Kindergarten Activities for Summer

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					 Kindergarten Activities for Summer

1.   Find creative ways to write numbers from 1 –
     30 (in sand trays, sidewalk chalk, with

2.   Find 4 rectangles, 3 circles, and 2 squares in
     your home.

3.   Name 4 things you do in the afternoon.

4.   Continue the pattern:

5.   Draw a picture using a rectangle, 2 squares,
     and 4 circles.

6.   Name three things that come in pairs.

7.   Name the 12 months of the year and tell which
     one is your birthday month.

8.   Sort coins into groups: pennies, nickels,
     dimes, quarters.

9.   Count the number of steps at your house.

10. Name the tallest and smallest in your family.
    Who is the oldest and youngest?