30c Clarence Road, St. Albans, Herts, AL1 4JJ

                             Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
                                      Held at High Leigh
                                    Saturday 26th July 2008

Chairman: Mr Ben Salter

   1.     The Chair welcomed attendees and opened the meeting in prayer.

   2.     Apologies for Absence

   Apologies for absence where received from Stan & Jean Davy, and Harry Johnson. The Chair
   expressed the sympathy of the AGM for Harry’s loss.

   3.     Re-ordered Agenda

   The Chair stated the agenda was to be re-ordered to deal with AGM business first and then take the
   opportunity to present details of the new 3 Year - Business Plan.

   4.     Nominations for elections to Council

   The Chair advised that nominations had been received for elections to Council, however there was
   no need for an election as the number of candidates did not exceed the number of vacancies on the

   5.     Minutes of the AGM held on 21 July 2007

   These were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting subject to Stan & Jean Davy’s
   apologies being recorded.

   6.     Matters arising from the Minutes

   a) Revision of the Rules: These are currently being reviewed and an amended set of rules will be
   presented at the 2009 AGM.

   b) Romania: A question was asked about the issue of the Romanians not recognising that the CofE
   as a religious body and whether the CofE had been made aware of this. The Chair advised that they
   are aware of the fact.

   c) Circulation of AGM Minutes: A number of members felt that it would be useful if the Minutes
   were circulated to members more quickly, perhaps by email, but also continuing by post for those
   members who do not have email addresses. The Chair asked the CEO to look into the matter.

   d) Stella Carmel: The CEO stated that the property was originally on a 200 yr lease, so in order
   that the Community no longer feels they are just tenants, ownership of Stella Carmel had been
   passed to them.

   AGM Minutes 2008    -      Issued to Council 23.10.08 for approval at CMJ Council Meeting 15 – 16 Nov 2008
7.     Elections to the Council

Newly elected and re-elected Trustees were introduced to the AGM. Ken Mort who brings his legal
expertise; Sue Mottershead who will bring her financial expertise to Council; Terry Musson who
has excellent links into the structure of the C of E. The Chair was encouraged that the right people
are on Council this year but asked members to consider standing next year. Rufus Barnes proposed
a vote of thanks to Tim Butlin and Jenny Forbes who had both made excellent contributions to
Council. The Chair echoed Rufus’ thanks.

8.     Annual Report and Financial Statement

The Chair thanked Peter Cockburn, the acting Financial Director, for his outstanding help when
Nigel Guard had to stand down.

Peter Cockburn advised that Nigel had drawn up the accounts. The 2007 outturn had some
encouraging aspects with an increase in individual gifts, but the deficit trend of earlier years has
continued. Income of £915K was £24K higher than in 2006. Individual income rose by £40K
whilst churches income rose by £11K. Legacy income did fall by £120K, however, this sum is
always variable. Peter advised that in order to balance the books income support had to be made up
from The Vincent Society in the sum of £298K. The total 2007 expenditure of £958K was £298K
higher than in 2006 including £179K higher Israel expenditure and £52K higher UK expenditure.
Peter drew to member attention the extent of the deficit and that reserves were almost exhausted.
For 2008 he is predicting a deficit of £210k.

In response to a question as to why there was such an ‘increase in administration costs,’ Peter
Cockburn explained that the main element was due to an inspection by the Inland Revenue who
decided that we owed them more than was first thought.

The meeting unanimously approved the Annual Report and Accounts.

9.     Appointment of Auditors for 2008

A motion was carried to appoint local auditors from the Nottingham area.

It was noted that the list of Trustees in the ‘minutes’ copy was incorrect because Robin Aldridge
had stepped down in November 2007. The Chair advised that the list was actually correct on his

10.    The Chair’s Remarks

The Chair began by recognising that a great deal had happened in CMJ since the last AGM and that
he was anxious to give the membership a full account. Over the last few years Council had
identified that there were major issues both in Israel and the UK. It had prioritised the situation in
Israel and had subsequently been able to look in more detail at the UK. Our financial position was
more serious than first thought. Whereas, at the last AGM we believed that our reserves would
carry us to the end of 2010, we were given advice last autumn that reserves would in fact only last
us until the end of 2008.

AGM Minutes 2008     -      Issued to Council 23.10.08 for approval at CMJ Council Meeting 15 – 16 Nov 2008
In considering how to avoid CMJ UK running out of money, Council had decided that it needed to
sell the remaining property in St Albans and to relocate to a less costly area. Council had
unanimously appointed Robin Aldridge as CEO, to work from a new rented base in Nottingham,
with a remit to balance the budget in three years.

HQ staff was offered the option to transfer to Nottingham or to accept a redundancy package. All
St Alban’s based staff decided to accept a redundancy package. However, we are very grateful that
Jo James had agreed to support the new staff during an 8 week changeover period.
though we are still negotiating with potential buyers for Clarence Road. In light of this the Council
has decided to seek loans from supporters. He was pleased to announce that £70k had already been
pledged by trustees and was confident that the £100k target set by Council would be achieved.

