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Swarovski Crystals Colour Chart by klutzfu58

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									                                Swarovski Crystals

   crystal      crystal ab      siam       light siam   indian red    fuschia       rose

    ruby        light rose padparadscha     hyacinth    red topaz                  jonquil

                   light                                  green
   citrine                     khaki         olivine                 tourmaline chrysolite
                  topaz                                 tourmaline

                                                           light                   capri
light emerald   emerald      blue zircon   aquamarine                 sapphire
                                                         sapphire                  blue

    dark                                                  light
                tanzanite purple velvet       lilac                  amethyst     burgundy
  sapphire                                              amethyst

                              smoked        smokey         black
  colorado        topaz                                              cantaloupe      jet
                               topaz         quartz      diamond
                            Swarovski Crystal Pearls

  white       rosaline    light grey     gold      dark grey    light creamrose     burgundy

 bronze        brown       copper      creamrose   light blue     light green        mauve

night blue     peach       tahitian     cream       maroon      powder almond     powder rose

          To help make sure that you select exactly the right crystal / pearl colour to
                      match your theme, I am happy to provide samples.
           You can order as many different sample crystals / pearls as you wish for a
                   nominal cost of 10p each. A standard fee of £1:00 will be
             added at the ordering stage to cover postage and packing unless other
                  items have been ordered. If you would like to order larger
                        quantities, please email me with your enquiry.
                     Necklace & Earring Collection

 Necklace & Earring sets can be made to compliment any of our tiaras,
                       combslides or fascinators.
 Matching bracelets are also available on request. All of our designs are
                       handmade to order which
means you can choose from our wide selection of crystal/pearl colours to
                       match your colour theme.

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