JANUARY Flying Eagle 2008 by sparkunder24


									                                       JANUARY 2008

     Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc. -- Club meets the 1st Tuesday each month
                at 438 E. St. Louis St., the Discovery Center, Springfield, Mo.

                                                                     This is a picture of the
                                                                     location for our Route
                                                                           66 Coin Show.
                                                                         The picture is the
                                                                     Cowan Civic Center in
                                                                        Lebanon, Missouri
                                                                      It is located at 500 E.
    A lot of work has already went into the Lebanon Spring
Coin Show to be held March 29, 2008 from 9 to 5. The show
will be on OLD ROUTE 66 at the Lebanon, Kenneth E.                                        Info from the ANA’s Fall 2007
Cowan Civic Center, located at 500 E. Elm St. We know of                                     Publication “ LifeLines”
no other Coin Shows being held on the Old Route 66.                                     Recognizing the Accomplishments
    To get to the Cowan Civic Center — one can take                                       of one of Ozarks’ Coin Club’s
Lebanon Exit 130 off of I-44, then go north on Old Route 66                                    Young Numismatist.
or Elm St. until they see the Cowan Civic Center. There is
plenty of free parking on the East or back side of the building .
— This will be the main entrance for the show. Dealers will         Our club had one of the best years ever last year at the ANA
park & enter on the North side. It looks like we will be able to    Summer Seminar. We were able to send 5 YNs to the
house 36 + tables and we already have twelve tables spoken          Seminar and all of them, for the most part, did an outstanding
for. There will also be a concession in the show room. —            job in their class work and in representing the Ozarks’ Coin
This show is for those who want to LOOK-OR BUY-OR SELL-             Club. In fact we had several of the leading Numismatist who
OR TRADE. We will also have some special programs for               attended the Seminar make some very complementary
YNs who attend the show. The show will also have 24 hour            statements about everyone of our youth who attended. We
security.                                                           had two young ladies who attended a class on Numismatic
                                                                    Photography. They were Rebecca, and Dana Cunningham.
    For those who may be interested in a table at the show,         Noah Cross took a class on “United States Bank Notes”. We
we only have 24 tables left, needs to contact our Bourse            also had two girls who took the Grading Class and their
Chair immediately and reserve your table. Our Bourse                instructors informed us that they both did outstanding work
Chairperson, Nancy Redman at 417 862-3867 — her email is            and seamed to have a special talent for grading. They were
nr@mchsi.com.                                                       KaLyn James and Maggie Kirwin. KaLyn has an article in this
    Others who may have questions about the show please             paper about her experience. Maggie endeavors won her an
call Nancy Redman at 417 862 3867 or email her at                   invitation to interview with one of today’s outstanding
nr@mchsi.com.                                                       professional Numismatist — William Shamhart. He met with
                                                                    her gave her a test and interviewed her. He felt Maggie has
                                                                    an outstanding talent and wanted to help mentor her

           JANUARY 2008 -- Flying Eagle is a Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc.

