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					                                                                                                             Fact Book 2008-2009                   0

Organization Chart
As of January 2009
                                                         BOARD OF REGENTS, STATE OF IOWA

                                                              IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY                                     ISU FOUNDATION
                                                                     President                                           President & CEO
                                                                Gregory L. Geoffroy                                               .
                                                                                                                          Daniel P Saftig

                                                                                                                       Jeffery W. Johnson
                           DIVISION OF                         DIVISION OF                 DIVISION OF
                       ACADEMIC AFFAIRS                     STUDENT AFFAIRS           BUSINESS AND FINANCE
                Executive Vice President & Provost            Vice President              Vice President
                                                                                                                           OFFICE OF
                        Elizabeth Hoffman                     Thomas L. Hill            Warren R. Madden
                                                                                                                         THE PRESIDENT
                         (see pages 11-14)                    (see page 15)                (see page 16)
                                                                                                                      Executive Assistant to
                                                                                                                       the President
                                                                                                                          Internal Audit
                                                                                                                          Ombuds Office
                                                                                                                          University Marketing
RESEARCH & ECONOMIC                                                                                                   Assistant to the President
                                              EXTENSION & OUTREACH
    DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                        for Communication
                                                   Vice President                                                     Equal Opportunity &
 Interim Vice President
                                                   Jack M. Payne                                                       Diversity
  Theodore H. Okiishi
                                                   (see page 13)                                                      Governmental Relations
      (see page 14)
                                                                                                                      Policy Administration
                                                                                                                      University Counsel
                            COLLEGES                                                                                  University Relations
                     Agriculture & Life Sciences
                               Design                                                                                      ATHLETICS
                          Graduate College
                          Human Sciences                                                                                 Jamie B. Pollard
                      Liberal Arts & Sciences
                        Veterinary Medicine
                                                                                                                                Fact Book 2008-2009

Organization Chart
As of January 2009 (continued)                                   DIVISION OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
                                                                 Executive Vice President & Provost
                                                                         Elizabeth Hoffman

            COLLEGE OF                                   COLLEGE OF                                                                      COLLEGE OF
          AGRICULTURE &                                                                          COLLEGE OF DESIGN
                                                          BUSINESS                                                                      ENGINEERING
           LIFE SCIENCES                                                                                 Dean
                                                            Dean                                                                         Interim Dean
                Dean                                                                              Mark C. Engelbrecht
                                                         Labh S. Hira                                                                  James E. Bernard
         Wendy Wintersteen
       Agriculture & Home Economics              Accounting                                     Architecture                       Aerospace Engineering
        Experiment Station                       Finance                                        Art & Design                       Agricultural & Biosystems
       Agricultural & Biosystems                 Logistics, Operations &                        Community & Regional                 Engineering
        Engineering                               Management Information                         Planning                          Chemical & Biological Engineering
       Agricultural Education & Studies           Systems                                       Design Studies                     Civil, Construction & Environmental
       Agronomy                                  Management                                     Landscape Architecture               Engineering
       Animal Science                            Marketing                                                                         Electrical & Computer Engineering
       Biochemistry, Biophysics, &                                                                                                 Industrial & Manufacturing System
        Molecular Biology                        CENTERS AND INSTITUTES                         CENTERS AND INSTITUTES               Engineering
       Ecology, Evolution & Organismal                                                                                             Materials Science & Engineering
                                                 Pappajohn Center for                           Institute for Design Research
        Biology                                                                                                                    Mechanical Engineering
                                                  Entrepreneurship                                & Outreach
                                                 Small Business
       Entomology                                                                                                                  CENTERS AND INSTITUTES
                                                  Development Center
       Food Science & Human Nutrition
       Genetics, Development & Cell                                                                                                Analog & Mixed-Signal VLSI Design
        Biology                                                                                                                      Center
       Horticulture                                                                                                                Center for Industrial Research &
       Natural Resource Ecology &                                                                                                    Services
        Management                                                                                                                 Computational Fluid Dynamics Center
       Plant Pathology                                                                                                             Electric Power Research Center
       Sociology                                                                                                                   Engineering Policy & Leadership
                    CENTERS AND INSTITUTES FOR COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE & LIFE SCIENCES                                                Institute
                                                                                                                                   Engineering Research Institute
       Beginning Farmer Center                            Food & Agricultural Policy Research Institute                            Industrial Assessment Center
       Biosafety Institute for Genetically Modified       Iowa Beef Center
        Agricultural Products                             Iowa Pork Industry Center
       Brenton Center for Agricultural Instruction &      Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
        Technology Transfer                               Midwest Agribusiness Trade Research &
       Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation               Information Center
       Center for Agricultural & Rural Development        Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute
       Center for Crops Utilization Research              North Central Regional Aquaculture Center
       Center for Designing Foods to Improve Nutrition    North Central Regional Center for Rural
       Center for Integrated Animal Genomics                Development
       Center for International Agricultural Finance      North Center Regional Plant Intro Station                                                                 
       Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods           Seed Science Center
                                                                                                                       Fact Book 2008-2009                   

