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					Frame finishes Epoxy Powder Coating (EPC)                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hartley Flamblend Tweed

Brown          (Ral 8017)   Light Grey   (BS 00A05)   Dark Grey   (Ral 7011)   Dark Green   (Ral 6005)   Blue        (Ral 5010)   Dark Blue    (Ral 5013)   Red            (Ral 3020)   Beige        (BS 08B17)   Yellow         (Ral 1021)     Cornfield      Carnation Red

Burgundy       (Ral 3011)   Silver                    White       (Ral 9010)   Black                     Hammer Silver            Hammer Antique Silver     Hammer Antique Copper Hammer Green                    Hammer Blue                   Volcano        Sapphire

Petco Mundial Vinyl Range
                                                                                                                                                            Due to printing process restrictions, colours
                                                                                                                                                            may differ slightly from those shown.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Linden         Balmoral

Rouge                       Bleu                      Jaune                    Vert                      Grenat                                             Petco Espace Alpha

Poterie                     Brandy                    Portland                 Charbon                   Blue Jean                                          Anis                        Paon                      Nil                         Nuage           Dune

Pin                         Lotus                     Brume                    Forth                     Sable                                              Buvard                      Bleute                    Champanule                  Trefle          Chaudron

Table Tops - choose from any colour formica FUNDAMENTAL ranges

Racing Green                Crocus                    White                    RN Grey*                  Violet                   Moss Green                Frosty Rag                  Rossini Granite           Jungle Green                Chianti         Platinum

Muslin*                     Japanese Beech*           Tangerine                Pinky Lozenge             Cherry                   Sand Storm New            Rose Speckle                Royal Blue                Signal Red                  Calgary Maple   Charcoal Splatter
If you cannot find a colour to meet your requirements, please contact our sales office and request our full range of colours.          Fundamental Laminate is heat resistant to a temperature of 365°F. It is easily cleaned using water and a mild household cream cleaner.