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					                                             Introduction to Root Cause Analysis in
                                               Manufacturing & Service Industries
                                                          Do you spend money fixing problems, only to have them
                                                          recur a short time later? Is solving your problems taking
                                                          too much of your time? Whether you are a manufacturer
                                                          or a service based industry, finding the root cause of your
                                                          problems is an integral part of your success. This 4-hour
                                                          training session provides an introduction to the theory and
                                                          reasons for root cause analysis, as well as tools and
                                                          techniques that support root cause analysis and can be
What are the objectives?                                  used with any corrective action process.
● Introduce basic theory and
  value of root cause analysis
● Define root cause analysis
 and common applications
● Introduce numerous tools
  for use in any root cause
  analysis process
● Review techniques for
  working through root
  cause analysis, as well as
  handling common
  roadblocks during the

Who will benefit:
                                                                   About the Instructor:
● Any individual responsible
                                            Nicole Brown has been providing quality and management training,
 for problem solving
                                            consulting and auditing services for 11 years. During this time, Nicole
● Supervisors
                                            worked in numerous industries and delivered countless training
● Quality personnel
                                            sessions. Her training sessions are interactive and relaxed, and focus
● Manufacturing personnel
                                            on the participants needs to ensure relevance of the training topic.
                                            Nicole holds a BS in Accounting from Lake Superior State University
                                            and numerous training and auditing certifications.
● Customer Service
                                            Date:         Thursday, November 6, 2008
                                            Time:         8:00 am – 12:00 pm
The M-TEC at Bay College will also be       Location:     M-TEC at Bay College
offering Introduction to Root Cause
Analysis in Healthcare. For more
                                            Cost:         $109
information please call 906.789.6902 ext.

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                                             JT - 210 Introduction to Root Cause Analysis in
                                                      Manufacturing & Service Industries
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