and help her achieve new heights       Scholarship the Ozarks’ Coin        Below is an article that Kalyn
in Numismatics. So, he has             Club gave her. I wish that          wrote for this paper.
decided to pay her way to the          Truman Carter could see his
ANA 2008 Summer Seminar.               money at work. This is just what           A Week With the ANA
There she will be taking his class     he said he wanted to happen             I started my voyage to
on “Advanced Grading.”                 when he formed the trust for the    Colorado Springs on Friday June,
Here is some information from          Ozarks’ Coin Club. That trust       29th. It took us two days to get
the ANA Fall 2007 Publication          monies is to be used to further a   there from Springfield, Mo. We
“LifeLines” that will shad further     life long hobby and carriers, for   finally arrived you could seriously
light on this story.                   young numismatist. Mr.              only imagine all of the amazing
Shamhart believes more people          Shamhart also has that vision       things that were there, as well as
in the hobby need to take on           and thus will be paying Maggie’s    the people. I found out that this
mentorship roles. “Your parents        way the 2008 ANA Summer             was the place for me almost
teach you things, but they can’t       Seminar.                            instantly and I met people that I
teach you everything,” said                We have several Young           had a lot of things in common
Shamhart, now the senior               Numismatist have had expressed      with.
numismatist          at      Carter    interest in going to the Seminar        The next day we went to our
Numismatics. “Everyone says            this year. We pray we will be       class and was introduced to our
kids are the future of the hobby.      able to help them achieve that      instructors and fellow classmates.
They say it to be politically          goal. We have a new YN who is       I was lucky enough to get
correct, but I really believe it and   also very interesting in grading    Matthew Kleinstuber, Don
think we need to Do more to            and whom some of us feel could      Bonsor, and Mary Sauvain, who
encourage kids.”                       also become a leading               were the instructors for
    Summer Seminar was                 numismatist in the future. His      “Introduction to Grading
enlightening for Miller, Barbaree      name is Bryce Maser and he          American Coins”. We went
and Kirwin.                            wants to take the Grading Class.    though this packet that explained
...                                    We have Rebecca, Amanda,            how a blank was formed into a
    Shamhart looks forward to          KaLyn and a satellite YN or two     planchets then into a coin. We
having Kirwin in his advanced          who have expressed interest.        reviewed the many steps it takes
grading course at the 2008             Below in the second column is a     to produce a coin. We were told
seminar. “Anyone can become a          picture of the two girls who did    that “Soon we would be grading
good grader, but the natural           such an outstanding job in the      our own coins.”
graders can Be mentored to             Grading class. On the left is           The next day we took notes
become great. And she’s a              Kalyn James and on the right is     on grading. Did you know . . .
natural,” he said. For her part,       Maggie Kirwin.                      The definition for grading is just a
Kirwin’s excited to attend another                                         short hand method of determining
Summer Seminar.                                                            a coins value? You probably
    All three teens are now                                                already knew that, fine—how
considering numismatics as a                                               about that Brown and Dun were
profession.” —RyAnne                                                       the ones who started the first
    This shows how important the                                           grading guide in 1971? Neither
Ozarks’ Coin Club sponsorship                                              did I until the Ozarks’ Coin Club
for Young Numismatist to attend                                            and ANA gave me a chance to
the ANA Summer Seminars is.                                                learn about it. We also learned
Maggie now has an opportunity                                              about the two different types of
to become a leading numismatist                                            grading. You have the technical
in tomorrow’s world because of                                             grading and the market grading.
the encouragement and                                                          Your technical grading
                                                                           focuses more on the contact
           JANUARY 2008 -- Flying Eagle is a Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc.

