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									APPLICATION FOR FULL OR ORDINARY (CORPORATE) MEMBERSHIP OF THE WORLD SCHOOLS DEBATING CHAMPIONSHIPS LIMITED We, ________________________________________________(full name of organisation*) of________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________(address*) Postcode:____________________ Country:_____________________________Phone:________________________________ Mobile:_______________________ Email:_______________________________________ hereby apply to become a full or ordinary member (as the Directors may decide) of the World Schools Debating Championships limited (“the Charity”) as an incorporated body We confirm that our organisation is a corporate body because it is a company/ the board of a charitable trust/ a corporate body established in any other manner (delete the ones that do not apply) We wish to represent__________________________________________________(nation*) on the World Schools Debating Council If accepted for full or ordinary membership we undertake to be bound by the Articles of Association and the Rules of the Charity We give permission for our contact details (and logo where applicable) to be shown on the Charity’s website, electronic and printed materials: We give permission for our contact details to be shown on the Charity’s website: We give permission for our contact details to be available to the Charity’s members: We give permission for the Charity to send us emails: We give permission for the Charity to send us phone or text messages: (Please tick whichever boxes are applicable) Signed_________________________________ Date___________________ □ □ □ □ □

Application forms should be emailed to the Company Secretary, or posted to The World Schools Debating Championships Limited Dartmouth House 37 Charles Street London W1J 5ED United Kingdom Applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their Application for Membership following the next Directors’ Meeting

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