Organization Chart
As of January 2009 (continued)                        DIVISION OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
                                                      Executive Vice President & Provost
                                                              Elizabeth Hoffman

                                    COLLEGE OF HUMAN                        COLLEGE OF LIBERAL                               COLLEGE OF
                                        SCIENCES                             ARTS & SCIENCES                             VETERINARY MEDICINE
                                       Interim Dean                                 Dean                                        Dean
          David K. Holger
                                      Pamela J. White                        Michael B. Whiteford                          John U. Thomson

      Graduate Programs            Apparel, Educational Studies &          Air Force Aerospace Studies                  Biomedical Sciences
      Interdisciplinary Graduate    Hospitality Management                 Anthropology                                 Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center
        Programs                   Curriculum & Instruction                Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular         Veterinary Clinical Sciences
                                   Educational Leadership & Policy          Biology                                     Veterinary Diagnostic & Production
                                    Studies                                Chemistry                                     Animal Medicine
                                   Food Science & Human Nutrition          Computer Science                             Veterinary Microbiology &
                                   Human Development & Family              Ecology, Evolution & Organismal               Preventive Medicine
                                    Studies                                 Biology                                     Veterinary Pathology
                                   Kinesiology                             Economics
                                   CENTERS AND INSTITUTES                  Genetics, Development, & Cell Biology        CENTERS AND INSTITUTES
                                                                           Geological & Atmospheric Sciences
                                   Center for Designing Foods to           Greenlee School of Journalism &              Center for Food Security & Public
                                    Improve Nutrition                       Communication                                 Health
                                   Center for Research on Dietary          History                                      Institute for International
                                    Botanical Supplements                  Mathematics                                    Cooperation in Animal Biologics
                                   Nutrition & Wellness Research           Military Science                             Iowa Center for Advanced
                                    Center                                 Music                                          Neurotoxicology
                                   Research Institute for Studies in       Naval Science                                Veterinary Medical Research
                                    Education                              Philosophy & Religious Studies                 Institute
                                                                           Physics & Astronomy
                                                                           Political Science
                                                                           World Languages & Cultures

                                                                           CENTERS AND INSTITUTES
                                                                           Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women
                                                                             & Politics
                                                                           Center for American Intercultural Studies
                                                                           Institute of Science & Society
                                                                                                                           Fact Book 2008-2009

Organization Chart
As of January 2009 (continued)
                                                       DIVISION OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
                                                       Executive Vice President & Provost
                                                               Elizabeth Hoffman

                                                           FACULTY ADVANCEMENT                    EXTENSION AND
 ACADEMIC PROGRAMS          BUDGET & PLANNING                                                                                                   LIBRARY
                                                                & DIVERSITY                         OUTREACH
   Associate Provost        Associate Vice President                                                                                              Dean
                                                              Associate Provost                    Vice President
    David K. Holger          Ellen M. Rasmussen                                                                                            Olivia M. Madison
                                                              Susan L. Carlson                     Jack M. Payne

Center for Excellence in                                  Lectures Program                  4-H Youth Development
  Learning & Teaching                                     Women’s Center                    Agriculture & Natural Resources
Honors Program                                                                              Business & Industry
Institutional Research                                                                      Community & Economic                            INFORMATION
Learning Communities                                                                          Development                              TECHNOLOGY SERVICES
Study Abroad Center                                                                         Continuing & Distance Education              Vice Provost & Chief
Women in Science &                                                                          County & Area Extension Offices              Information Officer
  Engineering                                                                               Extension Communication,                        James A. Davis
                                                                                              Information Technolog &
                                                                                              Distribution Services
                                                                                            Iowa Manufacturing Extension
                                                                                            University Conference Services            AMES LABORATORY, DOE
                                                                                            CENTERS AND INSTITUTES                        Alexander King
                                                                                            Agricultural Marketing Resource
                                                                                            Beginning Farmer Center
                                                                                            Center for Industrial Research &
                                                                                            Community Vitality Center
                                                                                            Iowa Beef Center
                                                                                            Iowa Pork Industry Center
                                                                                            Iowa Water Center
                                                                                            Midwest Grape & Wine Industry                                      
                                                                                                                                  Fact Book 2008-2009                  

Organization Chart
As of January 2009 (continued)                                           DIVISION OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
                                                                         Executive Vice President & Provost
                                                                                 Elizabeth Hoffman

                               RESEARCH SUPPORT SERVICES
                               Industry & Government Relations
                               Industry Initiatives                          RESEARCH & ECONOMIC
                               ISU Research Foundation & OIPTT                   DEVELOPMENT
                               ISU Research Park & ISIS
                               Laboratory Animal Resources
                                                                              Interim Vice President
                               Office of Biotechnology                         Theodore H. Okiishi
                               Office of Research Assurances
                               Office of Sponsored Programs Administration