marks, the strike of the coin, and      Liberties, Washington Quarters,       renewal date up to the first of
the luster, but the number one          and Indian Head Cents.                the year in order that we will
thing is the coin’s eye appeal.              Our last day in class was        have a good membership
Then there’s Market Grading.            devastating. It was the worst day     roster to work off of for the
Market Grading focuses more on          of them all, because we had to        General Election and for the
detail and goes a little more into      take a test. I’m not saying the       nominating process. It has
depth about explaining the coins        class and the whole thing was         also changed the dues
condition. There are five main or       bad—just the test. I mean—            structure. A Junior will pay $7,
important steps on Market               come on-nobody likes to take a        Adults will pay $10, and Family
Grading a coin. They are:               test. They freak out and become       will pay $15. The Truman
1. Hold the coin by the edges           a nervous wreck due to the            Carter Fund will pay $3 for
     NOT by the obverse or              reason that they are afraid of        each youth or juniors, to the
     reverse.                           what the test will do to them. It’s   general fund, that will be in
2. Hold the coin 1-3 feet from          OK though because this was an         addition to the $7 charged for
     your light source and that         easy one. All I hade to do was        junior membership.          If the
     should be a 100 vlt light bulb.    grade a few coins. I don’t mean       junior is a member of a school
3. Rotate the coin under the light      to make this sound easy because       club, or applies for a
     to see the cartwheel or luster     its not. I can say “ I’ve been        scholarship the board will
     (FYI luster is the stuff that      there”’ I should know. I didn’t       review the request and a junior
     makes the coin shine)              know and that’s why I’m glad that     could       have      their    full
4. TAKE YOUR TIME, don’t rush           the Club invited me to enjoy the      membership covered by the
     yourself. That way you don’t       experience that the ANA planed,       Truman Carter Fund.            For
     make any misstates and miss        and this experience helped me         family       membership        the
     something that could have a        understand things more clearly.       treasure may move $10 from
     lot of effect on the grade of          Now I try to grade coins as       the Truman Carter fund to the
     the coin.                          much as possible because it’s         General fund for each youth or
5. When using a magnifying glass        kind of has to do with that saying    YN in the family.
     or loop be sure to move the        “use it or lose it”. I had gotten         We request memberships
     coin not the loop and keep         interested in coins that summer       be back to the treasure, Leon
     both eyes open.                    thanks to the Club and ANA. So        Cunningham no later than the
· One of the most important thing       all I have to say again is THANK      1st of February. Remember we
     to remember is that you need       YOU for giving me this                need everyone to return their
     to use an incandescent light.      opportunity. Who knows maybe I        letters – that is the only way we
     It is the best light to give you   can see you there next summer, I      have of insuring that the
     a true view of the coin and        hope to, and I’m most positive        information on our records is
     also you will not damage the       that the ANA would welcome you        correct. We especially need to
     coin or your eyes and both         to come, and enjoy a journey to       insure we have the following
     can stay in good condition.        the unknown. (KaLyn James)            information correct -- Name,
    The next day we graded our                                                Address, City, St. Zip, Shirt
own coins. (HOW EXCITING). It                                                 Size, Birth Date for Youth., date
was an adventure in itself,                MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL                 joined, and ANA number.
amazing and it was educational.            Renewal notices have been
There were so many to choose            sent all members.      Please         Please send this information
from. I tried to stick with the easy    return them ASAP and we               to:
ones at first, then gradually           really need them by the 1st of        Leon Cunningham
increased to the harder ones to         February.                             R.R. 1 Box 188
try and challenge myself. I went        Membership Renewal – the              Crane, Mo. 65633
for the Morgan Dollars, Walking         board decided to move the
           JANUARY 2008 -- Flying Eagle is a Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc.

                OZARKS’ COIN CLUB                                  YN's, ages 12-17, were given YN dollars to be used at the
              WORK SHEET FOR AGES 5-9                              monthly club auctions. Dollars earned in 2008 will be distributed
               FOR FEBRUARY 5, 2008                                every 3 months.

NAME:________________________________________                      All YN's: Be on the lookout for 2008 P&D cents, nickels, and
                                                                   dimes. The first YN's to bring these coins to a club meeting will
· What was the last Presidential dollar issued in 2007?            earn YN dollars.

         _________________________________                         Earn more YN dollars by completing assignments and writing
                                                                   articles for the "Flying Eagle".
· What was the 3rd state quarter issued in 2007?
                                                                   Jim Guy
                                                                   YN Director
· What State quarter shows a lighthouse?
                                                                                      OZARKS’ COIN CLUB
         _________________________________                                         WORK SHEET FOR AGES 10-18
                                                                                     FOR FEBRUARY 5, 2008
· What State Quarter has the inscription “Crossroads of
    America”?                                                             NAME: ___________________________________

         _________________________________                         What do the following numismatic abbreviations mean?
· What year will the last state quarter be minted?                 • ANA _______________________________________
                                                                   • VDB _______________________________________
· What state quarter shows a pelican?
                                                                   • OBV ______________________________________
                                                                   • LD _____________________________________
· What state quarter shows a fish?
                                                                   • VAR ______________________________________
7 correct = 3 YN Dollars — 6 correct = 2 YN Dollars —              • MS _____________________________________
5 correct + 1 YN Dollar
                                                                   • NI ______________________________________
If any YN is not able to attend the February Meeting,
this assignment may be mailed to:                                  • MM ______________________________________

  Jim Guy 4107 E. Latoka Springfield, Mo. 65809                    • VG _______________________________________

