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					                                 Certified Quality Analyst Project
In late June, a group of 50 candidates began their journey to becoming the first group of Certified
Quality Analysts in Illinois. This group of 50 candidates included:

           5 Self-advocates

           21 staff from developmental disability provider agencies

           24 staff from Division of Developmental Disabilities, Bureau of Quality Management

To date, the candidates have completed 11 of the 15 days of large and small group training
conducted by The Council on Quality and Leadership. In addition to training, candidates are
devoting time outside the training sessions to complete their projects under the direction and
coaching of three trained CQL facilitators. Projects are varied and include:

           15 projects related to Staff Skills, Training and Support – including stress reduction
           strategies, abuse reporting, medication administration, training effectiveness, compliance
           with staff training mandates, staff retention, supervisory activities, staff injuries, and core
           competencies for DSPs and QMRPs.

           9 projects related to Incident Reporting – including occurrence of incidents of person-to-
           person mistreatment, frequency of abuse and neglect reporting, medication errors, and
           effectiveness of review and monitoring efforts.

           19 projects related to Services and Supports to Persons with Disabilities – including review
           of comments collected during the NCI survey process, assessing service expectations and
           satisfaction, women’s health care, supporting relationships and community involvement,
           organization responsiveness to changes in status, person centered planning, natural supports,
           environmental influences on expectations, agency supports to assist in development of
           cooking skills, and use of technology to enhance progress and achievement of goals.

           3 Miscellaneous projects – including characteristics of persons receiving services and
           changing school aged children attitudes and behaviors about persons with disabilities.

In early December, the candidates will meet in small regional groups to present their project
information. In mid-January, the large group will come together one last time to share information
about their projects, identify lessons learned, celebrate successes and make plans for how the
information will be used to guide future efforts within Illinois.

     This project has been funded by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.
                               For more information about this CQA project, contact:

Michael Hurt, Chief, Bureau of Quality Management – 217.782.9460 – or Jayma Tucker,
Assistant Chief, Bureau of Quality Management – 217.785.6172 –