Complementary and Alternative Therapies (Aromatherapy, Chinese by klutzfu59


									Complementary and alternative therapies (aromatherapy etc) policy – Brighton and
Hove City Teaching PCT

Procedure      Complementary and Alternative                Clinical       All
               Therapies (Aromatherapy, Chinese             Speciality
               Chiropractic therapy,
               Clinical ecology,
               Herbal remedies,

This policy deals with referral from primary care to secondary or tertiary level
care for these therapies. This does not affect referral to enhanced primary
care services. This list is not exhaustive and other procedures not listed here
but that are considered “alternative” therapies will be considered in the same

Adult               Yes             Child            Yes
Conditions          Various
referred for

Funding category
   NHS funding is deemed to be inappropriate for this procedure
         o The PCT does not routinely fund this procedure
         o The PCT may fund through the exceptions process

Is this procedure one of    No
the five surgical threshold

Relevant NICE guideline applies No
Name of Guideline (if applicable)

Evidence for funding criteria (see below)
These procedures are not routinely funded by the PCT because of a paucity
of information on clinical effectiveness. Some of the procedures are available
through commissioned services in hospices and hospitals as part of palliative
care packages.

For patients to be eligible to be referred to the Exceptional Cases Panel at the
PCT you need to demonstrate that there is evidence to indicate that the
individual would receive a significantly greater benefit from this treatment than
other patients with similar clinical circumstances who would also not be
offered the treatment under current policy. As these procedures have limited
or no strong evidence of clinical effectiveness it is unlikely that the PCT will
fund them.

This procedure may be referred to the exceptions procedure in the PCT Yes

15th May 2008
Complementary and alternative therapies (aromatherapy etc) policy – Brighton and
Hove City Teaching PCT

Review of criteria will take place when new evidence or NICE guidance is
Is new NICE guidance expected? No
If yes, what date?
Is other relevant research expected? No
If yes, what date?
Date policy was      13th May        By whom?         PEC and PCT Board
ratified             2008
Review date          2008

Pickin M. A Review of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMs).
Brighton & Hove City Teaching PCT August 2005.
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Care, Vo. 7, no. 3, 2002. 2. Acupuncture. EHC Bulletin 7(2). 2001. The
University of York (
Bandolier review of complementary and alternative therapies. [no date given]
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Public Health Network policy on
complementary and alternative therapies. May 2005.

Richmond and Twickenham PCT. Feb 2004. Series on evidence based
commissioning and priority setting: the decision-making process. Volume 1,
Alternative therapies.

15th May 2008

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