                                                                   • CU _______________________________________
            Information for YNs from Jim Guy
19 YN's attended the Jan OCC meeting.                              10 correct = 3 YN Dollars — 9 correct = 2 YN Dollars
                                                                   8 correct = 1 YN Dollar
Congratulations to the 14 YN's, ages 5-11, who participated
in the annual YN auction at the Jan. club meeting. Each of         If any YN is not able to attend the February Meeting, this
you did a great job in bidding for the 30 items up for             assignment may be mailed to:
Carry over YN dollars are being kept by the YN Director                   Jim Guy 4107 E. Latoka Springfield, Mo. 65809
and will be given to each YN at the time of the next auction
as Well as YN dollars earned during 2008.

           JANUARY 2008 -- Flying Eagle is a Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc.

          CLUB DIRECTORY                    Christmas Vacation, congress approved        companies in the past may be playing a
           PLEASE READ                      and appropriation bill that also added an    (WHO’S—WHO’S GAME). They have
          AND GET WITH ME
                                            extension to the Quarter Program. The        also noted that because of the staff
    We are considering publishing a         Quarter Program was schedule to end at       switch some legal repercussions may be
“Club Directory”. Tiny took a poll at the   the end of this year. But congress           in the making. For you who are
last meeting and it seamed that more        added an eleventh year to it. — The          interested at this point Mike Ellis is now
than a majority desired to have a club      U.S. — 50 States Quarter Program will        working for ICG - and they plan on
directory. Some did not want their          end this year. But the Quarter Program       sending him to our October show next
pictures in the directory and some
indicated that they did not care. I will    (State Quarter Program) will go on for       year. So, we will have a grading service
begin working on the directory soon. For another year. Congress has decided to           at our October Show.
the most part I can print it up from the    include five US insular territories to the
membership roster. But here again I         program and the District of Columbia.
need to make sure the information I have The five territories are: American
is correct and what information you                                                                    Eureka Springs
would like to insure is excluded in the     Samoa, Guam, American Virgin Islands,
                                                                                                   Springs Another Mint
club directory. The directory would only Puerto Rico and the Commonwealth of
be distributed to club members and will     Northern Mariana Islands. Most of these          On January the 4th 2008 Moffatt &
have instructions on it not to give copy or areas have been possessions for over a       Co. announced that they had begun
share with any other party.                 century.                                     operation. Sean Moffatt and Timothy
    Some have indicated they would like                                                  Grat will be operating the mint. Moffatt
to have their picture included. That                                                     was the operations manager for a large
would not be a problem but I need to
know for sure who would like to have                                                     private mint for 19 years until the
their picture included.                                                                  company was sold, and he has been
                                                         Restores Motto to
    Some have indicated they would not                                                   involved in Numismatics for more than
mind sharing their major interest in                      Obverse of Coin.               35 years. Of course most of you know
Numismatics. If you want you major          Yes, can you believe it? Congress in         TIM—he has giving demonstrations and
interest included—I will need to know       Section 623 of the appropriation bill
that and what your major interest are.                                                   programs at our Coin Shows several
                                            would require that the new Presidential      years. He was the previous chief coiner
    If you want others to know what other
Numismatic organizations you belong to dollar coin program remove the national           for the Gallery Mint for about 10 years.
I will also need that information from you. motto “ In God We Trust,” from the edge          They will be doing business striking
    We would also like to note past         of the coin. It is to be put back on the     tokens for car washes, restaurants,
officers of the club. — So, if you have     obverse of the coin where it previously      transit, medals, club tokens etc. They
held an office in the club please let me    appears on all other coins. This change
know what office or offices and years if                                                 have purchased several high speed
possible.                                   would be required “as soon as is             presses and are now set up to do big
    I feel it would also be nice to be able practicable after the date of enactment.”    jobs. The last time I talked to Tim he
to include the number of years you have So, you can look for the change on the           noted they hoped to be able to address
been with the club and maybe even           2009 Presidential Coins.                     Club Token needs as well—since they
involved in Numismatics.
    This is a work in progress so please                                                 had acquired a press to strike lower
let me know what you think and would                                                     volume of tokens on. I understand that
like.                                                 ANACS Has New Owner                full production should begin this month.
                                                On about January 21st of 2008,           They are operating out of what was the
    Please send the information to:         James Taylor purchased the assets of
            Leon R. Cunningham                                                           Gallery Mint facilities.
            R.R. 1 Box 188                  ANACS from Anderson Press, Inc. He               We welcome this new Numismatic
            Crane, Mo. 65633                proceded to move the office to               Endeavor and wish them the best of
          Or call —- 1-417-723-8162         Englewood, Co. where ICG is located.         luck, and look forward to working with
                                            James Taylor was the president for ICG       them. To contact them their web page is
                                            up till the 3rd of December.                 www.moffattandco.com or call at 479
                 CONGRESS                     According to “Numismatic News”             253-7900.
               APPROVES AN                  many of the ICG staff has joined ANACS
     EXTENSION TO THE QUARTER               and several of the ANACS staff was
                  PROGRAM                   released. Some of them have joined the
 Yes, in the congressional rush that took ICG staff. So, it appears for awhile
place, so they could make their             those dealing with either one of these
          JANUARY 2008 -- Flying Eagle is a Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc.