The Chair stated that for at least the past 50 years we have been living on the investment that our
forefathers made. This must now end. We must move forward based on giving from our
supporters. We are ‘on the cusp’. On the one hand our situation is perilous, on the other we have a
vision to bring about a transformed situation through new growth and the injection of new life into
the society. By the grace of God we will succeed.

In response to member’s queries, The Chair advised that: because we are a charity we do not place
a value on Clarence Road but use an agent who has been appointed to encourage bids from
different developers, the new HQ offices near Nottingham will be rented, we will reduce our cost
base by moving to Nottingham. He stated that our commitment to the UK evangelism is absolute.

A further question was raised as to how long it was expected that the ministry would continue to
deplete reserves. The Chair stated that the new business plan will return us to surplus in 3 years.

A question was asked about all the other properties CMJ occupied around the world. The Chair
reported that most had been handed over to other missions but where there was a realistic
possibility of having sequestered property returned to CMJ we would pursue such matters

11. CMJ - Past, Present, Future

Robin Aldridge CEO said that he was delighted to be working with Ben Salter as Chair of Council.

Past. The past year had been very challenging. We have had to face the loss of valued members
of staff and the upheaval of moving headquarters. He thanked all the staff for their hard work and
support under difficult circumstances. He also paid particular thanks to two trustees, Alison
Marchant and Jean Herrick, who had given tremendous support to the ministry on a voluntary basis.

In the last year we raised £125k for the restoration of Christ Church and this was a real
encouragement. The CEO apologised that the water colour paintings were delayed and they would
be coming from Israel in the next few weeks.

The International Board for the first time contains Messianic Leaders from Israel. Member’s
prayers would be valued for the IB.

AGM Minutes 2008     -      Issued to Council 23.10.08 for approval at CMJ Council Meeting 15 – 16 Nov 2008
Present. The CEO introduced a ‘power point’ presentation of the new offices and house which is a
purpose built property known as Eagle Lodge at Hexgreave Hall, Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire.
Eagle Lodge is a live/work centre in a peaceful setting on a wooded estate and includes both a
house and a suite of modern offices Our new Supporter Care Manager, Jacki Turney, is now living
in the house. CMJ UK moves from St.Albans to Eagle Lodge on Thursday 31st July 2008, with a
whole team of people awaiting the arrival of the removal vans on Friday 1st August 2008.

Future. We are committed to God first and foremost, to the supporters, to the trustees, to
excellence and to growth. Our aim is to be the best charity in the UK at retaining and
gaining supporters. We will make sure that supporters feel valued and informed. The office will
be open from 9am to 5pm, with prayers at 8.30am. We will answer the phone before 4 rings. There
will be better lines of communication and contact, regular updates, UK News and Views and the
introduction of a ‘prayer line’ for urgent prayer requests utilising email.

We aim to increase the support base. We want to develop regional structures, overhaul our
representative’s structure and provide training and support, expand into different areas of the
country such as Scotland and Northern England and offer smaller conferences around the country.
We will plan CMJ days and weekends and make better use of the media, have better contact with
churches and provide them with up to date information, design and maintain a better website and
give young people the opportunities to be involved in evangelism.

Finances. In 2009 we aim to increase giving by £100K mainly through Covenant 200 and to
produce a surplus that will allow CMJ in 3 years to employ a new CEO and a new Finance
Director. In selling St.Albans HQ, we will have enough money by reducing costs, making
efficiency savings through relocation and reduced staff costs. We hope to balance the budget
through increased giving and investment income from the sale of property. All this will only be
achieved by prayer, hard work and obedience to God. We are immensely privileged to have such a
rich history and we want to honour our founding fathers like Wilberforce and Lord Shaftesbury by
continuing into our third century.

12.   Covenant 200

The CEO announced the launch of the Covenant 200 programme. Covenant 200 thanks God for
our 200 years of ministry and seeks to put CMJ onto a firm financial footing for the future.

He thanked Bishop John Taylor for signing the first Certificate which was reserved for the
President and invited members present to join the scheme whilst at High Leigh.

13. Presentations

The Chair stated The Lord has blessed us with the people who have served us so well and
commended the following people to the meeting:

Peter Cockburn was presented with a signed rugby ball in recognition of his excellent work

Jean Herrick was presented with a bouquet of flowers and thanked for all her hard work in
producing the 2009 Calendar and Prayer Focus work.

AGM Minutes 2008    -      Issued to Council 23.10.08 for approval at CMJ Council Meeting 15 – 16 Nov 2008
Alison Marchant was presented with a bouquet of flowers and also commended by Peter
Cockburn who stated that a great debt of gratitude is owed to her for enabling us to continue to
operate at St. Albans HQ in difficult circumstances.

It was noted that those members of staff who have already left have been presented with gifts.

Jo James was commended by the CEO who said she deserved a ‘gold bullion bar’ let alone a
bouquet of flowers and presents for 23 years service. She was presented with gifts from trustees,
staff and volunteers.

There being no further business the CEO closed the meeting in prayer.

AGM Minutes 2008    -      Issued to Council 23.10.08 for approval at CMJ Council Meeting 15 – 16 Nov 2008

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