     INSTITUTE FOR                                                                                                                      OTHER CENTERS & INSTITUTES
                                              CYBERINNOVATION                     PLANT SCIENCES
  PHYSICAL RESEARCH &                                                                                          BIOECONOMY INSTITUTE     Center for Carbon-Capturing
                                                INSTITUTE (CII)                      INSTITUTE                                            Crops
      TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                      Director
                                                   Director                            Director                                         Center for Excellence in the
         Director                                                                                                   Robert Brown
                                                 James Oliver                     Stephen H. Howell                                       Arts & Humanities
      George Kraus
                                                                                                                                        Center for Survey Statistics
Airworthiness Assurance Center           Center for Computational            Center for Crops Utilization                                 & Methodology
  of Excellence                            Intelligence, Learning &           Research                                                  Center for Transportation
Catron Center for Solar Energy             Discovery                         Center for Metabolic Biology                                 Research & Education
  Research                               Human Computer Interaction          Center for Designing Foods to                              Institute for Food Safety &
Center for Building Energy               Information Assurance Center         Improve Nutrition                                           Security
  Research                               Information Infrastructure          Center for Plant Genomics                                  Institute for Social &
Center for Catalysis                       Institute                         Center for Plant Responses to                                Behavioral Research
Center for Nondestructive                Institute for Combinatorial          Environmental Stresses                                    Iowa Energy Center
  Evaluation                               Discovery                         Center for Plant Transformation                            Iowa Water Center
Center for Physical &                    Virtual Reality Applications        Laurence H. Baker Center for                               Nutrition and Wellness
  Computational Mathematics                Center                             Bioinformatics & Biological                                 Research Center
Center for Sustainable                                                        Statistics                                                Partnerships in Prevention
  Environmental Technologies                                                 Raymond F Baker Center for
                                                                                         .                                                Science Institute
IPRT Company Assistance                                                       Plant Breeding                                            Statistical Laboratory
Materials Preparation Center                                                 Seed Science Center
Microelectronics Research Center
Midwest Forensics Resource
Virtual Reality Applications Center
                                                                                                                   Fact Book 2008-2009

Organization Chart
As of January 2009 (continued)

                                                          DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS
                                                                  Vice President
                                                                  Thomas L. Hill
                                                                                                                               STUDENT AFFAIRS
                                                                                                                             Associate Vice President
                                                                                                                                Todd R. Holcomb

                                  ENROLLMENT SERVICES                          STUDENT AFFAIRS &
                                  Assistant Vice President &                  STUDENT COUNSELING
                                          Registrar                                  SERVICE
                                       Kathy M. Jones                         Assistant Vice President
                                                                                  Terry W. Mason

  INTERNATIONAL                                                                                                                          THIELEN
                                                           DEPARTMENT OF                                       ISU DINING
    STUDENTS &       MEMORIAL UNION                                                             DEAN OF                             STUDENT HEALTH
                                                             RESIDENCE                                           Director
     SCHOLARS              Director                                                            STUDENTS                                  CENTER
                                                               Director                                           Nancy
      Director       Richard S. Reynolds                                                    Dione Somerville                         Interim Director
                                                            Peter D. Englin                                    Levandowski
  James C. Dorsett                                                                                                                  Penni L. McKinley

                        ENROLLMENT                OFFICE OF STUDENT
                          SERVICES                  FINANCIAL AID
                           Director                     Director
                                                                                                                       Douglas K. Gruenewald
                        Marc Harding               Roberta L. Johnson
                                                                                                                        Steven K. Mickelson

                                                                                                                 Fact Book 2008-2009               

Organization Chart
As of January 2009 (continued)

                                                          DIVISION OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE
                                                                     Vice President
                                                                   Warren R. Madden

                                                                                        BUSINESS SERVICES       TREASURER’S OFFICE
             & MANAGEMENT                      SERVICES
                                                                                             Director                 Director
           Associate Vice President      Associate Vice President
                                                                                          Arlo W. Meyer           Joan K. Piscitello
             Christopher K. Ahoy            Carla R. Espinoza

                                                                                ENVIRONMENTAL           UNIVERSITY                CONTROLLER’S
                                                                                HEALTH & SAFETY         MUSEUMS                    DEPARTMENT
   Executive Director           Director                  Director
                                                                                     Director             Director                   Controller
     Mark A. North          Jerry D. Stewart         Teresa McLaughlin
                                                                                 A. David Inyang     Lynette L. Pohlman            Stephanie Fox

                                                                    WOI RADIO GROUP
                                                                     Donald T. Wirth

For current organization chart see website:
Office of Institutional Research (Source: Office of the President)