                                                                                           SHOW CALENDAR
              DIRECTORY OF                                                    This information is taken from multiple sources.
              CLUB OFFICERS                                               We have had many request for a show calendar and
                                                                          this will be our first attempt at providing one.
            & BOARD MEMBERS                                                         January:
  CLUB MEETS ON 1ST TUESDAY OF                                            Jan. 18-20 (Hot Springs) Arkansas –Convention
EACH MONTH at DISCOVERY CENTER                                            Center, 100 Convention Blvd., Tri Lakes Club 42nd
              Located at 438 E. St. Louis St.                             Show — Free Adm. Tables 125— Ph 501-624-0074
            Ozarks Coin Club Inc.
   P.O. Box 3913 Springfield, Mo. 65808.                                           February:
                                                                          Feb 8-10 (Saint Louis) Hilton St. St. Louis Airport
          Phone (417) 866-8727.
                                                                          Hotel, 10220 Natural Bridge Road. 44th Annual
     Web Page: ozarks-coin-club.org                                       Greater America Coin Fair — Admission $1 adults—
President        Daniel Cross    417 777-4814                             110 tables, Ph 314 909 8881.
        2624 S. Orchard Ave. Bolivar, Mo. 65622
V.P.             Ed Mayer        417 770-1263                             March 29 (Lebanon) Cowin Civic Center 500 E. Main
        P.O. Box 1266 – Buffalo, Mo. 65622                                St. (1st Route 66 Coin and Stamp show) Free
        redisbisoncoins@yahoo.com                                         admission — 36+ tables, phone 417 723 8162 (Nancy)
Sect.            Nancy Redman 417-862-3867
          5646 E. Bennett St. Springfield, Mo. 65809
Treas.           Leon Cunningham 417-723- 8162                                       OZARKS’ COIN CLUB MINUTES
        R.R. 1 Box 188 Crane, Mo. 65633
                                                                                          January 8, 2008
Board Members: Jim Brown – 417-833-4065 –
                                                                           Our monthly meeting was held at the Discovery
                   Stanley Hamm – 417-678 4771                            Center. We enjoyed soda and CiCi’s Pizza at 6:00
                   Grady Walker -- 417-864-5950                           p.m. The main auction started at 6:30 p.m. There
                 GWalker@MissouriState.edu                                were forty-six (46) adults, and twenty (20) youth
Board Advisor:    Jim Griffin – 417 881-5938                              present for a total of sixty-six (66). President Daniel
Flying Eagle Editors:      Leon Cunningham                                Cross called the meeting to attention at 7:25 p.m.,
        leonray@ozarks-coin-club.org                                      immediately after the auction. President Cross
Y.N. Sponsor:    Jim Guy – 886-8336
                                                                          explained information about the summer seminar.
Show Bourse Chairman:    For 2008 --   March 29 show
                                                                          Thank you’s were expressed to Erma Brown for
Lebanon Nancy Redman email: nr@mchsi.com —                                bringing rice krispie treats and Ed and Laura Mayer for
                         for October 25, 26 show                          home-made cookies.
Springfield  Charla   Wouk       email:   Contact  at
           We start every meeting with a social hour at 6:00 p.m. -
                                                                            Jerry Morgan will have a program for our February
serving some type of food and drink.                                      meeting. In March we will have nominations for the
           Then at 6:30 p.m. we start our auction and around 7:15         election in April. Anyone wishing to nominate
we start our membership meeting that consists of: Door Prize
Drawings (Junior and Adults), General Business, Short Program,
                                                                          someone for an office, please be aware that the
and Live Auction {Must be a member to enter items in the auction          person needs to have 75% attendance. Also, ask the
& limit of 5 items per meeting}, a Bid Board is also available for        person beforehand if they even want to hold a
members to sell and buy coins. The Bid Board is open till the end
of the meeting. YNs (Youth, Juniors) many times have their own
                                                                          particular position. Our first Lebanon Coin Show will
meeting while the adults have some form of program. Like to               be March 29. April will be the elections. Brian Fanton,
                                                                          from Hiawatha, will be our guest speaker for May.
                                                                          Wendal Wolka will return in June for his program. Our
          JANUARY 2008 -- Flying Eagle is a Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc.

