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									ITIL Automation - What Your Organization Needs to Keep the Data Gears Rolling
With virtualization and automation tools abound, what is truly the line in the sand between necessity and luxury? ITIL automation, data center
automation and ITIL management can help achieve big results with a relatively small drain on resources. Like a well played game of chess, the least
amount of moves can often times lead to the most effective and strategically successful end result. A well primed data center environment amped with
automation tools, can not only automate provisioning and lifecycle management across both physical and virtual environments, but it can easily
integrate with ticketing and monitoring systems.

When it comes to researching resources, there are several aspects worth considering, to ensure that business and operational needs are met. From
the basics of implementing a software solution to automate tasks such as provisioning, patching and software distribution, to a full blown multi-tier
architecture, ITIL automation and data center automation are key.

As a CIO, wouldn't you love if your organization's data center environment had the flexibility to allow your operations teams to have the freedom of
automated repair and maintenance tasks? By implementing automated solutions into the data center, you can direct your resources to handle the
more business critical applications and allocate the financial investment to areas of the business the that will more directly impact the bottom line.

Regardless of platform, version or vendor, managing a data center environment can be one of the more challenging roles within an organization.
From virtualization, to server consolidations, migrations and expansions simply ensuring the day to day operations are conducted can be more
effectively processed through sound ITIL management applications. There are many resources available, but data center automation is one that
provides increased value as well as reducing IT service costs.

Whether your organization needs to increase the power of the data center investments or sustain the growing demand of IT services, you can look to
ITIL Automation tools that address the needs of data center automation and ITIL Management. Gain better control of the performance, security,
compliance and availability of applications, machines and servers with a platform that can integrate into your existing infrastructure, driving greater
value throughout the organization. The solution is a technology architecture that provides the ability to sustain applications, infrastructure requirements
and IT processes.

Standardizing business rules and procedures is conducive for transparent managed resources. Data center automation can reduce labor and
hardware costs, and improve IT availability and responsiveness. The result is more productive administrators and a higher level of quality IT service.

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As an avid technology lover, Sam Brown follows technology movements within data center automation, ITIL Management as well as ITIL Automation.


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