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									QuickMix – now things are running smoothly in the biogas plant
Optimally distributed cosubstrate for the digester.
A perennial topic for biogas plant builders is how to best introduce solid substrates into the digester. Vogelsang introduces QuickMix: a completely new solution. The relatively short history of biogas plants was plagued by a stormy development cycle. The sector is slowly settling down, and a variety of mature concepts and tried and tested components are now available. However, when it comes to introducing liquid manure and cosubstrate into the digester, builders in many places are still searching for the best solution. A variety of criteria have to be compared and at the same time, costs or economics must always be taken into account. Depending on the size of the biogas plant and type of cosubstrate, there are different processes on the market. QuickMix – robust and universal The QuickMix unites the advantages of many devices, presenting a completely new concept in this form. It primarily consists of two screw conveyors with ripping teeth and a rotary lobe pump both functions combined in one compact unit. Solid cosubstrates are fed to the twin screw from above, using any conveying equipment. A liquid phase (e.g. liquid manure or suspension from the digester) is added from the side at the same time. The twin screw then shreds the coarse material and mixes liquid phase and cosubstrate. A homogenous biosuspension is the result.

Tetrapacks, silage, manure, food scrabs, etc … problem with QuickMix.


QuickMix: a combined conveyor screw and rotary lobe pump

The twin screw, developed in collaboration with a renowned conveying technology company, can shred a wide variety of solid matter: straw, hay and cut grass, corn silage, manure, or food scraps, sacks of starch, stomachintestine packets, etc. Even hard cosubstrates that usually cannot be added via an agitator are no problem for the QuickMix. The suspension is then fed into the

pump chamber, and conveyed further. QuickMix allows you to mix and convey a homogenous suspension in one step. QuickMix – one concept with many advantages The percent share of cosubstrate in the biosuspension can be controlled simply by regulating the liquid phase. The QuickMix shreds the cosubstrate, distributes it well and introduces it into the digester, as opposed to directly charging the digester using a solid matter screw or walking floor, etc. This eliminates the need for agitators, which have to work hard to distribute the cosubstrate in the suspension. And regardless of whether there are two, three or more digesters, only one unit is required to charge them. Odour emissions from trough mixers are infamous for their intensity, especially when they have been held in the trough mixer for several days during the fermentation process. QuickMix eliminates the smell by conveying the suspension is directly into the digester. This facilitates dry matter percentages that normally could not be drawn in by a good displacement pump. Trough mixer costs and space requirements are thus eliminated, but you still have all the advantages of a well homogenised substrate. QuickMix – compact and easy to maintain QuickMix not only contributes process advantages: it is designed to be very easy to operate. Adhering to the LifeGuard concept for maximum service life, QuickMix has an impressively compact, robust and extremely easy to maintain construction. That is obvious: only one motor is required for driving the twin screw and the rotary lobe pump. Thanks to innovative Vogelsang

technology, the entire unit possesses a two-sided bearing. QuickMix's overhung screw is not guided through the cladding, unlike many other overhung screw designs. The inevitable wear on overhung screws is thus avoided. The QuickService cover of the QD bearing enables the components in the pump chamber to be serviced easily. Even the screw conveyors can be replaced as required.

Robust, easily maintained construction means high availability.

Ease of function, a long service life and easy service and maintenance were the core of this development. And show us an operator who isn't happy about low operating costs and high availability! QuickMix – new options for operating biogas plants QuickMix gives biogas plant operators a completely new option for digester charging. It means optimal biosuspension preparation, and thus a high gas yield – the decisive factor in profitability. For more information: Vogelsang, Tel.: +49 (0) 54 34 830, Dipl.-Ing. C. Wenner; Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH Essen Oldb.

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