Duwan Dunn115 Tye St. SE Atlanta, GA 30316 by klutzfu48


									Duwan Dunn      115 Tye St. SE Atlanta, GA 30316
                404-589-1157 duwan@duwandunn.com www.duwandunn.com

       Certificate Web Design, Certificate Graphic Design, 2006
        Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC GPA: 4.0
       BA Media Studies, 1984
         Webster University, Webster Groves, MO
        XHTML-Hand coding tables and formatting text for web layout
        CSS-Tableless layouts, style text & links, popup/pull down menus, sliding door boxes,
        Dreamweaver-Multipage sites, tables, CSS, frames, inline frames, rollovers, templates,
        accessibility, pull down menus, pop-up windows, multipage search and replace using
        regular expressions
        Photoshop-Create graphics, color balance, slice images for web, size images,
        resolution, optimize images, compositing, masking, retouch and restoration, selective
        coloring, image manipulation, sharpening, curves, process raw images
        ImageReady-Gif animation, background tiles, slice images, optimization, rollovers,
        multi page web sites
        JavaScript/DHTML-Write functions to facilitate interaction and information, create
        animation and dynamic usability
        Flash-Create graphics and movie clips, frame by frame animation, employ ActionScript
        to animate and create dynamic interaction with the user
        Illustrator-pen tool, gradient mesh, compound shapes
        Digital Photography-Exposure, lighting, resolution, color balance
        InDesign-Multi and single page layout, paragraph and character styles, packaging and
        exporting, printing, color management, importing files
        QuarkXPress-Multi and single page layout
        Typography-Type selection, kerning, leading
       Aug. ‘08 - present - Print Design, Web Production--Lynne Splinter Realtors
         Design and create flyers and print ads advertising homes for sale. Retouch, correct color
         and optimize photos for print and electronic media. Update and create new pages for
         web site with new listings.
       Oct. ’04 - present - Web Design--Freelance
         MopDog: Create HTML layouts from Photoshop designs
         meledwards.com, jefchandler.com, notes-rr-us.com, greenvillearmystore.com &
         veragomez.com: Design and develop web sites
         Breakthru Learning Solutions, LLC: Logo Design
       Sept. ‘08 - Dec. ‘08 - Web Design, Print Design--Earth Solutions
         Redesign existing ecommerce web site. Investigate and solve technical problems.
         Set up, create ad banners for and manage web affiliate program. Design print media
         including hang tags and advertisements.
       Feb. ‘08 - July ‘08 - Web Design, Web Production--AHC Media
         Design and create layouts for new web sites. Build web sites in CSS. Recreate images
         and buttons for existing web sites. Convert newsletter and source book content from
         QuarkXPress layouts to HTML, reformat and upload to web sites.
       Oct. ‘03 - Oct. ‘07 - Ad Design, Web Design--Bargain Builder
         Design special promotion and sale ads for five different locations. Redesigned existing
         web site. Maintain and update web site, including taking product photos and writing
       Oct. ‘05 - March ‘06 - Web Design--Touch Point Energized Communications
         Redesign existing web sites using templates, create graphics, take product photographs.
       Sept. ‘05 - Oct. ‘05 - Graphic Design--Michelin
         Layout and text formatting for Michelin Green Guide Travel Books.

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