ADVANCED QUICKTEST PROFESSIONAL 8.2 (2 DAYS)

Intended Audience                                               Pre-Requisites

This course is recommended for the following individuals:              Using QuickTest Professional or Using
                                                                       QuickTest Professional with Business
         Quality assurance engineers who will assume                   Process Testing.
         technical lead roles in the use of QuickTest                  QuickTest Professional Additional Features
         Professional.                                                 At least three months work automating test
         Quality assurance engineers who will support                  scripts using QuickTest Professional or
         business analysts using Business Process Testing              prior development experience in any high-
         Other users of QuickTest Professional who need                level programming language.
         to customize and enhance their automated tests
         using scripting
                                                                Duration: 2 Days

Take your functional test automation skills to the next level    Faculty:
by learning to use the Expert View in QuickTest
Professional. Through discussions and hands-on                            Mercury           Certified         Product
exercises, you will learn to create steps that work with                  Consultant.
dynamic objects and data, use VBScript conditional and
looping statements to control the flow of your tests and
components, and use DataTable methods and database               Course Coverage:
connection objects to retrieve external data.
                                                                 DAY 1:

Course Objective:                                                         Introduction to the Expert View.
                                                                          Using the Expert View.
                                                                          Working with Object Properties.
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
                                                                          Working with Dynamic Objects.
         Identify when the Expert View is useful.                         Using VBScript Operators, Statements, and
         Translate steps between the Keyword and                          Functions.
         Expert Views.
         Enter steps in the Expert View.                         DAY 2:
         Use QTP’s online resources to locate desired
         methods and properties.                                          Working with Dynamic Data.
         Retrieve an object's properties.                                 Retrieving External Data.
         Use constants and variables in scripts.                          Creating New Procedures.
         Write scripts that operate on different objects                  Managing QTP Run Errors.
         depending on run-time information.
         Identify when programmatic descriptions are
         useful.                                                  Key Training Deliverables:
         Create scripts that include VBScript operators,
         functions and statements.
                                                                            Comprehensive knowledge on features and
         Retrieve data from application objects.
         List the VBScript looping statements and
                                                                            Scripting usage.
         explain when each is useful.
                                                                            Practice sessions - Hands on experience.
         Use the DataTable object to store run-time data
                                                                            Exposure to current best practices.
         and drive actions.
                                                                            Competence to use the tool in a project
         Build scripts that access data from external
                                                                            Mercury        Endorsement      Participation
         Create new subroutines and functions.
         Build and associate a library of functions.
                                                                            Original Courseware from Mercury
         Identify   when     to    handle     run    errors
         Abort loops, procedures, iterations, actions, and

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