Life Span of Cosmetic Dentistry by klutzfu58


									paid.  New technologies in this field have 
made services much more affordable today. 
Patient financing programs are usually 
available with multiple payment options.

Life Span of Cosmetic Dentistry
No dental work will last forever.  Tooth 
whitening usually fades over time.  Veneers 
and crowns can deteriorate over time. 
Maintenance will be required, so be sure to 
follow your dentist’s follow-up instructions. 

If you have any questions or concerns about 
cosmetic dentistry, contact your hygienist or 
dentist.  Maintaining good oral health 
involves brushing, flossing and visiting your 

                                                        Colwell #21116     Patterson #050-6667
                                                 Ask your Patterson representative or call 1-800-1140 (in 
                                                                       U.S. only)
Do you limit your smiling because you’re         • Implants – Replace missing tooth with an
embarrassed by the condition of your teeth?        artificial tooth anchored into your gums
With the technology available today,             • Bonding – A material is applied to your
cosmetic dentistry can make the most of            tooth and polished and shaped to match your
your smile. Doing a simple tooth whitening         existing tooth
can change your appearance dramatically          • Tooth Contouring and Reshaping
and make you more self-confident                 • Dentures
Cosmetic services range from changing the        • Dental Filling – Tooth-colored fillings
look of an existing tooth to replacing an          instead of silver fillings
entire set of teeth. Cosmetic services are       • Gum Surgery
more affordable than ever before.                • Porcelain and Ceramic Inlays
                                                 • Orthodontic Work – Use of corrective
Reasons for Cosmetic Services                      appliances, including braces and retainers
• Discolored teeth                               • Porcelain Jackets
• Missing teeth                                  • Periodontics – Alter gum tissue to enhance
• Jagged teeth                                     your smile
• Overcrowded teeth
• Weak biting surface                            Candidates for Services
                                                 Not everyone is a candidate for all of the 
Treatment Options                                treatments listed above. Your dentist will 
• Tooth Whitening – Two choices include laser    first evaluate you. Issues of tooth sensitivity 
  whitening done at your dentist or an at-       and existing dental conditions and fixtures 
  home bleaching kit                             (such as dental fillings) can affect what 
• Tooth Veneers – A porcelain ceramic shell is   services you can effectively receive. 
  applied to your tooth
• Crowns – Cap is used over a damaged tooth      Costs of Cosmetic Services
  and shaped to match your existing tooth        Most insurance policies do not cover elective 
• Bridges – Used when teeth are missing          cosmetic services. Some plans might cover a 
                                                 percentage or require a deductible to be 

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