annual picnic will be July 12 this   called Golden Eagles meeting         own. Please see Nancy Redman
year. Be sure to mark your           once per month at different          if you would like to join, or have
calendars now for these.             locations (where ever we choose      some good ideas or just need
  We have been thinking about        for that month). We will pay for     more information.
starting a new program for           our own meals, as this program
seniors (age 50+). We will be        will be considered to be on its
President Cross recognized our       Donovan Nicholson: $ 6               Album--Shaylee Johnson $ 17
guest Chris Valance from Sparta.     1978-S Proof Kennedy Half            Junior Drawing: Mint Rubik’s
He reminded everyone that dues       Dollar--Bobby Joe Nicholson: $ 6     Cube--Lauren Parker
were due in January. This year       2007 unc Silver Eagle--Logan         Mint Rubik’s Cube--Robert
dues have gone up. They are          DeByle: $ 17                         Nicholson
now $15.00 for family, $10.00 for    2007 Proof Set--Bobby Joe            (Maggie Kirwin donated it back to
individuals, and $7.00 for youth.    Nicholson: $ 16                      the club as she has 2 already
Please see Leon Cunningham to        Ancient Roman Coin--Lauren           1961 Proof Washington Quarter--
take care of this. The youth         Parker: $ 15                         Kyra DeByle
auction started at 7:40 p.m. and     Series 1957 Silver Certificate       2 rolls (25 ea.) P & D Jeff
ended at 8:12 p.m. The youth         Dollar Note--Donovan Nicholson:      Nickels--Brittney James
paid for their items with YN bucks   $4                                   1912 Liberty Head Dime--Bland
they had earned throughout the       Last Coins & Currency of the         Landers
year. Items and winning bids for     Millennium 1999--Donovan             Adult Drawing: 1973-S Proof
YN auction are as follows:           Nicholson: $ 9                       Kennedy ½ Dollar--Kellie James
                                     1953 Queen Elizabeth                 1960 Proof Washington Quarter--
1957, 1964 Proof Lincoln Cents       Coronation Set (10 coins)--Bland     Steve Whitehead
(2 coins)--Bobby Joe Nicholson:      Landers: $ 28                        2006 Silver Eagle--Shane
$1                                   15 Foreign Currency Notes--          Landers
1961, 1962, 1963 Proof Jefferson     Kersten Strickland: $ 2              Overall Drawing: 2006 unc mint
Nickels (3 coins)--Brittney James:   15 Foreign Currency Notes--          set--Karen Avery
$2                                   Kersten Strickland: $ 5              Mint pig--Bryce Bowers
1973-S--1977-S Proof Jefferson       New Zealand ½ Penny Collection       Membership drawing was Janie
Nickels (5 coins)--Bobby Joe         1940-1965--Evan Parker: $ 11         Cunningham, who was not
Nicholson: $ 4                       New Zealand Penny Collection         present. Next month it will go to
1980-S, 1981-S, 1981-S T1 Proof      1940-1964--Kathrine Strickland:      $40.00
Jeff Nickels (3 coins)--Clayton      $ 10                                 Meeting was dismissed at 8:22.
James: $ 5                           Jewelry Loupe--Bryce Bowers: $       Respectfully submitted, — Nancy
1940-D unc. Mercury Dime--           6                                    Redman, Secretary
Bobby Joe Nicholson: $ 7             2008 Red Book--Kersten
1960 Proof Roosevelt Dime--          Strickland: $ 10                     From Editor: Do to illness —
Bland Landers: $ 5                   Coin Collecting for Kids--Brittney   weather — senility - updating
1978-S, 1979-S Proof Roosevelt       James: $ 11                          memberships, etc. — or
Dimes (2 coins)--Donovan             The Buck Book--Lauren Parker: $      whatever I was not able to
Nicholson: $ 3                       11                                   include all the items in the
1959 Proof Washington Quarter--      Lincoln Cent Coin Album 1909-        paper I wanted to put in this
Brittney James: $ 6                  1973--Clayton James: $ 9             months paper. We also have a
1960 Proof Washington Quarter--      Jefferson Nickel Coin Album          board meeting that may have
Bobby Joe Nicholson: $ 3             1938-1983--Bryce Bowers $ 8          some reflection on direction
1942 AU Walking Liberty Half         Washington Quarter Coin Album        and I need to get the paper out
Dollar--Clayton James: $ 7           1932-1985--Conner Bowers $ 11        prior to the meeting.
1961 Proof Franklin Half Dollar--    Women in American Coinage
              JANUARY 2008 -- Flying Eagle is a Monthly Publication of Ozarks’ Coin Club Inc.

