Flight Testing the B-52 by klutzfu49


									                                                                                             April 2007

                              Flight Testing the B-52
                                                     Brien Wygle
                                 Vice President of Flight Operations-Boeing, Retired

  The B-52 prototypes were                                                                     Mechanical Engineering in
first flown in 1952. During the                                                                1951 and joined the Boeing
next few years these two                                                                       Airplane Company as an
aircraft, plus the first few                                                                   Engineering Test Pilot. He
production aircraft, were the                                                                  graduated from the U.S. Air
subjects of an intense test                                                                    Force Test Pilot School in
program.                                                                                       1953. He worked for Boeing
  The first B-52s embodied a                                                                   for 39 years, becoming
number of features from the                                                                    Director of Flight Test in 1970,
earlier B-47, and many                                                                         Vice President of Customer
completely new concepts.                                                                       Support in 1974 and Vice
Some were not successful and                                                                   President of Flight Operations
were subsequently changed. It                                                                  in 1979. He retired in 1990.
                                  was a radical, but,                 During his 29 years
                                  successful design that is         as an active test pilot,
                                  still flying today.               he test flew all
                                    This presentation will          Boeing airplanes from
                                  cover the early flight            the B-47 through the
                                  testing, and the changes          757 and 767.         He
                                  that emerged. It will             performed the first
offer a glimpse into the methods of that time, and should           flight on the 737 and
please the aeronautical history buffs among the audience.           served as co-pilot on
  Born in Seattle, Washington, Mr. Wygle                                           the first
moved to Canada with his family in 1927                                            flight of the 747. He is a Fellow of both the
and grew up on a farm near Calgary,                                                Society of Experimental Test Pilots, and
Alberta. He joined the Royal Canadian Air                                          the American Institute of Aeronautics and
Force in 1942 and served as a pilot in                                             Astronautics.
Europe, India and Burma. He graduated                                                He has lived in Medina, Washington, for
from the University of British Columbia in                                         the past 53 years.

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