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									Private company «NParkhomey» 1 Jovtneva st. Kiev, Ukraine Tel:+38(050)2876933 E-mail: nataliyapar@mail.ru Commercial offer We offer you Ukrainian Anthracite Coal (from the Owner of the Coal mine, from the State enterprise) Our suggestion 1. Direct contract with Owners of the Coal mine or State enterprise. 2. Visit to the Coal mine to Ukraine. 4. The approximate price of the coal – 92-102$ FOB Ukraine marine trade port of Ukraine, Black sea. 5. In the figures below, basic specifications of the Anthracite coal can be found. More detailed information is available upon request. 1.Grade of Anthracite coal AKO Size, mm 25-100 Volatile matter, 2,7% Sulpfur, 0,5-1,3% Moisture,4,8 % Ash, 5,6% 2. Grade of Anthracite coal AM Size, mm 13-25 Volatile matter, 2,9% Sulpfur, 0,5-1,3 % Moisture, 5,5% Ash, 6,4% 3.Grade of Anthracite coal AS Size, mm 6-13 Volatile matter,3 % Sulpfur, 0,5-1 % Moisture, 6,5 % Ash, 11 % 4.Grade of Anthracite coal ASH Size, mm 0-6 Volatile matter,4,1% Sulpfur, 0,5-1,3 % Moisture, 7,8% Ash, 24 %
Quality indicators Coal rank АS Size of coal, mm

6 - 13 Ash content per working condition of fuel, % Working moisture, % Total sulfur content, S total, % Volatile matters content, not more than, % Ash melting temperature by melting phases, °С
8,0-11,0 5,6-6,5 0,5-1,0 2,0-3,0

t1-1150°C, t2-1240°C, t3-1290°C

Chemical composition of coal ashes, % SiO2 Al2O2 Fe2O3 CaO MgO C2O5 Na2O K2O CO3 Mg3O4 TiO2 48,04 21,66 15,47 2,93 2,14 0,33 1,06 0,45 2,78 0,11 0,75

Element composition, % Carbondaf Carbon

94,4 80,11

6. More detailed information we could give you after we receive your Inquiry on the firm form your company, in which should be indicated -sorts of the Anthracite coal -quantity ( tons ) in a month and total value (tons) - technical characteristics of the Anthracite coal - terms and conditions of delivery - the country of destination Send your Inquiry on firm form your company on email nataliyapar@mail.ru , please. You should give us target price per tons for the Anthracite coal, which suit for you. 7. The Quality and Quantity Certificate is given on each lot by independent organizations. 8. Conditions of the payment are advance payment or L\C (It is discussed individually). Yours sinserely , Nataliya Parkhomey, Coordinator of the export deliveries nataliyapar@mail.ru +38(050)2876933

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