            Please send information, adds or articles to Leon Cunningham, R.R.1 Box 188, Crane, Mo. 65633 or to
                                Information regarding Coin of the Month is taken from the U.S. Mint Web Site.

            OKLAHOMA STATE QUARTER                                                                     Reverse:             The
                                                                                                       scissor-tailed flycatcher,
                                                                                                       Ok’s. State Bird. The bird is
                                                                                                       soaring over the state
                                                                                                       wildflower, called “Indian
Nero here, kicking off the 2008 Coins of the Month with the quarter that kicks off the final year of   blanket”. The Indian
                                                                                                       blanket (gaillardia)
the 50 State Quarters Program: the Oklahoma Quarter! The wildlife shown here represents                symbolizes Oklahoma’s
Oklahoma well, because this dapper design was picked by those who live in the state.                   rich American Indian
   The designing began in Feb. 2006 when residents suggested more th an 1,000 ideas for the            Heritage
quarter’s image. They later voted ten written ideas down to five. US Mint Sculptor-Engravers
and artists in the Artistic Infusion Program turned the five ideas into pictures, which they sent
back to Ok.’s Governor.                                                                                                                Obverse: All
   Governor Brad Henry had the final say, but he let the Oklahomans make the choice, as 2007                                           the new quarters
was the 100th anniversary of Oklahoma becoming a state. In April 2007, Governor Henry                                                  show the
announced the winner with the most votes by far: the design that features the Indian blanket                                           traditional George
and scissortail flycatcher, the state wildflower and bird. The Department of the Treasury then                                         Washington with
approved the design.                                                                                                                   some minor
   The four other finalist designs contained various combinations of the statue of a pioneer                                           changes. The bust
woman and c hild f und in Oklahoma, a windmill, waving wheat, an oil derrick, the state outline,                                       is smaller and the
and a calumet (peace pipe).                                                                                                            legends have been
   Governor Henry noted that it was hard to “distill everything that is Oklahoma down to a                                             moved.
single design”. But tens of thousands of Oklahomans took part in the selection, and resulting
image reminds everyone of the state’s natural beauty.

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