A Complete Manufacturing Execution System

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					A Complete Manufacturing Execution System
                                       In the world of manufacturing, every company is unique. Each has specific
                                       equipment, processes, routines and demands, however, those who are success-
                                       ful share something in common – they have efficient production processes.
                                       Operator is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to streamline
                                       your production processes from raw materials to the final product. It gener-
                                       ates on-line work lists for employees and machines, relays information on
                                       delays, and shortens response time to rush orders and breakdowns. It also
                                       eliminates paperwork and makes production changes visible immediately.
                                       Operator links administration systems to the shop floor and provides the
                                       transparency needed to improve your bottom line.

                                       Data You Can Use
                                       Obtaining the right information from a complicated production process is
                                       not always easy. Using the OPC standard interface in your process, Operator
                                       collects and consolidates data from production equipment in real-time. This
                                       ensures that figures are always up to date. Operator works seamlessly with all
                                       leading ERP systems where data can be transferred for analysis and updating
                                       of order information. The Operator database is an open relational structured
                                       database, which allows for data collection by any other reporting tool or
    The Operator Effect                system.

    •	 Greater	production	visibility
                                       Making Sound Decisions
    •	 Real-time	data	collection	      With the information collected by Operator, measuring performance and
    •	 Online	follow	up	               identifying areas of improvement can be done faster and with more accu-
                                       racy than before. Process variations, such as lead times, can be analyzed,
    •	 Employee	involvement	           documented, and corrected with a higher degree of security. The system also
                                       supports the entire concept of lean manufacturing. If breakdowns or defects
    •	 Higher	efficiency	              occur, the built-in traceability function can quickly locate problems and
    •	 Increased	utilization           notify the right people, saving you time and money.

    •	 Better	product	quality	
                                       Greater Visibility
    •	 Higher	OEE	                     Operator does not only make your data accessible, it makes it highly visible.
                                       In fact, Operator is designed for the purpose of creating a new level of trans-
                                       parency in manufacturing. Measurements, plans, procedures, and changes to
                                       the production process are immediately visible to everyone through monitors
                                       located on equipment and at workstation. With easy access to work lists,
                                       production status and changes, and statistics on the shop floor, your entire
                                       production team is always kept informed.

                                       Employee Involvement
                                       Employees who are informed and involved can contribute more to your
                                       company’s success. On the production floor, Operator drives your employees’
                                       involvement by providing a higher level of visibility into their daily tasks. By
                                       easily gaining access to job plans, instructions, reporting, times, and atten-
                                       dance, employees feel more informed and have the possibility to influence
                                       their own work performance. The customizable user interface can be adapted
                                       to your company and employees’ needs for easier use and to reduce training

Achieve Production Goals
Accurate data, visibility and a motivated workforce, help you to make the
right decisions at the right time. Operator removes unnecessary steps and cre-
                                                                                                More Advantages
ates more than a paperless production process; it helps ensure efficiency and
                                                                                                •	Operator	is	easy	to	
a higher level of quality in your daily products.
                                                                                                  implement	with	Advanced	
                                                                                                  Planning	and	Scheduling	
Business Specific Functionality
Operator is designed to fit a wide range of different manufacturing companies                   •	Operator	is	built	on	a	
and production processes. While some may want to implement Operator in                            thoroughly	tested	standard	
its entirety, others may begin by using some of the modules included in the                       application;	
product suite. The system can grow in parallel to your company’s needs and
its modular structure ensures that you install and activate only what you will                  •	Operator	Support	responds	
use. With several languages supported, and the ability to adapt the system to                     quickly	to	customer	needs.
individual user’s needs, it can be utilized by most manufacturing companies.
Operator offers functionality through modules such as:
• Work List;
• Time and Attendance;
• Job Reporting;
• Preventative Maintenance;
• OPC Client;
• QA;
• Fork Lift.

   What                                           Continental	
                                                  ”Our markets are highly competitive, so
                                                                                                Vald	Birn	A/S	
                                                                                                ”For us the investment in Operator was

   Customers                                      we focus not only on quality, but also on
                                                  efficiency and costs. Existing systems did
                                                                                                not about fancy abbreviations like ROI
                                                                                                and TCO. It had to support and ease pro-

                                                  not cover our need for transparency in        duction, as well as ensure our certification
                                                  processes; therefore, we were looking for a   audits as best as possible.”
                                                  system that would give us complete con-                                    Leif	Jensen		
                                                  trol over production processes. Operator              Financial	Director,	Vald	Birn	A/S	
   Amcor	Flexibles	Europe	                        gave us the advantage that it could do
   ”One of the goals when introducing             much more than mere monitoring.”
   Operator at Amcor was to remove the                               Dr.	Kristijan	Bauer	
                                                                                        	       ”Production with Operator has been a
   paper in production process and give every-      Plant	Manager,	Continental	Germany	         great success from day one and has given
   body access to production information.                                                       us a platform, which is incredibly well
   Three years later, almost all paper has been                                                 designed to meet future requirements.”
   removed from production. The result is a       Klippo	
                                                                                                                    Jens	Otto	Damborg	  	
   very flexible production process that can      ”Today, our production plans are visual-
                                                                                                      Production	Director,	Vald	Birn	A/S	
   make quick change to production plans.         ized both for the operators and produc-
   These changes can be communicated to           tion management in a much better way
   the employees within production through        than before. The reporting process of
   Lawson M3 APP. Another important func-         working hours and material consumption
   tionality in Operator is traceability. If we   is registered directly when the job is com-
   have a problem with a finished and deliv-      pleted. The Operator application reports
   ered reel, we can trace back to the original   what needs to be done and we do this
   reel that is causing the problem.”             with less effort than before.”
                             Helene	Høyby		                            Anders	Andersson		
                         Project	Engineer,	                   Production	Manager,	Klippo
                    Amcor	Flexibles	Europe	

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