Formative Summative Evaluation Examples by klutzfu46


									Formative & Summative Evaluation Examples

Formative Example:
During the summer, all the wireless infrastructure work was completed in
the Hayes Building. The Photo Journalism Department's plan was to install
the required software and hardware in the fall and provide professional
development for instructors in the spring on how to use the new system. In
December, as part of its overall evaluation plan, the Department assessed
whether the equipment had been installed as intended. It turned out that
most of the software and equipment was backordered and would not be
installed in time for the spring professional development. Evaluators
determined that, because of the delay, prices had dropped and better
equipment could be obtained at a similar cost. The Department quickly
updated specifications and was able not only to receive the equipment in
time for the spring professional development, but to purchase better
equipment than originally intended.

Summative Example:
One year after spending a large amount of money on technology, the
Administration in the School of Journalism started asking whether the new
technology was improving student achievement. The Photo Journalism
Department planned on adding additional technology each year, so a
decision was made to follow cohorts of students over time to assess changes
in course and certification scores. Specifically, the School of Journalism
wanted to compare the class of students going through the photo journalism
program two years before the technology was implemented, to the class two
years after the technology was implemented. To assess long-term impacts,
the School would monitor course and certification exam scores of the
students through graduation from the photo journalism program. They also
decided to track graduate job placement and number of recruiters attending
the annual career day.

 Describe the similarities and differences between the two types of

 What did the department gain or stand to gain from the two evaluations?

 For the formative evaluation example, describe the type of system or plan
  that could have enabled department evaluators to realize the delay in
  equipment installation and the resulting cost savings.

 For the summative evaluation example, describe the type of system or plan
  that would enable the department to compare the two classes of students.

FDI Evaluation Workshop
Spring 2007

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