger challenge and the bank’s objective is to position itself to meet further challenges and address customer needs better.

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IT Companies in GCC


Mindscape Information Technology

Profile: UAE base limited liability privately owns IT, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 2001 and the total numbers of employees are 100. Services: Computer software and solutions for the financial industry, including business process management and advisory, implementation services and CRM, data warehousing, call center, enterprise application integration, enterprise resources planning, data center, security systems, telecommunications and networks Oracle CRM Oracle E-business solution Oracle financial service applications Banking solutions Data warehousing Call center E-services EAI ERP Security systems Telecommunication and networks Quality services 30. Seven Seas Computers

Profile: UAE base limited liability privately owns IT, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 1983, the total numbers of employees are 300. Services: Wide range of solutions and services in the areas of business software, networking, enterprise integration, IT consulting, service management, infrastructure and Telecommunications.

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IT Companies in GCC

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Solutions Portfolio Overview Business Management Solutions Data Networking Risk Mitigation Voice Solutions Contact Centre Value Added IT Services Hotel & Theme Park Smart Home & Intelligent Office Banking Solutions Secure Access Mobile Workforce Solutions

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IT Companies in GCC



Profile: UAE base privately owns IT, Software and Services Company. The company was established in 2000, the total numbers of employees are 100. Vertscape, with partners like Microsoft and HP, has strong capabilities in designing and delivering Vertical Business Solutions mainly to Government sector, financial services organizations, Telecoms, Aviation, Oil & Gas, and Distribution & Trading conglomerates. Services: Planning, project management, implementation, customization, integration, training and support of enterprise business solutions Business solutions • Analytical operation & CRM • Enterprise collaborations & Communication • EPM • Enterprise document and records management • Business process • EMS • Business intelligence & analytical automation • Wireless solutions Enterprise solutions • Microscape: Government solution • Bankscape: Banking solution • Aroscape: Airline industry • Inscape: Insurance solution Consulting services Hosting solutions

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IT Companies in GCC

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